2023 chevrolet blazer ev everyth
Altair Club Cars 2023 Chevrolet Blazer EV / everything you need to know

2023 Chevrolet Blazer EV / everything you need to know

I’m this episode: We discuss all that’s new with the Chevy Blazer EV. Super cool and all new from Chevy!!

Hey guys and welcome back to the channel today let’s take a look at the chevy blazer ev all right guys so we’re going to start off with the chevy blazer ev and exactly what this is this is a direct competitor to the ford mustang mach e following a very similar approach gm has brought back a similar name the blazer ev will be available in multiple trims colors

And battery ranges this is gm’s new midsize suv built from the ground up using the new altium battery platform this new platform allows gm the flexibility and versatility in charging speeds range and performance making this new blazer ev the perfect recipe gm estimates ranges to be between 247 and 320 miles depending on trim and one pedal driving can help convert

Some of that vehicle’s kinetic energy into energy that gets put back into the battery pack to help get the most out of every mile starting off with the first of available option will be the ss coming in fall of 2023 this is has a gm claimed 290 mile range with the performance all-wheel drive 0 to 60 in under four seconds with the wide open watts estimated price

Is going to start at 65.995 to follow next summer you will have the option of an rs or a 2lt rs has a gm projected range of 320 miles with the rear-wheel drive 21 inch wheels black grill panel and lower fascia with sport flow through rocker moldings this will be available in front wheel drive rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive estimated starting price is 51.995

2lt gm estimates this range to be at 293 miles with the front wheel drive also all-wheel drive is available increased battery capacity to be available super cruise driver assistance plus the standard safety and then in winter of 2024 will be the 1lt or the base model gm estimated range of 247 on a full charge with the front wheel drive 19-inch wheels with an 11.5

Kilowatt onboard charger estimated starting price is 44.995 with the exterior styled in a wind tunnel for optimized ranged gm has gone all out and is going directly after the ford mustang mach e unique lighting animated approach and departure lighting charge port located on the driver front fender just behind the front wheel will be available in eight colors

And two interior choices adrenaline red or a black medium ash gray with argon orange accents all colors will have color on the bottom and black roofs taking a look at the interior flat bottom steering wheel with an angled 17.7 diagonal display screen in front of the driver is an 11 inch diagonal driver information screen hands-free start system there’s no need

For a key get in hit the brake and off you go as long as the key fob is in your pocket wireless charging along with android auto and apple carplay along with gm’s wi-fi altify is gm’s new software platform that will offer over-the-air updates apps on demand and regularly pushed software improvements supercruise will also be available on specific models physical

Climate controls and a volume knob in the back with the fastback you get 58.2 cubic feet of storage and a 60 40 split rear seat plus the hatch style trunk battery warranty will be eight years or 100 000 miles single in dual motor options with between 300 and 557 horsepower gm says charging up to 190 kilowatts can add 78 miles of range in just 10 minutes standard

Safety features on this new blazer ev will follow similar to the new chevy colorado standard safety includes a suite of six advanced safety features including automatic emergency braking front pedestrian braking lane keep assists with lane departure warnings forward collision alert forward following distance indicator and intellibeam auto high beam headlights my

Overall take is i like this a lot the only thing i don’t like is the price and i’m sure a lot of people are going to be in the same boat i know the starting price of a car now is around fifty thousand dollars gm is looking for the 1lt or the base model is going to be 44.995 before destination or options and then an ss is going to be 65 995 again before options or

Destination so some of these could top out well over seventy thousand dollars and even a base model you’re going to be hard to find for probably less than 50. my overall take again is i absolutely love what gm is doing they are basically redoing their entire fleet pushing the ev altium battery platform the ranges seem to be pretty good fast charging is obviously

Available home charging can be done with level one at 120 watts or level two 240 watts dryer style plug on the go according to gm will not be a problem as they have already developed over 40 000 public charging stations and are continuing to work on that infrastructure if you guys enjoyed this video go ahead give me a thumbs up don’t forget to hit that subscribe

Button leave me a comment whether you like it or not i hope you enjoyed the video and i will talk to you next time thank you

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