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I AM BACK with the all new 2023 GLS900 Rocket Edition Brabus based on the 2022 GLS600 Maybach on our YouTube Channel featuring a stunning paintwork in obsidian black! 😍

Literally every single part brabus has redone  hello guys, i am baaaaaaaack today i’m  welcoming you all with the brand new mercedes   maybach brabus gls but this one is not a normal  one s most of you might remember i presented you   the mercedes my brabus 800 a few months ago it  had the orange interior the exterior was almost  

Similar but here we have something special here  we have another version of the gls by brabus but   this guys is crazy the base for this is   maybach with the v8 engine, unfortunately,   added the extra spice and some crazy german   brabus engine which produces listen guys listen   900 horsepower not only that also 1250

Newton  meter of torque which literally catapults this car   this car is heavy i will be demonstrating you   the performance but it’s time to talk about the  exterior of this let’s get it on and start with   the front looking at it there is not much left  when you compare this with the stock gls first   of all the only

Thing that’s really stock is the  gls headlight unit this is actually the exact same   as you also have with a normal base gls the front  bonnet is also the same we have the brabus double   b instead of the star and something cool here is  the grille normally you have it full finished in   chrome with the maybach specific grille

But what  brabus has done is they’ve redone and repainted   in addition with the black exterior paint and   front bumper here but we have an additional   front bumper which makes the front look even more   aggressive i mean it’s not aggressive aggressive  but it’s like very sporty you know sporty   dominant a pure

And proper brabus thing you know  looking at the side yeah the size of this gls   gls so it is not a long wheel base or else   more space in the back seats which i will   let’s talk about one of my favorite things   on this car and i love them if this would be my  car i would kiss these wheels every single day  

The best we have 24 inches 24 inches these are   finished in shadow chrome buy brabus made in   both hop lovely listen to this i love this sound  on the side the by turbo 900 badge as i mentioned   we have the 900 engine and this is finished in  a wine red which looks pretty cool the side fan   is all finished in carbon

Fiber since we have  the rocket engine also nice additional detail   looking at the side here shadow chrome finish on  the chrome parts even on the door handles normally   we would have a running board here but they have  disabled it i think you have it from the factory   from mercedes in the rear yet again 24 inches 

Mono block wheels let me do it again for you   massive this is massive extremely good looking  on this car we have the carbon fiber side fenders   and on the c pillar the masterpiece badge with  the signature of constantine bushman the ceo of   bravos which i love now guys it’s time to talk  about the rear we have this beast

Right here   difference when talking about a stock gls or a   mybach gls but there’s some major keys and major  facts which i have to highlight right here first   of all all the chrome parts you see are finished  in shadow chrome the chrome part right here   right there the badges all of them are finished  in shadow

Chrome and give this car very cool touch   keep in mind guys these are all repainted and  redone by bravo so what they do is they take this   part the chrome part from mercedes factory they  go inside the brabus headquarters in the factory   and then they repaint it imagine this is a lot  of work we have a lot of components every

Single   letter needs to be painted they do this by hand  and you have it here finished in shadow chrome and   the 900 as well as we have 900 horsepower we have  the exhaust tips here these are also massive but   of all for the maybach we have the big exhaust   tips but there is also the option for the gls 800  version

With the two exhaust tips with around the   two exhaust tips for both sides finish the carbon  fiber i love the look of these these just look   huge huge with the bravo’s initials on end in  my eyes makes the car look very elegant and yet   again dominant carbon fiber also down here in  the diffuser i love it i honestly really

Like   it i enjoy it that it’s not too much it’s just  perfect how do you guys like it just leave it in   the comment section below but now guys it’s time  to talk about the interior because the interior   is way more special unlocking the gls 900 rocket  edition and stepping in so we are right inside   the gls mybach

Rocket edition by bravos i love  the animation of this and let me just start the   ignition first i love all the animations also  with the head up display and the new mybot team   here first of all i will be talking more about  the interior when we drive it i will be just   highlighting a few things right in here literally 

Every single part brabus has redone inside this   gls mybach okay let me start about here the door  panels full leather finish here and the bravo   specific leather this is not the mercedes leather  with a nice black stitching carbon fiber touches   and yet again with the signature gray interior  so yet again they take all the

Parts every single   component these small buttons look on the steering  wheel even these small buttons here you see them   they take them out even this here right there the  inside of this guys you see that this is attention   to detail i’m telling you they put all of this out  and then they repaint it and then they install

It   back in this is oem original mercedes material and  everything has been redone and something i love   about bravo’s interiors is always the leatherworks  because first of all you have this leather right   you have this leather right here with the   black stitching and the white cream line also with  the cream

Leather here but as soon as you have a   closer look over here you have a nice perforation  have a closer look guys you see that the holes   are getting smaller and smaller i just love the  attention to detail here and in the background of   this we have a nice perforation with the cream you  see that also with the bravo’s badge

Here finished   in shadow chrome as well inside here finished in  leather all in all the interior full finished in   carbon fiber nice two-tone interior black on top  with a nice leather stitching works and the cream   at the bottom the steering wheel is the round  shaped mercedes maybach gls specific one yeah   the

Steering wheel i’m not really um impressed by  it by the main design of mercedes-benz steering   the gls because this looks like a base gls   non-amg line steering wheel which it is but what  bravos has done is full leather works on this 12   o’clock finished in cream and the steering wheel  frame finished in carbon fiber the airbag

Cover   we have the mercedes-benz star and all the   buttons as i mentioned finished in shadow chrome  but have a closer look guys even you see that   the ring of the touchpad is finished in shadow  chrome this ladies and gentlemen is bravo’s works   german fine art works i’m telling you boomerang  speaker covers here we

Have the boomers 3d system   in here you see that all of these are finished  also in shadow chrome we have the roof finished   in alcantara and the seats are also very nice  in the two-tone finish black in the outside with   a nice black stitching at the finish here nice  leather works and yet again with the perforation  

Color is also black we have the constantine   bushman signature masterpiece badge on the seats  rubbles that will be on the headrest but now it’s   time to move in the rear and show you a few cool  things before we do the soundcheck okay let’s go   things i have to show you but first of  soft closing doors of course shout out

To  mercman’s king as you can see the interior is   extremely interesting i just love the contrast  and all the stitching leather works here even   on the bravo’s pillows you see that this is so  cool i wish i had these in my living room you   see should i keep one and the other one i give  away maybe they they will give me

One as well the   seats here are extremely nice i just really like  the look of the interior the spec of it it’s just   a 10 out of 10. i love it how do you guys like  this backseat would you rather drive i’ll sit in   the back leave it in the comment section below but  now it’s time to finish it off with a sound check  

Let’s go and something very cool i have to show  you let’s go now it’s time for a sound check let   me step right inside okay this will be a quick  one we have a bravo’s exhaust mounted on this   oh okay keep in mind this is a maybach  okay my bucks are not supposed to be loud   a sport plus or sport the car  will be a bit

Louder listen but the sound is good yeah it’s very good   and this is the sound of pure dominance let me  just jump out but before we do that i have to   show you a very cool feature as we have a dls my  back right here we go into offroad mode as soon as   i put it into drive and you see it’s enabled then  and the car is bouncing

I have to show it  from the outside guys it’s way more funny   this is if you get stuck in off-road situations  it will unstuck you very easy from mud sand snow   everything so cool but it’s a nice feature the  dancing mercedes but let me show it from the   outside guys okay as soon as i open the door look  it stops so now

Guys it’s time for a sound check   of this gls by brabos the rocket edition   want more pops and bangs is this already good   but less talking now it’s time to show you   the get free mode we will make this car bounce  and dance for you to finish off the video okay   the car’s getting a bit higher and  it starts

To bounce look at this gls 900 rocket edition based on the gls 600  maybach i get confused by the name, in my opinion,   this is not necessary i’m telling you why now i  would rather go for a gls 800 by brabus or for a   gls 600 with brabus modification instead of going  for the 900 engine because in my eyes you don’t   need

Performance with this beautiful and dominant  looking luxury rider in my eyes it’s not necessary   you need the most comfortable ride and if you want  more sportiness go for the gls 800 or maybe they   also do a gls 900 rocket edition just go for that  instead of this but if you need a luxury rider   with 900 horsepower this is

Definitely an option  for you leave me your opinions in the comment   again and wish you an amazing day i will be back

Transcribed from video

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