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Altair Club Cars 2023 GMC Yukon XL Denali // GMCs Premier Full-Size SUV

2023 GMC Yukon XL Denali // GMCs Premier Full-Size SUV

The 2023 GMC Yukon XL Denali!

Hey guys jeremiah here again with walzer buick gmc in bloomington just wanted to show you guys the all-new 2023 gmc yukon xl denali alrighty starting up front here on the yukon denali you’ll see the very unique denali grill that helps the entire thing really come together in my opinion you’re really big and beautiful led headlights with the daytime running light

And turn signal right there as you can see looks really beautiful makes the vehicle look super distinct led fog lights down below for excellent nighttime driving and night vision come along inside the vehicle here you do have your 22 inch wheels and this nice kind of satin chrome color here with your wheel lockers you also do have your power running boards all the

Way down the side that deploy with lights on the bottom so that way at night you can see before you’re stepping into the vehicle you also have keyless entry on all the doors including the tailgate in the back coming around back here the yukon denali especially with the 6.2 motor is going to have your quad exhaust here in the rear which is going to really make the

Whole rear end of the vehicle come together and look really nice in my opinion you do have your fascia as well back here for your trailer tow hitch and you also have your hands-free liftgate so you just swipe your foot right where the gmc logo is illuminated on the ground and the tailgate will automatically open there for you you can also close it with that same

Exact feature the xl here is going to have over 140 cubic feet of cargo volume in the rear also some of the fastest in the industry power folding seats are back here really nice if you need some extra cargo space you can also fold the second row seats if you need even more space back there one of my favorite features back here would be the 110 household outlet

Back here for tailgating a cooler or whatever you may need now let’s go around to the other side of the vehicle into the second row and show you some features up there alrighty in the second row here it is a very comfortable place to be whether you’re an adult or a child your seats do recline back and forward as well as you do have a bunch of adjustment in terms

Of getting the seat more comfortable more or less leg room for the third row passengers you also do have a very nice padded armrest here some other nice features would be your fast charging usbc right down here and a little bit lower you do have your 110 household outlet which is really nice to charge your laptop or other equipment that you may have back here

Your rear passengers are really comfortable with their own climate zone controls here and their own heated seats you can also equip it with a 12.2 inch infotainment system back here to make it even more comfortable now let me show you how easy it is to get into the third row in the yukon alrighty in most trim levels in the yukon you’re going to have your powered

Folding seat back here you simply press the button on the side of the seat it’s going to come down once here you press it one more time and it’s going to come up to allow your third row passengers to easily get in and out of the vehicle without having to go through the row in the middle now you can just easily fold them back down and lift them back up super light

And really easy to get in and out of the third row and back into your second all right and now we’re gonna hop in the front and go over some of my favorite features up there let’s go do it alrighty and up here in the front of the vehicle you’ll notice a couple of things here that really stand out are some of my favorite features and that is the screens not only

Do you have this 10.2 inch screen here as your infotainment system you also have a driver information cluster here that is one big screen giving you all your information ease of use you also have wireless apple carplay wireless android auto you even have your 360 camera system with 4k cameras which are amazing and very easy to park this very large vehicle you have

Tons of stuff in here to keep you super comfortable on long road trips for example you have your eight-way a lumbar on this vehicle you have your power adjustable steering wheel another really nice feature that i like is your adjustable armrest and center console here so some things that this is going to do for you is bring your cup holders closer to your rear

Passengers making it so that they can reach them a whole lot easier but you can take the armrest here and move it forward so that you are more comfortable it also makes it so that you have more storage underneath and still maintain your storage on top right here now you’ll see coming over here to some of your climate controls you do have your heated seats and your

Cooled seats as well as your dual zone climate control for your front passengers so that way if you want it hot and your passenger in the front seat wants a cold you don’t have to worry about it you also have your very easy to use shifting knob here so you can easily shift into reverse or drive no more column shifter taking up space this is nice and seamless and

Doesn’t take up a whole lot of space in the vehicle now let’s hop over to the engine compartment where i’m going to show you some other features up there all right ian up here in the engine compartment this denali comes with the 6.2 liter motor which not only is going to give you extra towing capability but it’s also going to have pretty good fuel economy when you

Consider how big this vehicle is it’s going to have cylinder deactivation so that way when you don’t need all eight cylinders it’s going to deactivate all the way down to six cylinders when you don’t need it this one can also tow up to 7 900 pounds when equipped properly so that way you can tow your boat or your camper and not have to worry about it at all and ride

Around in style and wrapping it all up here the yukon denali really is the full package when it comes to comfort style and capability this vehicle is great for your family’s needs watching hope you enjoyed it feel free to check out our website walzerbuke gmc.com otherwise you can give us a call at the number below again my name is jeremiah you can ask for me anytime

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2023 GMC Yukon XL Denali // GMC's Premier Full-Size SUV By Walser Buick GMC Bloomington

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