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Walkaround and First Impressions of the 2023 Genesis GV60 Electric SUV in Sydney Australia by Tesla Tom

All right so we’re in sydney’s pit street mall and we are gonna go check out the genesis store in sydney let’s go take a look okay so we’ve got the genesis expedium coupe concept vehicle downstairs in the showroom do a quick walk around for you it’s all electric as well around the pillar looks beautiful green is based on the scenery around uh the speedium track

In korea genesis badging the course behind the velvet rope so we can’t go inside but hopefully one day we’ll take a look if we get a chance all right there it is there okay so let’s walk up the stairs let’s have a look see what we can find up here and go upstairs to genesis gv60 fully electric let’s go take a look so it’s got a 77 kilowatt hour battery 400

Kilometers of range this is the performance pack with the boost zero to 100 in four seconds and looks beautiful in white there the gv60 fully electric from genesis i’ll just do a walk around for you see that camera mirror is there on the side i’ll just feel the paint for you so you can feel that with me see that that’s a nice matte finish doesn’t leave any

Fingerprints let’s have a look at the charge port ooh ccs2 right there okay push that goes down michelin tires pilot sport 21 inch to 55 40. got a fast back look so like an suv genesis badging gv60 i’ll look at the boot in a second i just want to keep walking around show you guys the background to the front panoramic glass roof doesn’t open that’s okay

And the sales rep has kindly opened the front for us so we shall have a look there we go that’s what the frunk looks like thank you there we go a bit of storage space there a bit of netting very nice and that closes like so soft close cool okay so we’re inside the car let’s uh turn on the car so we can have a look at the screen so i’ll press it once oh how cool

Is that there you go that lights it up turn the volume down a bit alright so there we go four gears reverse neutral drive park there got the uh small buttons here so seat heaters see ventilation as well nice camera button for just like that yep i’ll just give you a 360 view of the car there oh very cool so i’ll pop up as your switching lanes are reversing yeah

Nice good for parking absolutely and then you can have a look at the black sport cameras as well yeah fantastic there you go and then down here you’ve got the climate control settings too so you can have it on auto turn it off back on order temperature split system passenger and driver navigation push that assume that goes to yep previous destinations point of

Interest address book oh wow ev charging stations that’s important of course tells us where the nearest charges are that’s good and radio yep different radio stations digital am banging overseas beautiful good quality materials media bluetooth audio usb android auto apple carplay this looks very similar to the uh hyundai’s ioniq fire egmp platform and the

Key ev6s as well so those of you who drive those cars or beat in those cars you’ll be very familiar with this some more buttons there i do like this little screen here it’s very intuitive let’s move over to the steering wheel nice generous patching got voice activated i presume there phone volume controls stuff for the menu assume this is cruise control as well

And this is some sort of auto steer function probably looking like it let’s have a look at the center screen here it’s a very high resolution screen there you can see the regen breaking same as the hyundai’s and the keyers and battery state of charge they’re 86 percent 312 kilometers we’re looking at a 77 kilowatt hour battery i believe about 400 kilometers of

Range zero to 100 in four seconds so yeah very good inclusion 123 000 on the road for this yes uh 125 with the matte paint and here with the paint yep and this has got the uh boost mode so that brings it to 380 kilowatts for about 10 seconds of power wow okay that’s amazing now different drive modes there sport eco so echo uses less power and it has more longevity

For the battery um sport mode is the most power and just kind of reduces the transmission a bit okay and comfort mode is just your standard driving mode i’m just noticing when i’m pressing sport my seat i could feel it hugging my my figure a bit more yeah so that’s to help you when you’re driving oh yeah keep you in the seat yeah exactly nice some more controls

Here i love this this camera and screen combo so it has night vision and it has more clarity and fog in the rain we can’t demonstrate that in the showroom but you’ll be able to see it if you take it outside yeah now this is fantastic i’ve seen other brands with screens for wing mirrors and i didn’t like it because it’s not in the right position sort of down here

But this is exactly kind of where it should be so it’s kind of you’re driving and you want to look to your side it’s exactly where it should be so that’s great love it and you can adjust it i can fold it like that and i presume you can adjust the wing mirrors too yes yep really nice quality finish all sustainable materials i assume as well yes with the finishing

Yeah yep some more controls down here for seat uh memory then lock unlock buttons for windows child lock small buttons down here for parking that’s presumably for the boot hole to open yeah that little lever stairs for the front oh yeah i see that now there it is okay and then we’ve got traction control and then uh screen brightness issue or internal lighting

Brightness oh yep head up display you probably can’t see it can you you just see it okay very good i like out of display so it has smart technology can read that the street signs around so if it reads a street sign that’s a 70 in the heads-up display you’ll see a little 70. i’ll show you what speed you’re driving and what speed um is the limit in the area very

Good and wireless phone charging here as well oh yes you pop your phone and they’ll immediately turn on and charge all right and you’ve got charger ports at the back there too for your laptops or any standard plug so right there on that end oh yeah so down here yep it’s a usbc yep and then there’s your standard plug-in so it’s similar to all this v2o internal yup

Yup that’s very very handy put your hair dry in there you go to the beach absolutely oh look lovely carpet on the floor go back in the back seat in a second but let’s have a look at the center console storage yeah pretty roomy in there nice cup holders excellent and some more charge ports down there to a vault plenty of storage i love it lots of storage bins

And look you can scoot across and there’s some more storage down here too that’s very handy put my hand around here it’s well lit it’s one thing i do love about the genesis hyundai cars the lighting is just spectacular there’s the performance type pedals there too beautiful okay so here i am in the car and here i am five foot nine 175 centimeters plenty of

Room between my head and the ceiling there okay let’s have a look at the visor it’s great turns on hello there light turns on card holder swing test okay excellent and some more lights up here in the center oh look at that i love these internal lights just beautiful absolutely stunning you can turn them all off and on like that it’s brilliant and so this

A lot oh oh i love that that’s cool sort of a split opening a bit different handles there kite rack cut hook that’s cool and side passenger mirror there too and look how e i’ll just zoom out a bit more so you can see so when you’re driving you can look to your right with the wing camera there or wing screen and same with that left side wing camera wing screen

There it’s just a beautiful car would you mind opening the boot for me oh that’s so cool it’s got that luxurious feel about it when it opens just feels so good all right let’s pull the parcel shelf down like that just zoom around the back oh i love the lighting it’s so good it’s one thing about tesla the lighting is just not as good as the hyundai’s just love

It and you can you can move the divider here to here or here that’s so good 60 40 split there tethers for child restraints 12 volt in the back perfect for camping that’s great and then there’s an emergency release for the charger too i can see and let’s lift this up now inside you’ve got a whole bunch of inclusions as well so we have the thai mobility kit and

That’s just because we offer a five-year warranty with nrma roadside assist or five um five years of free service we also offer a valet with that so that’s why we just need the mobility kit if the power in your house ever goes out you can plug this in to the standard ac valve the other end has a bunch of usb ports and you can charge your laptops you can use your

Hairdryers charge your phones things like that and it hardly affects the battery wow that’s great and i believe uh your colleague told me those five years worth of free charging with chargefox yes so it’s either um an at-home installation of the at-home charger or the five-year subscription with chargefox just because some people can’t have the at-home charges they

Might be renting or they have an apartment so we offer either or and it’s up to the buyer which one they want okay let’s have a look at this v2l um this is for plugging into the external port so that’s for plugging in into a 10 15 amp socket in there okay okay watch this soft clothes beautiful it’s got a nice spoiler as well all the way around beautiful roof

Racks fantastic i love it fold in yeah do you mind unlocking it again sorry i also love doing the door thunk test it shows how luxurious the car is sounds good feels so good same with the back i love this ugh it feels great it’ll bring the windows up as well okay yeah i’m just holding that down and there you go oh brilliant re-tinted windows too nice all

Right let’s go inside look at the second row oh that feels so good perforated seats since they’re ventilated like that your back’s going to love this magazine rack looks like you’re in an airplane ac ports bank and olsen they really have not uh spared any luxury here they’ve got the good for the kids get a shade cup holder yeah more buttons to push lock unlock

Seats was nice there more storage more speakers banging on listen all right let’s sit inside for a sec feels so good luck sure beautiful and because it’s an suv hatchback fastback design see into the back there when that particle shelf is released you can see into the boot it’s just a really lovely car panoramic roof good for your passengers look at this ergo

Motion seat genesis certified and recommended nice and that’s what it looks like from the back close that i’m just gonna feel the paint one more time because i love this paint oh i feel so good no finger marks look at that my fingerprints beautiful there’s a shot with the lights on in the front another shot with the lights on in the back it’s the bright white

Zone hazard lights on let’s see the wing mirrors have got the hazard although indicator lights on too right there then the front of the car see the indicator lights on yeah very nice yeah you could just see it we got some puddle lights there from the side wing mirrors control the seats from the side of the seat yeah nice some more controls from the driver’s

Seat too to play with number controls up and down so when you’ve got the car in charge mode this seat also reclines all the way back like the ionic fives as well very good for taking a nap or resting when the car is charging that’s a lot of reclining though okay so that’s an air diffuser you can put uh no copyright or whatever you want in there make the car

Smell nice that’s a nice feature cool and that just screws back in there oh that’s so good okay so they’ve also got an electric g80 here but i’ll review this another day because it’s almost closing time but i’ll just quickly walk around for you so you can see what the car looks like this is not based on the egmp platform apparently it’s a separate platform this

One’s 82 kilowatt hours i think 500 kilometers of range uh luxury saloon type car there it is genesis g80 from the back this will be here for a few more weeks so i will come back and have a look at it another time what’s unique about this car is that there are solar panels at the top there so extra bit of uh region i guess or recharging as you’re resting in the

Sun that’s quite a nice touch so like i said we’ll come back and review this another time you

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