2023 genesis gv60 complete revie
Altair Club Cars 2023 Genesis GV60 | Complete Review | with Casey Williams

2023 Genesis GV60 | Complete Review | with Casey Williams

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Foreign casey williams well one of my good friends asked me the other day what is my favorite car that i’ve driven this year and until a few minutes ago it was a kia ev6 well the vehicle i have this week tops it it’s a 2023 genesis gv60 performance edition let’s give a look at it in truth the kia ev6 and the genesis gv60 share almost everything beneath the skin

But you’d never tell it from the exterior design i really like what they’ve done with the gp60 it almost looks like something that’s kind of across me to genesis and a porsche and i think all works really well for it in the front you see the family resemblance and the twin lights here really taken from the other crossovers and the genesis sedans but it has that

Kind of ev look to it too you know this molded plastic look in the front looks very aerodynamic and it’s a pretty wide vehicle when you stand look at it straight on you can really tell that’s pretty wide but i like the lower grille too really just to help cool the powertrain underneath come around the side this is where you really see the profile of the vehicle

I like it it photos and video really don’t do it justice it’s a pretty large vehicle you know definitely a mid-size and a little bit bigger perhaps when you see it in your own driveway 21 inch alloy wheels again gives you a kind of perspective of how big it is those are some big wheels underneath there and they look really good really wide tires certainly keep it

Planted all the weights down low in the chassis so you can really you know really drive the car well but i like you know some of the details i really like i love this window line that comes around i like how the rear window kind of wraps over the zigzagging the chrome i like the flush handles and this bottom it just looks like it just kind of almost cloth just

Kind of wrapped over it just tucked underneath here but you know it’s a bit of an illusion it’s all plastic but i think it looks really nice it’s just really pretty come around the back again these fat fenders and the way that comes around and the fast back all kind of looks a little bit porsche the spoiler the twin tail lamps again connects to other genesis

Models actually has a hands-free opening but i’ll just press it so we can control a little bit better come in here and look at the luggage compartment though this is what i really like first of all it’s roomy the back seats go down get bicycles and other gear in here but it’s just really well done i mean this is all just you know microfiber and sueded and just

Everything just feels expensive and aluminum here again just looks nice and feels expensive i’m sorry i was contemplating the award that is so totally unnecessary but yes they’re totally cool love how it flips over into the gear selector works really well you know the thing i really liked about the kia eb6 was the interior design looked very modern very 21st

Century exactly what you’d expect an electric car and genesis goes one further it has a lot of technology but it feels like a luxury car it feels like a bespoke handmade well-made luxury car and i just like you know the aluminum trim here on the dash it’s even got a texture to it same here on the console all these little details matter and the designers just

Went all out the napa leather seats you know they just feel expensive there’s you know photo well made the sueded here like i like i even like the lime green piping i think it just again just sets it up a little bit and just gives it a different attitude like i hear and they’re stitching here and stitching on the dash nice thick leather wrapped steering wheel

The seats are heated and ventilated in the front very comfortable wrap right around you seats in the back are heated and heat leather wrap steering wheel here but i also like all of the electronics that are in this vehicle they’re very easy to use it’s almost like using an iphone so there’s nothing over complicated but it all works really well too i like the twin

Screen arrangement gauges in front infotainment screen here this has a bang and olson sound system sounds phenomenal i also have wireless connectivity for apple carplay android auto to connect your device’s bluetooth of course so that works really well dual zone automat climate control down below again very easy to use and i like this center pod i like kind of

The flybridge arrangement i like you got a lower storage area gear selector is very cool um the infotainment screen you can do a touch or you can do it with the joy joy wheel down here for those two volume tuning for the audio systems out here easier controls for heated middle age seats steering wheel that’s all here too wireless charging for your phone here

Stick that right in there nice deep storage but some other things that i really like too you know as in the back headliner is all sueded microfiber again looks nice feels nice this has a heads up display which i think is really important in most cars it’s something i really really like i like that you see the speed out front of you i like the safety systems

Project in front of you like navigations projected out in front of you so it looks like just kind of hovering over the edge of the hood again just very easy to use this has pretty much every safety system known to man on this vehicle plus it has a rear seat alert for kids and has safe exit assist so if it the blind spot system detects there’s a car commit beside

You as you’re trying to exit it’ll lock the door and prevent you from doing that so all those systems are on it two other really cool features this car has at least you really know this is a 21st century electric car on the b pillar on the outside is a facial recognition system so you can walk up without a key recognize your face and getting entry to the vehicle

It also has a fingerprint recognition system so you can get in and start the car and drive it without without your key as well so i think that’s all very very cool well two things i know you really wanted about this vehicle is what is the range and how long does it take to recharge it so range is 235 miles i would like to see that close to 300 miles but this is

The performance edition and it’s going to go through the battery a little faster but 235 miles is at the bottom end of its usable range again they really need to get that up a little bit in recharge time you’re going to want to use the dc fast charger so if you’re doing on a fast charger you can charge from 10 to 80 in 18 minutes so really fast if you’re actually

Out on the highway driving this car long distance you can charge the car pretty quickly i mean you think about 18 minutes you get off the interstate get something to eat get a drink you’ve used up to 18 minutes and i like when you drive a gas car you don’t have to wait for this when you just plug it in and walk away and come back into what’s charged so i think

That’s pretty reasonable pretty quick and pretty usable if you’re doing a 240 volt home charge in your garage like most people will you can recharge about seven hours the thing you’re not going to do is plug this into a wall outlet because that’s going to take about 68 hours so definitely if you’re going to own one get the home charger and then charge it on dc

Fast charger when you can but performance of this vehicle it is pretty quick you know that’s one of the advantages of an electric car is instant torque instant acceleration and just the smoothness of it all so the electric system puts out 429 horsepower and it is you know right now quick 0 to 60 and 4 seconds and for you know a midsize largest crossover that’s

That’s really really quick but the thing of correspond electric curve is is torquey it’s just smooth it’s quiet they actually make some sounds so people can hear it from the outside and they give you a little bit more sound on the inside just to have a little bit of fun with it but it you know it’s just an absolute joy to drive the suspension you know this one’s

Pretty stiffly sprung you can kind of hear it clunking about on those low profile tires and the suspension it does have an electronic suspension system on it adaptive suspension but honestly there’s there’s no mode in which it just kind of floats over the road it’s it’s definitely tuned for sportiness but overall it’s i really like to drive in it it’s been easy

Car to drive and just enjoy being it well if there’s one downside it’s priced so the gv60 starts just under sixty thousand dollars this one’s equipped sixty nine thousand five hundred sixty dollars and when you put that against you know tesla and others in this class it’s certainly competitive so there’s no question about that um but if you want a little less

Expensive alternative you might want to look at the key ev6 so next week we’ll grab the fun car probably not as fun as this one but until then storm forward

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2023 Genesis GV60 | Complete Review | with Casey Williams By AutoCasey

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