2023 dodge hornet gt and r t rev
Altair Club Cars 2023 Dodge Hornet GT and R/T REVEALED

2023 Dodge Hornet GT and R/T REVEALED

Here’s Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis introducing the 2023 Dodge Compact SUV pair, the GT (ICE) and R/T (PHEV). Kuniskis tells how the added features to these CUVs qualify the vehicles to be part of the Dodge brand. #dodge #hornet #phev #compact #gta #brembo #alcantara #stellantis #revealed

Say hello to our new little friend this is the all-new dodge hornet and you know how much dodge love speed and in this case it’s not just the vehicle it’s the segment as well compact utilities is the hottest segment in the industry this is over a million units today and it’s going to grow another 48 in the next five years so the hornet arrives with a multi-energy

Powertrain these customers are looking for give them a menu of performance and efficiency and it starts with this one it starts with the ported gt with the hurricane four engine 265 horsepower 295 pound-feet of torque now put that into perspective for a second that is more than the pentastar charger challenger in durango that are bigger vehicles and with standard

All-wheel drive torque vectoring electronic limited slip differential oconee high performance suspension best in class handling hang on i’m talking about the first price glass of the car those credentials alone would give it enough street cred to be a dodge but the design of the hornet is also on point it’s a very muscular and aggressive exterior for this segment

As a driver-centric cockpit cockpit very tough what you say packed with the latest technology 12-inch tft cluster 10 inch u connectory adaptive cruise control lane keep lane assist blindfold monitoring 7 airbags if you want even more you go right here you add the track pack crack pack for under three grand is going to give you 20 inch wheels ram bows dual stage

Suspension alcantara seats and aluminum interior trim let that all sink in for a second yeah more torque than a panasonic torque vectoring all-wheel drive track pack 20s brembos tft 10-inch connect in a segment that buys on price value fuel economy all of the experts will tell you that’s a horrible idea don’t go there but that’s what dodge does we sell cars that

People want not cars that people need so we figured if there’s a million people buying in that segment some of them are going to want to have some fun this car is going to come to market the hornet gt is the industry’s fastest quickest and most powerful uv under 30 grand hell yeah how do you know the biggest difference in the beef a hornet can sting you more

Than once this is the hornet rt phev powertrain this is the first electrified vehicle for the dodge brand and this is the most powerful compact crossover you can buy now this combination is a brain twister for an old-school hot rodder like me 1.3 liter turbo and an e axle delivering 285 horsepower and torque 383 pound-feet of torque that’s almost 100 pound-feet

Of torque more than the gas car it’s damn near v8 torque out of a small compact uv with less than a liter and a half of ice power now if you ever doubted the advantages of electrification this really proves it this is serious technology and it shows why dodge is getting serious in this space not only will this combination deliver substantially more torque for

Everyday driving it’s also going to give you 30 miles pure electric range and an mpge of 75 miles per gallon with nearly v8 torque amazing

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