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Altair Club Cars 2023 Ford Maverick: Ordering, Packages, Colors, Pricing

2023 Ford Maverick: Ordering, Packages, Colors, Pricing

Order banks for the 2023 Ford Maverick compact truck are now open and we’ve got all the details of what’s new in paint colors, features, packages and more. Full overview of the changes you need to know.

Hey my good friend sam haymart with test driven tv at the detroit auto show this weekend the 2023 ford maverick is sitting on the stand for all to see and order banks just opened today and that means that pricing’s out today all the information on the new packages and colors and what’s new for 2023 is also out today and that’s what we’re going to talk about

Right now ordering for the 2023 ford maverick compact pickup truck is now open and we’ve got the details so if you’ve been waiting with baited breath for information and updates on pricing to order a 2023 ford maverick the time has finally come the 2023 ford maverick is largely a carryover model from the 2022 model year with trim grades powertrain and chassis

Specifications completely identical packages and equipment changes some new colors and price increases across the lineup are really where the changes are when it was introduced last year the headlines were all about a standard hybrid powertrain and a starting price under twenty thousand dollars well if you didn’t get in on that deal sorry folks it’s gone pricing

Has gone up for 2023 with the standard hybrid engine the base maverick sl now starts at 22 195 a full 2200 more than last year maverick xlt starts at 24 455 and larry it at 27 995 there’s good news for those opting for the 2-liter ecoboost engine though it’s now a no-cost option on all trim grades adding all-wheel drive is a 2200 option now slightly less than

In 2022 so let’s talk the changes yes the maverick xl is now 2200 more than it was last year but now you get cruise control standard man people were squealing and squawking about this omission in 2022 and with the price increase ford can now afford to throw it in hey they listened right maverick xlt and lariat in base forum now get a soft vinyl wrapped steering

Wheel an upgrade for the xlt and a downgrade for lariat as last year it had a real leather wheel maverick larry at front-wheel drive is now only available in hybrid if you get a lariat ecoboost you can now only get it with all-wheel drive another nice little bonus is that if you get the larry with the luxury package the upgraded audio system will now include voice

Activated navigation among its other features seems like a weird thing it didn’t have it last year but it didn’t exciting and really expected the first year is the new black appearance package for 2023 available on xlt and lariat for sixteen hundred and forty five dollars this will have unique 18 inch black alloy wheels black logos and a black finisher coloring on

Door handles grille mirrors headlamps tail lamps as well as seats and interior accent trims the backdrop color for the interior however will still be navy pure big news earlier this summer is the tremor off-road package that joins maverick for 2023 offering a comprehensive top-end off-roading hardware and appearance trim for xlt and lariat models with ecoboost in

All-wheel drive we have an entire video about this new model on our maverick playlist linked at the end of this video and down below in the information section in short it has a high feature all-wheel drive system with enhanced off-roading capabilities a higher ride height skid plates and a heavy duty suspension along with a raft of visual tweaks inside and out

For 29.95 for an additional 14.95 you can dress it up with a tremor appearance package that adds even more eye candy now for the package gerrymandering where ford has removed items from some packages moved them to others or made certain items standalone options removed from luxury packages on both xlt and lariat are the bed tie down locking rails the drop in bed

Liner the spray bed liner and the remote starting system to help make the packages less of a hold up in production with chip shortages all of these items are now standalone options available outside the packages also electronic and chip constraint features like adaptive cruise control evasive steer assist and park assist have been removed from the lariat luxury

Package and moved to the new stand-alone copilot 360 assist package that you can add on separately if you’re already getting the standard copilot 360 package features there is a casualty of the computer chip shortage which is the elimination of the wi-fi hotspot which would allow you to treat your maverick as an internet connection keep in mind the truck still has

A modem with full functionality for all of its connectivity and forepass features though lastly two new paint colors join the 2023 ford maverick including atlas blue and avalanche gray the latter exclusive to the tremor colors rapid red and velocity blue have been discontinued you might notice that blues and grays are quite dominant and that’s because as long as

The base color of the interior remains navy pure blue you aren’t going to see any earth tones like green or tan as this would be a clash order banks for the 2023 ford maverick are open as of today customers who order 2022 models that couldn’t be produced and got bumped to 2023 will be getting offered incentives to offset the higher 2023 model pricing and if you’re

One of these people you’ve got until october 31st to get your order converted get with your dealer asap for everyone else if you want a 2023 ford maverick you better get on it also i’m told by ford that the building price functionality for their website for the 23 maverick goes live sometime in october odd that it isn’t now but that is the way it is but here’s the

Deal hear me now believe me later if you want to order a 2023 ford maverick don’t wait okay this is a vehicle that will sell out long before they’re done building 23 models it did last year the hybrid sold out in november in january the ecoboost sold out and since last january they’ve been building ordered vehicles and nothing else that’s why you don’t see these

Things sitting around on dealership lots in a big line so if you want to order one get on it it’s usually a no commitment deal even if you have to put a deposit down when the thing shows up if something changes or you changed your mind you don’t have to buy the vehicle the dealer is going to be happy to let that go onto their lot and maybe charge a mark up on it

So if you want one just go order one it’s that easy it’s that easy that’s the only way to get one so there you go now we have a lot of maverick coverage on our playlist test drives our long-term tester technical how-to mods all kinds of stuff that we’ve done with our own maverick and others you could also subscribe to our youtube channel right there either way stay tuned

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