2023 ford maverick changes getti
Altair Club Cars 2023 Ford Maverick Changes Getting what we want and Need.

2023 Ford Maverick Changes Getting what we want and Need.

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2023 Ford Maverick Changes! Getting what we want and need. In this episode let’s talk about getting some major changes to the Maverick. Some of these changes we absolutely need to get more Mavericks produced and get us our Mavericks sooner as delays for some have been very long. Some of these changes will also be a huge benefit and answers many of our complaints. Here @Johnny’s car care & reviews we are here to help so all you have to do is hit play and if you want to help us out hit that subscribe button, its free and helps feed and dress a poodle.

Let’s talk about the 2023 ford maverick yes order banks are open today while we’re still waiting for the order guide so it’s kind of hard to put in that order properly but what are the big changes well tomorrow night we’re going to cover all the changes all together that that are extra from what we’re discussing tonight so be there for tomorrow night’s live show

But these order these changes in the order guide a lot of them we already have so here the bit here’s the big bullet points standard cruise control on xl so that’s great that’s something that we’ve talked about before a lot of us and a lot of people in the comments section said they’re kind of disappointed the xl isn’t really viable because some people really do

Need that cruise control so it’s now standard on xl so it’s there we’ve got it thank you thank you very much ford for listening and voice activated touch screen navigation is included with sync 3. remember sync 3 is available only on not just the lariat but the lariat luxury package now we’ll talk in just a moment there’s actually some quite a few changes to those

Luxury packages and it’s not because ford’s trying to save money let’s not take this the wrong way this is about getting more mavericks out to us so they’re removing the constrained options once again ford listened tim bartz at long mcarthur has talked about this i’ve talked about this let us put in our bed liners whether they’re dropping and made of plastic or

They’re sprayed on let us do that once the vehicle shows up we just won our mavericks i still don’t have a build date for maggie’s maverick that we ordered back july 17th and that everything was confirmed and accepted by ford on july 30th of 2021 and that’s because it’s a hybrid luxury package now the luxury packages what are those things that have changed well

The drop in deadline bed liner on the xlt it’s out you can add it and i suggest you don’t then just re-pick it on your build had it done at the parts department or a local shop your tie down rails removed and offered as a free standing option but please if you want things to go and move forward these are constrained items ford has way too much demand versus the

Supply so just avoid them all together get them done at your parts department or even do them yourself remote start removed and offered as a free standard freestanding option and of course you can’t have remote start unless you’re going xlt with luxury package so before part of the luxury package it’s now an option so that’s great this is gonna help move things

Along now let’s talk before talking about the changes to the lariat luxury of course i want to cover that of course we have the tremor off-road package very limited about eight percent of the production is going to be for this and then if you add also um the appearance package not just so there’s two there’s the tremor off-road package kind of making a baby raptor

Maverick very cool then there’s like a sticker appearance package of course you have to have the trimmer off-road package that get the trimmer appearance package it’s an add-on to an add-on but then you go from eight percent of possible builds being tremors down to three so if you want a trimmer make sure you’re first in line order it up black appearance package

Is also going to be new and available on the xlt and lariat that should be quite quite nice a black appearance package that will be quite nice i think we’re well worth the money but we’ll talk about how much it costs in tomorrow’s live as long as the order guide and price guide has been updated often these things come out they say let’s say this 15th of september

While i was expecting them just minutes to max a couple hours before midnight so not a whole lot of mavericks that god ordered today that’s for sure at least yeah because yeah you don’t have all the intel a lot of people don’t want to move forward so that’s normal now copilot 360 assist package it’s available when equipped with lariat luxury package so now the

Copilot 360 assist package it’s something that’s available if you have a lariat that also has the luxury package now what changes do we have on the lariat luxury package here it goes spraying bed liner gone you can you could add it as an option but i highly recommend you do not add it as an optional of course on your build get that from your parts you know work

It through with your dealer do it yourself get a local shop to do that let’s get these mavericks in your yard as fast as possible now the bed tie down rails so the bed tie down rails what are those those are the silver bars in the bed with the handles that move around they are going to be a freestanding option that i highly recommend you don’t take get it from

The parts department now the remote now sorry remote start also freestanding option no longer part of the luxury a lariat luxury package that you need none nonetheless you have to have a luxury package to then ask for it but do remember don’t be fooled on this one your phone it’s great ford pass set it up the application’s free it requires a little bit of work

Your dealer your sales got person should help you out with this and then you’ve got remote start rate on your phone for free for life and anyways you have to do forward pass to get those over-the-air updates which is great both the bronco and the mustang both had days where the screens did not work at all that evening there is an over-the-air update obviously because

Then the screens worked perfectly so it avoids you going to the dealership and then you know your vehicle could be there all day a lot of big updates get done they get done at home so really cool now let’s talk about adaptive cruise control evasive steer assist so adaptive cruise control is just cruise control that follows the speed of the tract of traffic you

Set it to 80 miles per hour someone’s doing 65 it’s going to slow down when they get out of the way you’re going to speed back up evasive steer assist the vehicle slows down with adaptive cruise control but if the vehicle says we can’t slow down fast enough we’re going to hit that vehicle it’ll switch into the left lane if there isn’t traffic coming down that left

Lane it won’t send you into a front front end collision collision a nose to nose collision and now you’ve got rear parking sensors moved to the copilot 360 assist package so basically adaptive cruise control evasive steer assist and rear parking sensors all moved into what’s called a co-pilot 360 assist package so it’s like a copilot 360 plus so that is radon uh

Response it’s the 15th dead today we’re supposed to be ordering mavericks we’re supposed to have an order guide order guide’s probably going to come out after all the dealerships have closed so it’s really the 16th that’s a huge day tomorrow get your orders in and if you don’t well get them in monday tuesday wednesday of next week i’m going to be covering all the

Changes i’m gonna i want to talk about price and i want to talk about any other changes that might have occurred so i’m going to have access access to the order guide tomorrow so we will talk about that in the live tomorrow night so every friday night at 7 30 please do like and subscribe so you don’t miss out on important intel we do must know intel we do don’t

Be fooled intel so we make sure that you order up your vehicle right you get it at the right price and you get it within a timely manner that is the goal of this channel it is to help out so let us help you join the community share your intel so we can all learn together that’s what we’re here for because no one ever knows everything but as a group we can probably

Cover pretty much all the bases so thank you so much for watching today really do appreciate all the support we passed 10 000 subscribers so thank you so muchness pretty pretty great feeling for matthew and i really appreciate your support and to the members thank you for giving us that little extra push that little bit of extra help to get more content out try

And experiment with more things because while on the channel generally when i’m not in the office i’m trying to repair something which always comes with breaking something else and also when we fool around with the vehicles you know the last time i was drifting the bronco a horrific sound if you followed the channel for quite some time you’ll have seen me drift in

The snow and we had a horrific sound come out and whether it was a stud or not that bronco got a few little things and um in the end we’re sad to see it part but uh it was advantageous for the channel to then bring on a 2022 mustang gt because now it’s really fresh in our minds than you know the latest mustang and we knew a new mustang was coming along and we

Wanted to be able to talk about that more as people really in the note of nonetheless this must be our 9th or 10th mustang so do stay tuned we will cover mustang stuff we’ll cover all sorts of stuff and in tomorrow’s live we will talk about our impressions and our feelings towards the new mustang we’d like you to bring your impressions of the new mustang as well

So until next time we’ll see each other in the live bring your questions we’ve got answers and if not someone in the community will have the answer but we do wish you more cars and more power subscribe to help feed that poodle thank you so much for watching take care foreign

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