2023 forte ex why is this the be
Altair Club Cars 2023 Forte EX – Why is this the Best Seller?

2023 Forte EX – Why is this the Best Seller?

The 2023 Forte EX is a high volume vehicle – but why? In today’s video, Gabi does a walk around and review of Kia’s most popular sedan! She also talks about why this vehicle is so popular – largely due to the tech features you get, for a fair price point.

Hi everyone welcome or welcome back to the kia hyundai channel my name is gabby and with me i have a beautiful 2023 kia forte ex this one is shown in aurora black and it’s been a while since we had a black forte here it’s been a while since we had a forte here in general we did do a walk around of a 2022ex the quality was horrendous so this is kind of going to be

The re-upload because the 2023 doesn’t have much change however we are going to still show you everything including the technology the safety and everything that this car has to offer this is definitely the most popular kia forte and for a lot of reasons first of all the price point is 22 0.95 canadian the fuel efficiency is fantastic it’s rated at 7.6 combined

With 5.9 on the highway and i believe 7.9 in the city and you can get those numbers much lower i drive a forte personally and i see amazing fuel readings and the safety is fantastic so there’s a lot of features let’s get into it first we’re going to start off with the full exterior walk around and then hop inside and i’ll explain everything so first off with what’s

Under the hood we have a 2 liter four-cylinder gdi engine that puts 147 horsepower and 132 pound foot of torque tethered to an ivt transmission so hence the fuel efficiency the ivt transmission is a very very efficient way to get your car moving off the ground so i’ll start off with the front grille over here you can see you have led daytime running lights for your

Marker lights for your main headlight unit is a halogen bulb one thing i really love about our classic halogens is they do emit heat so in the winter you can start your car and it’ll actually melt the snow nice off for you so although they might not be as bright as an led it does still have some benefits and they are still quite bright down here we have a little

Bit of styling elements with some straight lines and then you’ll notice as we get up here we have more serrated kind of sharky looking grill with a new kia logo as well too so this front bumper does have a radar sensor that’ll pick up the vehicle ahead of you and it does have four collision avoidance so if the vehicle ahead of you were to slam on the brakes it can

Potentially avoid a collision or at least warn you to react now we’ll come around to the side beautiful 16 inch machine finished alloy wheels i really like this design reminds me almost like a pinwheel on your mirrors over here we do have a turn signal repeater so i know this doesn’t really seem like something to point out but the elantra which is the competitor

Vehicle the hyundai equivalent or sister car if you will does not have turn signal markers on the windshield not on the windshield oh my gosh on the side mirrors come around to the side see the beautiful black paint and then we actually have some of the vehicle’s info here so 7.2 combined price point and some of the features come around to the side here fuel door

Is just on the left and then back of the vehicle now one thing this car has is a huge trunk i’m going to open it up for you guys i know that it may not seem like a big feature or something you’d expect in the sedan but like like i mentioned i have a forte and whenever i have to go somewhere everything fits in this car so give me one second pop it open and the trunk

Can also be opened by the key fob you do have a trunk release there so because it is kind of dark you may not be able to see to the very end of the vehicle i will volunteer myself to take a seat inside and show you what we’re looking at so i can extend my legs all the way to the back of the vehicle and have my feet flat against the seats i’m probably 5’3 with

Long legs and then i will lift the back and show you what we’re looking at down here so there’s no spare tire that’s one thing the launcher has the forte doesn’t but you do have a tire mobility kit one thing i found that’s really really handy with the mobility kit is not only can you you know patch your tire get yourself back on the road you do have an inflated

Kit on your car at all times so if you go biking or anything and you need something to pump your tires or i don’t know inflatables if you’re going to the beach you can use that you don’t have to bring an extra inflator so just something i thought i’d add close this down see your beautiful forte logo kia logo and really cool tailed sign um we’ll get a lower shot as

Well too it does have two um dual faux muffler tips of course the real exhaust port is under the vehicle but you do have the styling on the side that kind of looks a little bit more sporty something i really like about the forte is that it has more of a classic sporty sedan look as opposed to elantra which looks a little bit more futuristic if you will and we have

A shark fin antenna on the hood not on the hood on the top of the vehicle you know we’ll take a look inside and show you what else we got all right so now i’m in the kia forte and i’m super comfy because like i always mentioned i drive a forte and i love her i’m going to show you what we got down here so the forte does have two little lashes one for your fuel door

And then one for your trunk and like i mentioned earlier you can also use your key itself to unlatch your trunk signal your um hazard now your hazards oh my goodness your panic button your lock and unlock and you have a real key with this trim level so switchblade key and close this up now on the left over here we have our brightness selector so this is how you

Can change your dash if you’d like it a little bit more bright a little bit more dim you also have blind spot detection so you’ve definitely seen that on a lot of cars as you’re driving basically it’s going to illuminate your mirrors when there’s a car on your blind spot but it doesn’t just stop there so this will actually alert you if you have your signal on and

There’s a car in there to not change lanes yet and if you do it’ll revert you back into your lane to avoid a blind spot collision so very very handy to have over here we just have our light switch our light controls you do have automatic high beams which is really really cool the car will pick up if there’s another vehicle oncoming or if it picks up a lot of city

Lights if you’re driving in the city you should not have your high beams on and will automatically switch them on and off for you so you never have to play with it fiddle with it on the steering wheel itself it is heated and one thing i really love about key in hyundai is they actually heat the entire wheel not just certain spots so however you like to drive you

Still have the warmth and it’s really nice with having a touch screen because you don’t have to have gloves on in the car i love that teacher so much just a little thing but makes a difference on the left side here you have all your bluetooth and media controls so your talk button your media modes which will cycle between am radio fm radio bluetooth your volume your

Fast forward or reverse or to play next song or play the last song your phone button that’s how you’d answer a call and then your favorite button so this is essentially a blank button that you can make whatever you’d like so if you want it to reject calls if you want it to go to a certain feature like bluetooth audio that is your button you guys get to decide then

On the right side we have our driver assistance button so this is for your cruise control to turn it on this is where you’d set your speed and then to pause to restart it on the left over there we do have our lane follow assist so this uses a camera that’s located just in your windshield there behind her here and that’s actually going to monitor the lanes for you

And steer for you not just let you know when you’re exiting your lane it’s going to actually correct it for you and almost feel kind of like a self draw five especially if you have your cruise control on the car feels like it’s taken over it’s not a scary system i find i think he and hyundai do it a lot better than some other manufacturers so i always recommend

My customers try it now i’ll have mark join us on the other side of the forte and we’ll take a look at everything else so come on in join us take a seat make yourself comfy so i have mark joining us today he is filming and we’re just going to do a quick pan over the dash of the vehicle to show you what the styling is like got those beautiful circular air vents

A nice eight inch touchscreen with wireless apple carplay and android auto and one thing i absolutely love about the forte ex which is a game changer for me wireless phone charger so not only do you have your phone chargers wireless you also have apple carplay and android auto wireless so essentially you if you forget a cord you are fine um your maps your music

Everything can still be connected and it’ll just cast straight onto your display everything that’s on your phone your maps gps i personally love using google maps because there’s any collisions or any slowdowns and updates instantly so it’s amazing your climate control is just right above that here so you have your temperature your fan speed and your fan direction

As well as your rear window defrost as well that also works for your mirrors too your ac button your vents hazards i always like to point out just because i never get a new car sometimes you have no idea where your hazards are and that is pretty important and um band direction control not fan direction control fan output control and then your volume knobs and all

Your media buttons so here is a quick way to get to your radio your media secret track your favorite or setup without digging through your screen so if i were to go to setup it would take me right to our setup menu there you could add new bluetooth connections change your sound climate wi-fi all that good stuff and back to home this is what your screen would

Generally look like and now for driver and passenger and just anybody who’s in the car general convenience we do have a sunglass holder now this may seem like something why would she even point that out a lot of our cars don’t have that anymore and people still wear sunglasses like cd players i understand get rid of them but this so nice to have a sunglass holder so

Just your basic everyday sunrise holder it operates the same way they always do you have your light switches here so we have the one off right now and then we’ll take a look down here we do have a little bit more storage down here so you have this nice little pocket and i do like how it’s a grippy surface so you can’t have a phone there and you don’t have to worry

About it sliding away too much you have a center usb there that’s going to be a media usb so if you want to listen to music from a usb or an ipod or any sort of other device that’s where you’d go to plug it in if you’re not doing it through bluetooth then we also have another usb to the right of that that one’s for fast charging and a 12 volts to the left center

Here you have your gear select so it’s just a regular ivt transmission that operates in the same way a regular automatic would you don’t have to manually set the gears we have two heated seat buttons so three different levels for driver and passenger heated steering wheel and like i mentioned earlier heats up your whole wheel it is amazing then we have drive mode

Select so the 4k has three different drive modes you have normal smart support so normal sports smart should put in the order that it comes in smart basically adapts to whatever you’re doing so if you’re just cruising around the city not really doing too much it’s going to be your most fuel efficient way to drive but then if you get onto the highway and you really

Dig into the throttle it’ll automatically switch into sport to give you your best performance and then again once you up to speed and you’re driving regularly put you back into normal or eco mode now we’ll take a look down here so two cup holders and your regular gear knock your shift oh my gosh your break and then i’ll just lift our center console so it’s a pretty

Decent size center console it’s not too too deep or too wide but it gets the job done we’ll close that and i’ll have mark open up our glove box so you can see what kind of room we’re working with there so those are your manuals you get french and english tons of reading to do mark has a long arm and you kind of gotta idea of the depth there i would say and we’ll

Shut that and then when it comes to comfort i’m super super comfy in the kia forte i’ve regularly had five passengers in the car and no complaints of course it’s not our biggest vehicle but it is very efficient and i would say it’s quite comfy mark what are your thoughts i think it’s comfortable you think it’s comfy definitely comfy definitely comfy there you go

Long rides the long rides you got it so now we’ll take a look at the back and see what else we got over there all right so now we’re in the back of the kia forte one thing i want to point right away we have rear air vents so the launcher does not have that and i think it’s a really nice feature a lot of people look past but it’s really really nice if you regularly

Have rear seat passengers down here we also have a usb so they can plug in their phones or small devices and have a charge and then on the very very back of the passenger seat we do have kind of a mesh pocket so you can put your books whatever it may be on the side of the door i’ll have mark quickly show you there’s a little bit more storage so on the door handle

Itself where the door on soft spot you do have a little pocket and then underneath that you have room for maybe a small water bottle or a phone anything i guess really you may need the seats themselves are still cloth and they’re very very comfy and we do have this straight kind of line design going throughout which i really do like that they kind of gave it a

Little bit of you know what i mean not just a regular basic black cloth it is um it’s got design it’s got some spice there we go now i’ll have mark take a seat in here with me to get a good idea of leg room you can see me i’m pretty comfy i’m always comfy now i’m going to grab the camera and show you what mark looks like in the kia forte what’s your height again

Mark six foot he’s six foot tall so he fits he may be more comfy in the passenger seat or driver’s seat but leg room’s pretty decent knee room’s decent would you say your overall kind of comfy yeah brew for long drives with multiple passengers it’s a comfy car it’s fuel efficient the price is fantastic the warranty is fantastic five years hundred thousand kilometers if

You didn’t know we are a real dealership and we do have a hyundai store two hyundai stores as well so brantford hyundai and a one sound hyundai if you would like more info pricing questions whatever it may be you can leave a comment down below or click the links in our bio that’ll direct you with the salesperson for each dealership thank you so much for watching we’ll see you next video

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