2023 chevrolet bolt ev 2lt most
Altair Club Cars 2023 Chevrolet bolt EV 2LT most advanced bold EV and most affordable long range in America

2023 Chevrolet bolt EV 2LT most advanced bold EV and most affordable long range in America

This is most affordable electric vehicle in USA as well as one of the advanced

Hi guys welcome to my channel this is raj today i’ll be showing you 2023 chevrolet bolt ev uh this is 2lt model so little things can be different if you’re going with one lt or other model but there’s quite a few difference between 2022 and 2023 model and what those are i’ll tell you in a little bit in a minute i’ll show you windows sticker also but first let’s

Check it out the lights of this new bold ev 2023 model as you can see the indicator lights are in the bottom now so they are hazard light as well as indicator light so they are all the way in the bottom not too low but uh i would want them somewhere in the middle here but uh they are not there but anyways they look pretty good um there is a little light on the

Side also which i find very interesting uh from the side profile you can see how the rear light looks let’s move to the front one there is no the mirrors that’s something i mean that’s okay this car is very small you don’t want so many lives all around so this is the front how it looks i can show you this is how the front looks looks pretty good so there are the

Lights here this is the headlights these are the daytime running light as well as indicator light and there’s a little light on the side the headlight is quite advanced one this is not just your regular halogen bump or led light this is quite advanced now let’s move to the inside there are some surprises inside also so let’s open the door as you can see it takes

A little bit time for the light kick on so there is as you can see all the buttons are backlit here lock unlock your measure control switches all the windows only the pass the front driver window is automatic everything else is not automatic but i don’t mind there’s a button for it there’s some buttons right here this is to control interior lighting as you can

See it becomes dim it becomes a little bit high just because of this button the steering wheel again it’s a backlit there’s a nice little screen and some buttons under the bottom i will show you a little bit later there are surprises there uh in the back again there’s no light on the door there’s a light and a ceiling and there is light in a usbs also so they are

Backlit so in the in the dark you will know what you what you’re doing with them you’re putting your plugs and yes of course the window switch has a backlight also in the back again everything is manual here there’s no power lift kit available for this model and it’s fairly lightweight sorry for the mess but uh i just want to show you how you can you see this is

The pressure cover here you can put it on but i will just leave it like that it’s quite deep so i would say about one feet or more than that deep so it can fit quite a thing so there is a light here also on the side uh it’s on the middle actually so it’s not too low so unless you have something covering this light then everything becomes dark if not everything is

Lined up perfectly plus you get a little bit light from the rear uh passenger seats uh there’s a hook here the privacy cover uh there is no hook for the grocery bags unfortunately i don’t find them anywhere not on the seats so yeah that’s a little bit bummer but as you can see it’s quite a fair amount of room here now let’s see in the back sit right here so now

We are here a lemonish to shut off the hazard light as you can see everything is backlit here now if we move bottom here let me turn on the light for a little bit so you can see what’s going on here so this is the gear selector there are only buttons here there’s no gear selector like a manual one which is good so you can see back is reverse is back drive is back

Neutral is pushed down parking is pushed down like that and this is your one pedal driving this is really really cool i did not expect that this vehicle will come with this thing this is really cool guys you can save a lot of money on your brakes with this button right here so as soon as you lift off your foot from the race pedal it starts slowing you down it can

Bring you to the complete stop yes it can bring you to the completed stop so it’s not like other system which just slows you down a little bit and then leaves you there and then you have to press the brick anyway so what’s the point of that but here i think what chevrolet did was pretty good right here is a parking button right here there’s no more manual it’s

Just push button right here is your sport mode this is your traction control and this is your lane departure warning there is some space inside this is pretty deep you can fit quite a few things over there there’s mini micro usb there’s the usb a and there’s 12 volt but the cover on it yes you can see so i open it just so you can see there’s no light on the 12

Volt cover as usual there is no light inside the center console but you get plenty of light from the top and it’s pretty deep as you can see i can fit my whole hand there and i have quite a few things the door pockets are pretty deep you can fit quite amount of stuff there the glove box is also good but there’s no backlight there or there’s no lighting in the glove

Box now the dashboard is is deep you know it’s it’s pretty pretty big and i really like that now let’s talk about this what’s exactly the difference here well if you go over 2022 model you don’t get quite a few things for example adaptive cruise control you don’t get that but with this 2023 model chevrolet change a lot basically what left is only sunroof here

But everything else is here now let me turn on the light a little bit and i show you some if you see there are some ambient lighting here they’re very subtle right here you can see on the side here they’re more subtle here they’re a little bit more and then they’re going all the way on the dashboard so from far away you can see there are some ambient lighting

Here going on um again they are not so and when you with the switch as you can see they changed their brightness so yeah there are some i mean lighting here i guess they left some space between these panels so the light of the screen can come out or they have a separate led going on there i have no idea but definitely there is some lighting which is a welcome

For me because it doesn’t mention anywhere that there is a main light here but when you see in the dark you can see right away as you can see they are a good amount of light here and again i i really like that so yeah now on the top of that good thing is you have heated seats here so three controls voltage seats again then you have heated steering wheel also

There’s only one setting for it and then you have your heated seats for the front passenger there’s no heat should seat for the rear passenger unfortunately but you know this car is very very affordable i would say it’s not cheap by any means but it’s very affordable when it comes to evs because the average price for ev is i would say 50 000 40 000 somewhere like

That but this car you can even get for the less than 30 000 us dollars and it has a range of 259 miles per charge again that is pretty good you know and i would take it any day you know it has some other features like your blue star on call sos and those kind of features so if you are stuck somewhere you can always press the button and they will come to help you

Rescue you um you don’t have to look for help you know which is which is good and i test the adaptive cruise control it was pretty good so you have to press this button right here uh you press it and then select s down you there is a toggle here let me show you as you can see so this button is not a button it’s just a light these two are buttons but these ones are

Just the lights and this is for this toggle switch so you go down you set it up you go up you resume it same thing on the other side uh this is this is like a rotating one so this one changes some of the function in the dashboard and then you’re driving and from here you can go back as you can see you can select what you want to select you want to go navigation

You select it you press it down so this one rotates as well as you can press it and these two buttons go left and right and this one it doesn’t do anything it’s just a marking for this button right this one is your phone you can control you can pick up and drop the phone and this one is your voice commands and again the shingle is pretty sporty right here it’s

A little red on the bottom so it’s pretty good to go in and out again because this car is not fairly so big you know so it’s a it’s a they call it compact or subcompact uh hatchback but in my view this is a really really big car as you can see the space is right here for this window i mean you can put anything here and it won’t go anywhere because the way design

Is you can put a a pack of tissue paper things like that so let me turn off the light so that’s the thing guys this car is pretty good i’m really really liking it and so far it’s it’s been a good experience with this car and if you guys have any more questions uh you know leave in the comment section below i’ll be happy to answer all your questions and i’ll be

Posting more videos regarding this car guys i’ll catch you with my next video thank you so much have a great day bye

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