2023 chevy trailblazer rs pearl
Altair Club Cars 2023 Chevy TrailBlazer RS Pearl White

2023 Chevy TrailBlazer RS Pearl White


How’s it going everybody my name is matthew here with regal chevrolet we’re at 925 bartow road in lakeland florida regal automotive group has been family owned and operated for 46 years and counting serving our central florida community in the best way possible bringing you a special video today on some brand new inventory this here is a 2023 chevy trailblazer

Rs in pearl white iridescent pearl white to be exact beautiful car here it’s the first year that the pearl white color has been available on the trailblazer and i love what they’ve done with this car the most fuel efficient suv offered in the chevrolet lineup so much cargo space so much technology and so much style let’s dive right in here and start off with

That cargo space now we have a full power lift gate that’s also new to the trailblazer huge improvement very convenient brand new for the 2023 model as you can see tons of space here in the trunk extra space underneath here with your spare tire extra storage room these back seats fold down immediately flat for even more cargo space if it’s just you and maybe a

Passenger in front and that front seat for the passenger actually also folds down flat go ahead and close this you can use the remote the button there or there’s a button inside the cabin of the vehicle to open and close the lift gate take a look in the second row now this seat’s folded down now we’ll go to the other side and fold that back up but you can see

There’s lots of leg room in the second row of the trailblazer you can easily fold this back up now i am a little over six feet tall and i’m sitting very comfortably back here and look at that up there that’s beautiful so much technology to get into i don’t even think i’ll be able to fit it all in this video but you can see it’s a beautiful cockpit in the 2023

Trailblazer i’m gonna go up front and show you a little bit more getting into the driver’s seat now you’ll see we have keyless entry on the driver and passenger doors up front but we are now in the driver’s seat of the 2023 trailblazer rs in pearl white so the first thing you notice in the interior in the rs is the red stitching everywhere so you have it down

Here with your gear shifter you have it in the steering wheel and this is a beautiful steering wheel by the way perforated leather square bottom so much sportiness it looks amazing and it’s very very comfortable too these seats are a very very premium cloth with leather on the outside also red stitching there you can see 8.2 inch touchscreen display apple carplay

Android auto are now fully wireless oh and this one also has the premium bose sound system that is the top tier sound system offered by general motors and it sounds amazing moving back to your 8.2 inch infotainment system aka your touch screen now go ahead and put this vehicle in reverse and that’ll bring up our 14 megapixel resolution backup camera now that’s a

Very high resolution very similar resolution to the camera quality found on a modern day iphone 13 or iphone 14. when i turn the wheel that track on the screen turns very precisely with the wheel making backing into a parking spot or you know backing out anywhere backing out of a driveway very very easy this vehicle has the collision sensors on the front and back

It’s got the rear cross traffic alert blind spot monitoring system i mean if there’s a safety feature that you’re curious about does it have it it’s got it this one has all those safety features chevy safety assist number one and number two this one’s loaded and it’s beautiful i can’t get over how nice this car is we’ll put it back into park here i might get out

One more time and show you this vehicle from the front oh and another thing i really shouldn’t forget to show you is that full panoramic sunroof that’s amazing controls for it right here that glass goes all the way back there and take a look outside and see that beautiful sunset starting to come down here in lakeland florida and again we’re at regal chevrolet

925 bartow road right here in lakeland florida my name is matthew mckay i really hope you’ve enjoyed the video i make these videos often whether it’s for a customer specifically or if there’s a new car and inventory here that i really like and i really want to show the world i’ll go ahead and make a video because if you can’t be here you can be on the internet

Checking out these videos don’t forget to come down to regal chevrolet and ask for me matthew right here in the chevrolet sales department that’s a beautiful car did i mention 33 miles to the gallon did i mention this is the most fuel efficient suv in the chevy lineup and did i mention this is the sportiest trailblazer available with all the features imaginable

Well if i didn’t mention those things i just did there come down and check it out thank you guys for watching the video my name is matthew 2023 chevy trailblazer rs please don’t forget to like comment and subscribe to my channel if you have any questions about this vehicle comments if you’re interested in a new video if there’s a specific vehicle you’d like to see

A video on please let me know my contact information will be in the comment section below regal chevrolet matthew mckay chevy trailblazer thanks for watching and i actually forgot to show you guys the wireless charging pad for your smartphone right there that’s pretty cool too thanks for watching

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2023 Chevy TrailBlazer RS! Pearl White! By Matthew Mackay

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