2023 ford maverick lariat tremor
Altair Club Cars 2023 Ford Maverick Lariat Tremor

2023 Ford Maverick Lariat Tremor

Check out this 2023 Ford Maverick Lariat Tremor!

Hello everybody today i’m at the north american international auto show taking a look at this 2023 ford maverick lariat this particular one is the tremor edition unfortunately the vehicle is locked because it is a pre-production vehicle so i will not be able to show you the interior as detailed as i’d like however i can show you the front because the glass is not

Tinted so starting off up front you are going to have the signature maverick style headlights with incandescent turn signals but the the main exterior feature of this vehicle is going to be the tremor yellow color so they have the yellow on the grill insert right here this guy also has looks like adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist which is very nice you

Also have the yellow coming around to the wheel and tires we got this really nice i think it’s a 17 inch gray and yellow tremor wheel on some falcon wild peak ats and the tire size is a what is that a 2 35 65 r17 we have your lariat badging again in tremor yellow color matched mirror caps soft tonneau cover your tremor badge on the back i believe this is

A dark it’s not smoked it’s got dark accents in this incandescent tail lamp parking sensors integrated into the bottom portion of the bumper or the upper portion i should say four pin connector down there tremor badge again on the tailgate with maverick stamped into it just like the f-150 backup camera is going to be underneath the ford logo standard regular

Uh tailgate release right here we have your capless fuel fill port and then something that i really like that they do is they put this plastic molding around the rocker panels and then the rear bumper and that’s to protect against rock chips and then eventually corrosion i really really like it when they do that so good job on ford for doing that especially

Living in michigan where i do there’s back roads dirt roads pretty much everywhere and depending on where you live if they use a bunch of salt in the winter you’ll probably like that because it will save your rocker panels now i can come over and show you the interior as best as i can it looks like the seats are going to be leather with pretty aggressive bolsters

To keep you in with tremor stitched into the seats it’s going to have that same yellow tremor accent stitching it’s going to pretty much be the same exact interior as a lariat it may have a couple of different off-road buttons it’s got the same rotary dial gear selector electro electronic parking brake and right off the bat i can see i don’t know if it’ll come

Through if i get my finger in the way it’ll blur that button right there in the top left actually says tremor on it so i believe that is some sort of tremor exclusive off-road feature for this vehicle decent sized screen with storage on the right side storage tray up top unfortunately again you probably won’t be able to see in the back seats i don’t think the

Back seats the back seats do not say tremor on them it’s just the front seats but this looks pretty cool it’s almost like that cactus gray color that they have for the ford bronco um this looks really cool typically the ford maverick is for someone who would like a truck but doesn’t really need one or someone that would like a truck that lives in a big city this

Thing is built on the same platform i think as the ford ranger it also is gonna have a sunroof up top and then here’s all the information the monronee they have for this vehicle so i’ll let this sit here for a couple seconds so you guys can uh read it if you’d like or you could just pause the video but there you have it that is the 2023 ford maverick lariat

Tremor hopefully it will be available soon on dealer lots and then as soon as it is i’d love to go to my local dealer and do a video walkthrough for you guys if you guys enjoyed the video please consider giving me a like and share and if you want to keep up to date with more auto show content please consider subscribing to the channel and be sure to check out all

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