2023 gmc sierra 2500 hd denali
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2023 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Denali

Check out this 2023 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Denali!

Hello everybody welcome back to the channel today i’m at the north american international auto show taking a look at this 2023 gmc sierra hd i believe this is a 2500 i think the sales lady said it was 2500. um i asked her a bunch of questions just to make sure it seems like gm and chevy are actually bringing a lot of 23 model years to the auto show this year which

Is pretty sweet so starting off up front you are going to have a full led headlight and fog light package parking sensors are going to be integrated into the upper portion of the bumper you have vertical chrome tow recovery hooks your front facing camera is going to be right here under the massive gmc logo you have a functional hood scoop i love this like olive

Green metallic this thing just looks absolutely beautiful it does have the 6.6 liter duramax engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission really nice black fender flares with these amber side marker lights i love that on this truck coming down to the wheel and tire setup it looks like we have a goodyear wrangler territory advantage and the tire size is a 275

65 r20 if i didn’t mention it before this is the denali by the way uh up top you have your duramax 6.6 liter allison transmission badging chrome power tow mirrors denali hd right down here it has the passive entry system so as long as you have the key fob on you you can lock it unlock the vehicle from the driver or passenger door blind spot monitoring as you

Come to expect really nice deployable running boards i love these they’re actually pretty wide too so if you have boots on don’t worry about fitting your whole foot on there because you’ll be able to bed step which makes getting into the front of the bed that much easier again i love these amber marker lights led c-channel style tail light with i’m pretty sure

Incandescent uh bulbs in there tailgate step integrated into the bumper parking sensors again integrated into the bottom portion of the bumper you have a seven pin connector right here as well as your trailer me or your trailer video camera hookups right there this does have the pro uh tailgate system which i will go over a little bit in detail uh when we get to

The the bed really really beautiful color again hat being a diesel truck it is going to have your diesel right here and then your def fill port right there up top you have your cargo camera as well as your rear view mirror camera and then this wing is designed to shoot air over the bed to reduce drag which is pretty sweet just overall i think they did a really

Good job with this truck unfortunately like the other 2023s it isn’t quite as updated typically the heavy duties lag a little bit behind but i still think overall this is a beautiful looking truck let’s take a closer look at the interior on the left side we have this really nice wood trim with this brown leather interior it does feel really nice we have also a

Gray accent leather as well all your window controls are going to be here the front two windows are automatic up and down in front of that you have all the mirror controls with your power telescoping mirrors as well as your power folding mirror button right there your electronic parking brake button is going to be right here up over here we have the rotary dial

Selector for the exterior lighting of the vehicle as well as your fog light button dimmer switch for the instrument cluster or parking lights i believe this is your fog light button and this is your cargo lamp button push button transfer case and then your drive mode so you can either go into i think trailer tow or one of the other ones unfortunately i do not

Know because i don’t have the key fob with me coming up to the dash it’s really nice leather dash with some storage up top the one closest to the windshield is the shallow storage the one closer to the passengers is the deeper storage container this guy does have a heads up display and that is controlled with these buttons right here coming up to the instrument

Cluster we have your tachometer on the left speedometer on the right and a beautiful lcd screen in the middle that is customizable to monitor different uh parameters of your choosing if you so desire coming back to the steering wheel really nice brown leather wrap steering wheel on the left side we have your cruise control buttons as well as your heated steering

Wheel button and then your um adaptive cruise control button over on this side we have your steering wheel mounted phone call buttons as well as the control pad for the center lcd display over here we have the old style touch screen display i believe it’s eight inches diagonal approximately it does have apple carplay and android auto i’m not sure if for 2023 it

Is going to be wireless though i would assume so but don’t uh take it to the bank you do have your trailering apps in here too which will help you go through your pre-trip checklist if you’re towing something very responsive and it does look very sleek and minimalistic under that you have all the physical buttons for the touchscreen itself for the radio below

That we have your dual zone climate control with all your physical buttons right here and then we have your buttons for your heated and ventilated seats something that i love that general motors does is they offer you the option to have just the heated seat back on not the full seat which is nice push button starts going to be right here bunch of buttons in this

Column or row starting from left to right we have your exhaust break personally i would always run this on just so that way all the soot and stuff stays off your turbo that’s just what i’ve been told and it does help save the brakes it brings you to a stop without having to use your brakes as often this right here is your lane keep assist button parking sensors

Off button tailgate down button hazard light button traction control off power plug for the bed on hill descent control and i believe this actually turns off the power uh running boards under that you have your integrated trailer brake controller usbc usb 12 volt outlet and 115 volt 400 watt power outlet wireless charging mat storage tray two big cup holders

Really nice center armrest big enough with a cutout big enough for a plus size smartphone really nice led lit storage bin with hanger hooks for files so if you use this as a work truck you can stay nice and organized right here we have a usbc usb and auxiliary jack with an sd card reader denali is stitched into the headrests really nice two-tone denali uh brown

And gray seating this guy’s got two glove boxes the first one’s gonna be right here second one is going to be right down there coming up top to the vanity it is going to be led lit for passenger as well as your driver up top you have a three door universal garage remote controller right here for the power sliding rear window and then your control for the single

Pane sunroof um i really love that general motors is sticking with the single pane for their trucks um it gives everybody a little bit more headroom and i will go over that a little bit more in detail when we get back there your led dome map light buttons as well as your onstar and sos buttons and then that brings us to the auto dimming rear view mirror which also

Doubles as a camera unfortunately i cannot access that right now but the camera has some settings where you can control the brightness how high or how low the camera uh view is and how zoomed in or zoomed out the camera view is so overall i really do like the the heavy duty trucks i do wish they would bring the updated 2023 1500 design to the heavy duty but

Even then this is still a very luxurious truck and it is very comfortable so with that being said let’s take a look at the back seats and see how much leg room we have before i get in i do want to point out these seats do fold up giving us access to some under seat storage they also have the in-seat storage which gives you way more storage space it doesn’t look

Like it’s super deep but i have pretty big hands and i can fit them in almost halfway into this seat over here getting in with these running boards is real easy with the grab handle right here with the seat situated where it would be if i was driving i’d say i have a solid 10 inches to a foot of leg room before my knees hit the front seat you have storage in the

Form of pouches behind with driver and passenger seats two cup holders right here heated captain shares under that you have a usbc usb and a 12 volt outlet and then you have hvac vents for the rear passengers which is always appreciated coming to the little middle seat right here we have a fold down armrest latch cup holder and then up top on the headliner we have

Your led dome map lights something that i really like that general motors has done especially for the rear passengers i don’t know if you’ll be able to see it is they’ve actually increased the headliner about three to four inches giving the rear occupants even more headroom really comfortable back here you could definitely see myself being comfortable on a long uh

Car ride in this vehicle let’s take a closer look at the bed so here’s the tailgate on this vehicle there is a couple ways to open it the first way is with the key fob which i don’t have the second way is with the button underneath the touchscreen which i showed you in the cab and the third way is the traditional way you’re going to come out to it push the button

And it’s going to come down because this has the pro tailgate system there is two moving parts or two tailgates i should say the first one is the small one you’re gonna push it and it should automatically come down for you i just assisted it that way if you have items that are a little bit longer than the bed and you can put load them in at an angle they won’t

Stick out super far without having to um have the tailgate completely down if it fits just right you can actually fold this up and it pretty much creates a about an extra foot worth of tailgate space or bed space if you need it when you’re done with that you just simply fold it back up if you want to use the bed regularly or fold down the tailgate you push the

Bottom button and it will come down regularly we do have a spray and bed liner in here 115 volt 400 watt power outlet three tie down points in each of the four corners for a total of 12 which is class leading led bed lighting group is included and if you look closely too they’ve actually pushed the bedsides out as far as they can maximizing cargo space which i

Believe is class leading now if you want to use the tailgate as a step you’re going to come up to it and push both buttons simultaneously it’ll automatically come down and fold down for you you’re going to fold this guy down this does have the kicker audio group included so if you are going to tailgate you can hook up your phone via auxiliary or bluetooth or usb

And you can actually listen to music out here which is pretty cool but again this does have like that skateboard grippy tape on it so you’re gonna step up on that fold up the handle and you’re up and into the bed now to put it down you’re gonna simply reverse the process you’re going to pull on this latch fold that guy down fold this guy up and then with one

Hand i can put the tailgate up let’s take a quick look at the uh towing information following information for this vehicle i’m hoping it doesn’t come through washed out again the lighting here is just absolutely atrocious i do apologize there you have it a 2023 gmc sierra denali hd with the 6.6 liter duramax and 10-speed allison transmission if you enjoyed the

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