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Altair Club Cars 2023 Honda CR-V (EX-L AWD) – POV Driving Impressions

2023 Honda CR-V (EX-L AWD) – POV Driving Impressions

1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder with VTEC

Today we’re driving the all-new 2023 honda crv we are in an exl it’s all-wheel drive has a 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder a continuously variable transmission makes 190 horsepower we don’t have pricing or fuel economy information yet but we’re going to give you guys some first impressions on what the crv is like behind the wheel and let’s do a quick walk

Around and then we’ll take it onto the road this exl is equipped with 18 inch wheels a lot of sidewall which is really nice apologies for the wind noise this new crv is a pretty attractive looking crossover very clean smooth lines kind of a muscular confident side profile we have the very traditional crv tail lights right here though i can’t help but see a lot

Of bmw 3 series in this tailgate around the front end nice new face very in keeping with honda’s current design language i see a little bit of ridgeline to this grill all the honda sensing systems are nicely integrated in this honda badge looks honda told us last night that this new tailgate opens and closes much faster than the old one it seems pretty normal to

Me it’s definitely not painfully slow anymore we have a ton of cargo capacity back here very low load floor this is almost knee level for me we have a compact spare tire back there as well these seats fold down from right here you don’t have a lever in the back but if you just kind of reach over the bumper you can seem to get them folded cubic feet measurements

Really don’t mean anything to my brain so i’m not going to rattle off all those statistics but there is just a ton of space in this crv it is absolutely cavernous honda seems to design their cars from the inside out and i always feel like they’re bigger on the inside than they are on the outside it’s amazing how well they’ve packaged some of their crossovers suvs

And the honda fit over the years this new crv is very spacious inside there’s also the option to raise your floor here with this little table right here it’s not a complete flat loading surface there is this hump right here but still plenty of room for you to put stuff in here this is a hard hump so it’s not going to deform when you slide things over it which i

Think is nice i’m five foot ten let’s sit behind my driving position we’ll fold these seats up i think these can fold back 10 or 11 degrees it’s a pretty significant recline we also get a 90 degree opening rear door which is fantastic if you’re ever loading child seats in the back uh that is super helpful to get in and out and it helps with ingress and egress for

Rear passengers super easy lap systems right here plenty of legroom i’m five foot ten this is me seated behind myself i’ve got space to put my feet underneath the seat and then we have stadium seating so i can see over the driver headrest here very comfortable materials nice soft leather i have about two and a half three inches above my head we get a couple air

Vents down here for rear passengers no rear heated seats in this exo though it looks like there is a spot for them perhaps in the sport touring the top hybrid trim when we test that later this year we’ll see heated seats in the rear 87 octane minimum doesn’t see anything about premium that’s always good let’s take a look under the hood honda is really pushing to

Sell a lot of hybrid crvs hybrids available in the sport and the sport touring model those will sit above the ex and exl this 1.5 liter paired with a cvt is a super smooth combination should be pretty fuel efficient it’s powerful enough with 190 horsepower you can hear those direct injectors whirring away nice looking drls i appreciate that they’ve kept 18 inch

Wheels on here you get the option between 18s or 19s not going overboard with wheel size a subtle little all-wheel drive badge back here this does have a newly revised all-wheel drive system it can now send 50 up to 50 of its power to the rear wheels the previous generation crv could only send 40 percent very simple and familiar looking cabin very similar to the

Civic and hrv still the same looking reverse camera from honda we get a traditional shifter here no push button shifters a couple different drive modes normal econ and snow we also get hill descent control everything is right here with an easy reach parking brake brake hold nice cup holder location too love the center console nice and deep lined with some felt

At the bottom we get wireless carplay android auto wireless charging right here too a couple usb ports type a type c you still get the traditional old-school cigarette lighter plug physical climate controls i love these new honda interiors they’ve made a couple changes between this and the civic the ridge here to rest your thumb isn’t as wide when you’re driving

It’s nice to rest your hand on something here so you can more accurately make changes on the touch screen we get some textured plastic right here on the dash just heated seats in this exl no cooled seat option again have not seen the hybrid touring yet so i’m not exactly sure what features will be available in other cars i can just speak to this exl right now

Honda’s just going through and updating their entire lineup and it’s nice to finally see a brand new crv all right let’s take this for a drive foreign first impressions super comfortable so easy to get in and out of crvs have always had excellent ingress and egress getting into the front seats getting into the back it’s all just so easy we have a really nice high

Ceiling these seats seem pretty comfortable too can find a nice driving position lots of adjustability with the steering wheel too great visibility hood is a lot less blocky on this new crv than the previous generation pretty good idea of my sight lines this touchscreen is nice and responsive we have physical controls for a home button a back button volume track

Selection apple carplay connected beautifully today via bluetooth and wi-fi foreign this to be a very agreeable car to drive controls are light everything falls to hand beautifully it’s attractively designed interior and very functional love the noise and tactility you get from these climate control knobs no sport mode but we can put our shifter into s which keeps

The revs up a little bit higher for the cvt off the line it’s a little bit sluggish to accelerate but once it sees some revs it will start to pull a little bit harder this is definitely an engine that likes to rev out a little bit more it’s not quick but it’s definitely enough power for a vehicle of this type i imagine the hybrid might have just a little bit more

Initial acceleration off the line again we’re in sport mode here we’ve got a nice little back road might as well enjoy it it’s not often feature a winding road on this channel usually it’s just entrance and exit ramps in michigan some simulated shifts there in sport mode brake pedal feels nice nice and linear a little bit soft and squishy but very in line with

The rest of the controls in this car let’s put us back into drive here and has done quite a bit of work to quiet down this cabin too we have a little bit less noise vibration harshness from the powertrain this isn’t as grainy of a four-cylinder cvt combination as the previous generation definitely a lot smoother and quieter than the rav4 probably not the best

Car to hustle on a back road but as a regular vehicle to get you from a to b one of the best options on the market just accelerating normally engine is pretty quiet revving up to about 3000 rpm to get us up to speed and then settling down ride quality is nice and soft again this is one of the least disagreeable cars on sale it always has been a crv kind of does

Everything that you need it to has enough ground clearance to be a great vehicle to drive in the winter good all-wheel drive system comfortable spacious practical reliable and dependable we’re just seeing further refinements here in this latest generation let’s get on the highway here we’ll test out adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist a little bit of

Wind noise but nothing out of the ordinary for vehicles in this class is a bit on the windy side today super easy cruise control controls on the steering wheel this new honda sensing system works great keeps you nice and centered between the lines you can skip five mile an hour increments here with the cruise control switch or one mile an hour at a time nice

Visibility all the way around too like these mirrors pretty good view out of the back too i’ve got to admit no major surprises here this is about what i expected from the new crv just a little bit more refined a little bit more comfortable a little bit bigger in dimensions slightly longer wider taller than the previous generation honda’s doing a really nice job

With their new models i think really one of the biggest improvements is just this interior space such a user-friendly and functional interior for a modern car everything is a physical button nothing is hidden in the infotainment you have some settings that you’ll figure out and set up when you first buy the vehicle but after that any other adjustments everything

Is within uh arms reach and very intuitively laid out the button to pop the tailgate is right there where you expect it right above traction control we’ve got two seat memory settings a lot of power from the brakes when you get into them hard foreign tuning is very nice very smooth completely linear with a cvt and 1.5 turbo no type of manual gear selection but

That’s okay not sure paddle shifters really belong and a crossover with a cvt transmission all right guys well there’s our first drive in the new 2023 honda crv very excited to get behind the wheel of the hybrid model later this year that will have a little bit more horsepower above 200. i’m sure it’ll be a much more volume seller than the previous generation crv

Hybrid everyone is looking to get better fuel economy these days pricing is expected to start around thirty thousand dollars including destination don’t have exact numbers yet but that’s kind of the general consensus i’m talking to a couple people right now overall a really nice car very well packaged great interior attractive looking exterior all right guys well

That’s gonna wrap it up for this video thanks again for watching appreciate you guys tuning in let me know if you have any questions in the comments we’ll be posting some more crv content later this year i’m out here at the nashville super speedway filming some stuff on the new honda talon the civic si race car and this honda crv so pretty cool opportunity to film

A variety of things here with an event from honda hopefully this video gave you guys an idea of what the new crv is like behind the wheel foreign stop start button on the key fob that’s nice

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2023 Honda CR-V (EX-L AWD) – POV Driving Impressions By TheTopher

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