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Altair Club Cars 2023 CX-50 Brickell Mazda – AYASH Presentation

2023 CX-50 Brickell Mazda – AYASH Presentation

We are so excited and thrilled to announce the New 2023 CX-50 Mazda! AYASH has partnered up with Brickell Mazda/Brickell Motors to introduce the first Mazda that’s on and off road, rugged look, panoramic sunroof and many more features! Thumps UP for more car reviews!

I want to introduce you our brands after i’m very very proud he’s an associate that works with us but she’s really really a multi-talented fashion individual karen if you can please come up say a few words and before that i think you’re going to sing a song for us all right for this opportunity so let’s hit it cx50 is the car that you want yeah don’t you

Searching for more now that i have your attention let’s get started i’m very very very excited to introduce you to the first ever cx-50 drumroll so the cx-50 were one of the first dealerships that got the chance to take a look at it and here it is i want to start off by speaking about the origin story of mario morgado martin regatta with his adventurous spirit

Left cuba and came to miami now it really reminds me of the cx-50 since it’s designed and it’s made to go on adventure and for the customer that really really appreciates nature the cx-50 goes to up to 250 horsepower as well as you can see right here comparing it to the cx-5 it’s a little bit lower in length so it has really really easy access for you to grab

More gear and place it at the top as well you can see right here has beautiful beautiful rims and it’s very very well designed with nature now there is three different colors that the brick mazda wanted to represent with the cx-50 and they’re inspired by the colors of nature they are called the zerocoin sands inglot blue like the sky and as well as the wind chill

Pearl now in the interior they made a new color called the terracotta that is inspired by the soil of the nature of the earth so very very beautifully inside they also got inspired by outdoor equipment you can see right here we have some beautiful beautiful stitching that is inspired by the laces of a hiking boot we can see right here in the back has a very very

Beautiful design as well inspired by the grip of a camera so the cx-50 it’s really really really nice and what i love about the cx-50 is that it’s not only made for the adventure we like to look good in miami right we like to look good so the cx-50 really gives you that elegant sporty and even classy look so it’s best to both worlds now mazda designed the cx-50

Perfectly for him and for her now for him when he goes on on a boat with his friends has a towing capacity up to 3 500 pounds so he can tow the boat either if you go to the keys or if you go you know to your nearby beach you can go ahead and do that and have that sporty rugged look but also he can take it on a date night and still look classy elegant and even

Sexy now ladies ladies ladies how many of us are tired of going through the minivan phase right well those days are over say no more the cx50 is here and you know that you’re going to feel safe with the cx50 because we mazda has designed the new safety feature called blind spot prevention now that is when audio visual sound and steering wheel motion come together

When you’re switching lanes with a parallel vehicle so you know that your kids friends and family are going to be safe inside the car when you’re going on adventures on campings or anywhere that you go but you also know that if you want to go with your girlfriends to komodo you know you’re going to feel confident in it because it has a very sophisticated look and

A very classy look and with the cx-50 there’s a generous cargo space so whenever you go with a shopping experience to miami design district you know you have enough space to put all your shopping bags i know when i go shopping i like to build me so right here with the cx-50 you’re able to do all those things so i’m really really excited to be here and talk about

The cx-50 and you guys are probably wondering how many do we have right well luckily the good news is is that we are a premier cup dealership and our team has been able to allocate 15 vehicles now unfortunately one already sold but don’t worry we have 14 more available so if you guys want to inquire in the vehicle or pre-order i’ll be more than happy to assist you

And be your sales representative as well as many of my sales associates that are here tonight so the cx-50 is the first monster vehicle that really combines with the brico motors values it’s about family it’s about adventure it’s about community and it’s about looking good because we like to look good so thank you all so much for being here tonight and i hope you

Enjoyed the rest of your evening well and now the party’s officially started so enjoy we’ve got some sake we have some wine that’s your pain so please enjoy it have a great time thank you again

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2023 CX-50 Brickell Mazda – AYASH Presentation By AYASHMUSIC

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