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Altair Club Cars 2023 Genesis G70 Review | The BEST VALUE Luxury Sport Sedan?

2023 Genesis G70 Review | The BEST VALUE Luxury Sport Sedan?

In this video I’ll go for a test drive & completely review the NEW 2023 Genesis G70! I’ll test out acceleration, braking, steering feel, cargo space, rear legroom, sound system, exhaust clip & much more!

What is up you guys welcome back to another one if you were new to the channel i’m going pony i do new car truck suv reviews on youtube and today we are in the brand new 2023 genesis g70 courtesy of genesis of york in york pa for more information on their inventory please feel free to check out the link in the description box below so we’re in this one today because

This is a very unique looking sedan it really looks like nothing else on the road right now which is always a very good thing it comes with america’s best warranty as well being five year sixty thousand mile bumper to bumper ten years one hundred thousand miles on the power train you also get three years or thirty six thousand miles of complimentary maintenance

As well which is gonna save you a little bit of money at least up front there so ultimately in this video we will be testing out and going over everything about this one from acceleration to braking steering field ride quality so that’s just some exhaust club all that fun stuff so having said all that what do you guys say let’s just go ahead and jump right into it

And as always let’s start with pricing and so as you can imagine there are several different configurations for the 2023 g70 you have the two liter rear wheel drive configuration starting at 39 150 there is a sport prestige trim level for that one that’s going to start at 43 350 and then you have the 3.3 liter configuration rear wheel drive starts at 49 650 sport

Advanced for that one 48 950 and then the sport prestige 53 350 that was all pricing for the rear wheel drive you can get all-wheel drive for any of those configurations that is going to add 2100 then to any of those prices but so then as you can imagine by the trim levels at least there are two different engine configurations for the 2023 g70 first one being a two

Liter turbocharged inline four cylinder putting out 252 horsepower at 6200 rpm 260 pound-feet of torque coming in at 1400 rpm power center rear wheels are all wheels through an 8-speed automatic with paddle shifters which we will be testing out here in a little bit 0-60 time approximately 6.2 seconds with mpg numbers coming in at 21 in the city 31 on the highway for

The rear wheel drive 20 in the city 28 then on the highway for the all-wheel drive taking premium unleaded fuel by the way that is the engine configuration that we actually have here today but so then there is that other one which is a 3.3 liter twin turbo v6 putting out 365 horsepower at 6 000 rpm 376 pound feet of torque coming in at 1 300 rpm power center rear

Wheels are all wheels through an 8-speed automatic with paddle shifters 0 to 60 time 4.5 seconds that’s pretty darn impressive there with mpg numbers coming in at 18 in the city 27 on the highway for the rear wheel drive 17 city 25 then on the highway for the all-wheel drive taking premium unleaded fuel yet again and so before we do any kind of fun paddle shifter

Acceleration test here in the g70 i wanted to mention to you guys the drive modes there’s actually a circular dial located directly behind the shifter that will give you eco comfort sport sport plus and custom adjusting things like the shift points of throttle response steering sensitivity suspension settings all-wheel drive system engagement the side bolsters on

The seats and the exhaust note that is a ton of adjustments available for those driving modes typically you don’t see that many so that’s kind of cool but having now got all that out of the way what do you guys say let’s go ahead and find a straightaway here let’s put the paddle shifters here to the test first and let’s see how quickly they are going to react for

Us here and it’s not shifted for me sweet up now did all right here we go a slight delay ever so slight delay honestly it’s not that bad i’ve had worse reacting paddle shifters but i don’t know for the engine configurations that you get on the g70 i wouldn’t mind it if they were a bit quicker i’ll just put it that way but then again this isn’t one of genesis’s

Or hyundai’s dual clutch transmissions which quite honestly wouldn’t be that bad in the g70 but there was a slight delay i’ll just put it that way but anyways now i haven’t got that out of the way let’s find yet another straight away let’s put the acceleration here to the test and let’s see if this thing really does feel like 60 in 6.2 seconds all right pulling

Up to a red light and oh hey it’s a green light let’s go there it is i feel like the engine sound is pumped into the cabin it sounds nice wow okay definitely not going to have any issues emerging off to the highway having said that the 3.3 liter twin turbo is insanely quick this thing is pretty darn quick as well though so either engine configuration that you go

With you are going to be perfectly fine and like i said the engine sound is being pumped into the cabin really the only constructive criticism without acceleration is there was a slight bit of turbo lag at the very get-go there as you quite often will find in turbocharged four-cylinder engines unfortunately but yeah that’ll definitely get the job done though i’ll

Just put it that way but anyways to go along with that acceleration as always braking is equally important so up front you will find 13.8 inch ventilated front discs in the back 13.4 inch solid rear disc as far as that 60d zero stopping distance goes it’s going to come in at 109 feet that is ridiculously impressive and by the way you will get brembo brakes if you go

With a 3.3 liter so let’s set the brakes yeah i knew it was going to be good because we’re only going 10 miles per hour but definitely a firm break you feel i could tell that right off the bat from the get-go of my driving there it’s not a soft braking feel at 109 feet it’s definitely a firm braking feel that number alone will tell you the answer of how the braking is

On this thing definitely better than the majority of other sport sedans out there that i’ve tested because a lot of times it’ll come in in the one teens for that 60 zero stopping distance even the 120s let’s say for the hyundai sonata so 109 feet is absolutely brilliant so definitely not going to have any issues with the braking but then touching on suspension and

Handling you will find an independent strut type front suspension independent multi-link rear suspension front and rear stabilizer bars if you were to go with a 3.3 liter you’re actually going to get a sport tuned suspension and it keeps getting better than that there is a limited slip differential for the 3.3 liter sport prestige and an electronically controlled

Suspension again for the 3.3 liter sport prestige as well which essentially what that is is it uses a camera system which kind of scans the road adjusting to the road imperfections giving you a smoother ride in case you were curious about what that actually is so it’s kind of like genesis version of an adaptive damping suspension so kind of adjust to the right

Imperfections like i said so that is definitely going to be your smoothest ride if you were going for that having said that quite honestly this ride really is quite nice i will say that and we don’t have that electronically controlled suspension either so definitely a plenty good ride quality here in the 2-liter sport prestige that we have with us here today as far

As steering feel goes 100 definitely on the heavier side of things but then again it could be because i am still in that sport driving mode so it does adjust the steering sensitivity let me go ahead and take it out just see if that makes a difference actually let’s go eco it’s still actually a pretty heavy steering feel so quite honestly i like it and i currently

Own a hyundai sonata i will say the sonata steering feel is a thousand times more loosey-goosey than the uh g70 here so i love this steering feel in the g70 definitely on the heavier side of things without a doubt as far as cabin noise goes it’s actually been pretty darn good my entire test drive here today let’s do a part because there is an acoustic laminated

Front windshield and with absolutely any package option you’re also going to get acoustic laminated front side glass which typically does not come standard even on other manufacturers out there so go with one of the package options and you will get a very serene cabin here in the g70 i’ll just put it that way and touching on visibility this is a perfectly shaped

Sedan so you’re not going to have any issues with rear visibility so that is perfectly on point rain sensing windshield wipers actually comes standard for all trim levels but the base g70 so essentially any package option the windshield wipers are going to automatically turn on for you whenever it senses any kind of mist or rainfall so it’s kind of like automatic

Headlights uh one last thing you got to worry about there and there is going to be a head-up display with a 3.3 liter sport prestige essentially projecting your speed speed limit and safety features up onto your windshield so that’s going to assist with forward visibility there as well but that about rounds out the performance segment of this review guys let’s go

Ahead and take a look at the exterior of our brand new 2023 genesis g70 all right so here she is you guys the new 2023 genesis g70 finished in victoria black in case anybody was curious of our exterior color name but let’s go ahead and start up front on this one of course you have that large shield shaped front grille which essentially replicates the genesis lug

Or at least the middle portion of the genesis logo just above it so that is pretty cool of course you got that adaptive cruise control sensor built into that front grille as well you guys can see that it is almost unrecognizable from a distance you can clearly see it when you’re up close but it’s definitely a nice place to put it in it is integrated quite well into

That to the sides led quad beam headlights do come standard they come with the automatic feature of course as well meaning when it starts to get dark out at night those headlights will turn on automatically for you there automatic high beams also coming standard though meaning if you have your high beams on at night in the senses of vehicle coming in the opposite

Direction it’s going to automatically dim those high beams back to low beams then when that vehicle is gone it’s going to automatically then bump it back up to high beams so definitely a safety feature there in itself led daytime running lights of course coming standard and of course if you get down below there to the corners you will find front air curtains

Helping direct air around the wheel and tire combination there one of my favorite parts if we move back up a little bit is the creases around the genesis logo continued then onto the hood so it’s definitely a very cool look and i like seeing those hood creases when you’re behind the wheel actually driving this thing as well so that’s pretty cool but very unique

Very identifiable look now as a genesis in my personal opinion especially up front so i’m a huge fan of the design on this thing but that pretty much rounds out the front let’s now go ahead and make our way to the side of the g70 all right and so but now since we are around to this side of this one gloss black or dark chrome window surrounds do come standard then

Take a look at these front fenders let me actually get a little bit closer here for you guys there is functional ventilation found on those front fenders and actually all of it is functional from the top to the bottom so a little aerodynamic cue there so i was a huge fan of that typically when you see something like this is a lot of times not functional but these

Vents actually are in the g70 so i was a big fan of that they take a look at the side mirrors they are body colored power adjustable side mirrors they will be heated with led integrated turn signals they are power folding and it actually illuminates a genesis logo onto the ground at night as well all of that coming standard so huge fan of that then taking a look

Down the wheel configuration 18-inch alloys coming with the 2-liter 19-inch alloys then coming with all other configurations and if you go with the sport prestige at least on the 3.3 liter they are going to be lightweight alloys so i wanted to emphasize that as well but that pretty much rounds out the side profile here let’s now go ahead and make our way to the

Back so but now making our way to the back body colored shark fin antenna all the way to the top as far as that uh rear trunk lid goes it’s kind of an integrated rear spoiler i guess you could say that it looks pretty darn good back there of course genesis lettering spelled out horizontally you got the all-wheel drive badging there to the right on the trunk lid

There of course you do have led tail lights coming standard across the board gotta love that and depending upon which engine configuration that you go with the exhaust setup is going to be slightly different so for the two liter that we have today you have a single exhaust outlet with dual chrome tips like you’re currently looking at but if you were to go with a

3.3 liter you’re going to get integrated dual oval exhaust outlets with chrome tips so obviously that was actually the one i reviewed last year so i’ll leave a link to that video at the end of this one but for this case we got the 2 liter so having said that i do believe you guys know what we have to do next as always here is that exhaust clip it’s something else

Since we are around to the back of the g70 when it comes to opening that rear trunk there is a button on the key fob there’s kind of a button incorporated into the trunk itself it’s kind of hidden that’s a pretty cool way and there is a button by the driver’s side left knee then as well and i should also mention it is a hands-free smart trunk across the board for

Every single configuration so simply walk up to the back and wait a couple seconds it’s going to automatically then open up for you but once opened up capacity comes in at 10.5 cubic feet if that was not enough space there is a 60 40 split meaning the rear seats do fold down for quite a bit of extra space then if you needed it there are tie-down acres back there

Led cargo lighting and there is some netted storage kind of found to the right back there so that was pretty cool to see and if you were to lift up underneath of that cargo floor you’ll find a little bit of in-floor storage but mostly it is a spare tire that you’re gonna find underneath of there which i personally prefer but then making our way up to the rear

Legroom that comes in at 34.8 inches so for reference i mean even six feet tall this is how much space i have back there there is a rear center armrest with cupholders for those rear passengers rear ventilation then as well there is a usb charging port then just below that rear ventilation so that was definitely very nice then making our way up to the front seats

12-way power adjustable driver’s seat with four-way power lumbar coming standard leatherette surfaces is going to be the standard setup however heated front seats actually also come standard i should say that but leather seating comes with a 2-liter sport prestige like we have today with contrast red stitching and red seat belts and i think that was my favorite

Part because it goes so good with the rest of the contrast stitching in this thing but anyways and you get leather seating with the 3.3 liter of course as well but also with that 3.3 liter you’re going to get memory settings as well so that is pretty cool for up to two different drivers there ventilated front seats coming with the 3.3 liter sport advanced and

Sport prestige as well napa leather then coming with the sport prestige for the 3.3 liter so overall as far as seat comfort goes it was plenty fine honestly so shouldn’t have any issues there but then take a look at the steering wheel it is tilt and telescoping it is power adjustable for the 3.3 liter at least and power adjustable for the 2-liter sport prestige

That we have today so that was very nice heated steering wheel then coming standard as well and so heated steering wheel button is going to be located just to the left of the climate control buttons just in front of the shifter there and make our way to the startup let me show you guys the key here you course have lock unlock the button to pop the rear hatch but

There is also a remote start button that is going to come standard on this thing and of course keyless entry with a push button start so therefore just leave the key in your pocket and all i am going to do here is simply put my front of the brake and press that engine start button located just to the left of the air vents there and so once started up speedometer

Is all the way to your left tachometer is to your right and there is a digital display kind of incorporated into that tachometer as well to adjust what is on that digital display there are steering wheel mounting controls found on the right side of the steering wheel giving you things like your tire pressure information of course there is also safety features up

There outside temperature how many miles you have left until you hit empty and digital speedometer the list goes on so pretty much everything you could possibly want on the digital portion of the gauges there then make our way to overall interior quality there is a wide sunroof that comes with any of the package options just not the base configuration of course

Overhead sunglass holder is going to come standard as well there’s going to be a suede headliner if you go with the 3.3 sport prestige trim level aluminum trim accents throughout including on the doors and above the passenger side glove box alloy foot pedals coming with the sport packages like you guys are currently looking at right now wireless phone charger with

Any of the package options and that’s going to be located just in front of the uh shifter there and speaking of in front of the shifter you have a 12 volt power outlet another usb charging port there as well just to the right and behind the shifter you’re going to have dual cup holders kind of with cool texturized designs surrounding it within the center armrest

A little bit of storage not a whole lot but there’s also a usb charging port in there as well and i like this silver kind of design just around the shifter as well it’s pretty cool there is a little bit of black plastic to the right there but overall this is finished pretty darn nice and there is also a home load control straps three different garage doors i see

That there as well so that’s always nice but now let’s go ahead and make our way to the infotainment screen so the standard setup that comes for all turbine levels all configurations is going to be a 10 and a quarter inch color touch screen display and so that’s going to come with bluetooth and audio streaming of course android auto apple carplay as well factory

Navigation system is going to come with that there is a voice memo system so you can record your voice and play it back at a later date that is pretty cool climate control settings can be had up there as well of course looks like they did away with the sounds of nature unfortunately they used to have that when they first came out with the g70 and a lot of the

Vehicles but i think they did away with that but i liked it anyways can of course check out your radio information up there as well so when it comes to the sound system six speakers is going to come standard but with any package option you’re going to get the 15 speaker lexicon sound system with 660 watts so having said that what do you guys say let’s go ahead

And turn on the radio see what we got playing today and let’s test out the clarity of this one yeah definitely a good bit of bass plenty of clarity i think 15 speakers in a vehicle of the size of the g70 is 100 overkill i’m just gonna put it that way so the clarity was one hundred percent on point base was playing fine as well so that sound system is definitely

Where it’s at for the g70 but last thing on the infotainment screen i wanted to mention to you guys is when you do put the g70 in reverse you will find a rear view camera coming standard across the board a very very high definition rear view camera as well one of the most high definition cameras i’ve seen in a while but if you were to go with the sport prestige

For the 3.3 liter you’re also going to get a surround view monitor giving you that bird’s eye view which is always is going to lead us into safety so let me first start with iihs top safety pick plus which is the very highest destination given by iihs so it is the very best safety you can possibly get there frontside side current airbags do come standard drivers

Knee airbag as well in the back you’re going to have latch aka lower anchors to tether to children for the rear car seats rear child door locks tire pressure monitoring system and that’s pretty boring but also standard adaptive cruise control with stop and go which is a brilliant system on both hyundai genesis and kia for collision avoidance assist highway driving

Assist which is genesis’s level two autonomous driving system essentially lane keep assist lane following assist blind spot monitoring system with rear cross traffic alert of course safe exit warning and rear occupant alert and then with any package option you’re also going to get front and rear parking sensors then as well so overall when it comes to my final

Thoughts here of the g70 3.3 liter twin turbo that i’ve tested before is crazy fast but having said that this engine configuration is plenty quick as well so definitely got two very good options here in the g70 excellent braking 60 00 and 109 feet is among the best when it comes to sport sedans i’ll just put it that way excellent safety doesn’t get better than

An iie desktop safety pick plus you get america’s best warranty as far as room for improvement goes a full digital gauge cluster i would absolutely love seeing in the g70 i’m not sure why they would put it in my hyundai sonata but then not put it in a g70 a much more upscale vehicle like this one because it really does give you so much more customization when you

Adjust the drive modes things like that like they do in the g80 like they do in the gv70 essentially every other vehicle that they currently make also i think multi-color ambient lighting would look pretty darn good in this thing as well like mercedes-benz does but anyways that about rounds out this review guys let me know what you think of the g70 in the comment

Section below if you’re free to follow me on social media if you want to see what’s coming next on the channel before it gets to youtube be sure to hit the subscribe and the bell notification button if you’re any new car reviews that is what we do here on this channel after all do appreciate you guys watching more then you know i will see you guys all in the next video stay gold

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