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Altair Club Cars 2023 GMC Sierra | 2022 Chicago Auto Show

2023 GMC Sierra | 2022 Chicago Auto Show

This might be the best 1/2 ton truck in America.

I think it’s fair to say that when general motors was designing and engineering the gmc sierra and chevy silverado in this generation that they hadn’t really expected people to be as intrigued with the ram 1500 pickup truck as they ended up being and that’s one of the reasons that gmc decided to pull out all the stops with the refresh of the sierra we get a redesigned

Front end we get redesigned interiors and the interiors are really really the big thing to know but let’s take a look at the outside first truck owners still love a lot of chrome and i have to say i’m still a chrome fan myself i’ve always preferred the look of the sierra over the silverado and even though the silverado has become more attractive for 2022 i think

That still counts here this is a very distinctive design it’s very large it’s very bold it’s very in your face but in a good way we have big huge led headlights right there chrome accents all the way down there at the bottom well integrated fog lights down there everything here looks very cohesive moving around to the side they’ve kept the very square profile that

This generation became known for i really love that look and of course as you can see there this is the ultimate trim with a 6.2 liter v8 under the hood mechanically the silverado and the sierra have not really changed for 2022 so the same body styles same bed configurations that we had before and the same engines are still going to be found under the hood that

Means this is definitely a full-line pickup truck unlike the new toyota tundra which has a relatively limited number of forms there are a million ways you can get your gmc sierra moving on to the rear we have very slight changes to the rear end of the sierra still big tail lamps right over here on each side still the multi-pro tailgate this is one of my favorite

Tailgates in a modern pickup truck everybody’s trying to outdo each other when it comes to the ways truck beds and truck tailgates can flip and fold and tumble etc and this is one of the more practical in my opinion this position right here will keep things longer items from sliding out of the truck this position allows you to put some of those longer items on

The top and still have them come out over the bed this width right here is four feet wide so you put those four bite sheets of plywood in there you can also press the lower button to lower the tailgate in a traditional fashion and then if you decide you want to use the other features you can press that other button separately fold it down to have a really wide

Step this is much more safe and secure than the integrated step that we find in the f-150 now the only downside here that you should keep in mind is if you do have your hitch receiver with a ball attached to it and you know you’re careless you can end up bopping the tailgate right there on your hitch receiver under the hood we effectively have the same engine

Lineup that we had before if you’re interested in the denali trim of the sierra as statistically a lot of shoppers are you have the choice between the 6.2 liter v8 which is an excellent engine and the 3 liter inline 6 diesel in my opinion that is the best diesel engine in the halfton pickup truck segment right now because it is the only one that was designed from

The ground up to be used in a pickup truck and it’s the only one that’s going to give you engine braking gm uses a scaled down version of the same exhaust braking system that we find in their three-quarter ton and half-ton trucks on that engine and that is very very different from the diesel engine that we find in the ram trucks and the diesel engine we used to

Find under the hood of the f-150 with the refresh the gmc sierra has gone from having a middling interior to i think the best interior in a modern pickup truck this particular interior has this really attractive two-tone color scheme this is a denali ultimate trim real wood trim over there on the doors lots of very premium materials leather fixes lots of stitching

Going on there etc i really love the design of this dashboard large amounts of wood and other textures going on here stitch upper dashboard section stitch lower dashboard section gone are the acres of hard plastics we have a pretty decently sized glove compartment lower and then this large glove compartment upper right there little sort of topographic lines going

On etched into the wood there the biggest departure for general motors is this new infotainment screen in the middle of the dashboard it’s no longer the smallest in the segment it is now one of the larger screens and it’s running an operating system that’s based on google’s android operating system you can see it supports google mapping interface right here but

Unlike some vehicles that use google maps this has a download function so the car will automatically be downloading maps that we can function offline this has a lot of the same features that we find in previous generations of gm’s infotainment software for instance lots of trailering options right there music interface just as you’d expect a new home screen view

And of course the google integrated assistant right there there’s a physical power and volume knob over there on the left side and i have to say this is a really slick implementation of this operating system this is basically the same operating system that we find in pole star vehicles and volvos but gm has done a much better job integrating it and adding those

Extra features volvo still seems to be stuck a little bit in a rut as far as development goes for that software there’s the engine start stop button here it’s kind of a unique little toggle lots of physical buttons here if you’re a fan of physical buttons this is the car for you seat ventilation seat back heating seat back and bottom cushion heating steering wheel

Heating big knobs for the temperature settings right there very similar bank of toggle switches to the previous generation truck including a button to lower all the windows at the same time that’s a really nice touch new shifter design here this sort of a joystick style shifter i’m not the biggest fan of this i kind of wish it was a little bit more demure so you

Could use some of this space here they have relocated the trailer brake controller to the center console that’s a really practical location although i do worry about sodas spilling onto it moving over to the center console more of that topographic map design going on there soft touch there plenty of room right there in that armrest as far as storage and there’s a

Well-placed wireless charging mat on the driver’s side we have a full lcd instrument cluster and we notice that the steering wheel has a few interesting features it has this little strip right here and then we have this little module this is a sensing module it’s actually looking at your face making sure you’re paying attention to the road and this is giving you

The status of supercruise yes this is a gmc vehicle with supercruise the system formerly only available on cadillac models this is going to give you hands-free driving on interstate highways and it is simply one of the best systems blue crews may be more available but this system is more capable and i think that’s really a good thing for gmc other nice touches in

Here we have a four-way power tilt telescopic steering column lots of buttons and knobs over there for the four-wheel drive system including an auto mode something that we don’t find on all trucks out there as you can see on this door panel lots of really great touches again gmc has really elevated things here soft touch materials here and in the middle of the door

Panel we do find hard plastics down there around the bottom of the door to help improve durability but this is a really elegantly designed interior i’m really excited by the updates that gmc put into the new sierra i’ve said in the previous videos that i’ve had on the sierra that i really wish it had the ram interior with the drivetrain of the sierra and some of

The payload and trailering capabilities that we find in the f-150 and i think that is exactly what we see in the 2022 sierra as soon as i can get my hands on this i will let you know but i suspect this might be my favorite half-ton truck in america right now the exterior is very well done i love the look i think it’s not too crazy but it is pretty bold and pretty

In your face but in a good way i also like the side profile the video i think it’s a pretty attractive vehicle all the way around and the interior is quite simply the best in this segment as far as i’m concerned i love the google infotainment system in the center console and again this version of google’s operating system is done better than what we find in the

Modern volvo product line volvo still has a lot of things to address with that system i don’t think any of those problems exist here now this screen is not quite as big as the one we find in the f-150 lightning but for me i don’t find that to be too much of a problem because they kept a lot of the physical buttons in there so if you’re a fan of buttons and knobs to

Interact with various features this won’t be a problem at all and of course we get the elegantly designed interior lots of room in the back too i love that the interior quality extends to not just the front doors but also the rear doors lots of wood trim going on etc now you can bet that this ultimate trim is pretty ultimate expensive let’s go take a look at the

Price tag this model started at seventy eight thousand seven hundred dollars the diesel is an option on top of that so that is going to be the ultimate ultimate if you will but i think that this is gonna be one of the best half-ton trucks in america let me know what you think about all that down there in the comments section below i love the trailering systems

That gm has on their trucks and all of that is continuing for 2022 so it’s that combination of a refreshed interior that is really well done the excellent drive train under the hood and of course the apps and the trailering functionalities that we’ve found in gm trucks or while let me know what you think about that in the comment section below stay tuned because

Hopefully i will get my hands on one of these a little bit later this year i’ll see all of you next week you

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2023 GMC Sierra | 2022 Chicago Auto Show By Alex on Autos

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