2023 cadillac ct4 v v series bla
Altair Club Cars 2023 cadillac ct4-v v-series blackwing | 2023 cadillac ct4-v blackwing 0-60 | 2023 cadillac ct4 0-60

2023 cadillac ct4-v v-series blackwing | 2023 cadillac ct4-v blackwing 0-60 | 2023 cadillac ct4 0-60

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2023 cadillac ct4-v v-series blackwing | 2023 cadillac ct4-v blackwing 0-60 | 2023 cadillac ct4 0-60

Thank you 2023 cadillac ct4 the 2023 cadillac ct4 offers driving fun in any configuration what kind of vehicle is the 2023 cadillac ct4 what does it compare to the 2023 cadillac ct4 is a compact luxury sedan available in a wide range of powertrains and trim levels it stacks up against the bmw 3 series and audi a4 plus the genesis g70 is the 2023 cadillac ct

For a good car this is an impressive lineup from the swanky sport grade to the track ready ct4v black wing bested perhaps only by the slicker and costlier ct5 iterations what’s new for the 2023 cadillac ct4 the 2023 ct4 is mostly a carryover model though cadillac has hinted that it will offer some special edition versions of the sporty ct4v black wing overall

The ct4 rates a 5.6 out of 10 on the tcc scale this compact sedan lineup spans a wide range from the pedestrian lease-friendly luxury through swanky or premium luxury sport and ct4v trims with turbo 4 power to a rorty black wing beast all share the same basic three box shape with varying degrees of tact on sportiness the standard 2.0 liter turbo 4 should do for

Typical commuting while the available 2.7 liter turbo 4 provides a notable upgrade in power if not refinement the top of the heap is the ct4v black wing which uses a hefty twin turbo v6 and adds a six-speed manual transmission option to the 10-speed automatic lineup all models except the black wing come standard with rear-wheel drive and offer all-wheel drive

As an option handling is spectacular across the lineup and the magnetic dampers on v versions make them comfortable enough for day-to-day driving fuel economy is fine with the turbo 4 models figure 27 mpg combined but the black wing is downright thirsty a doll cabin design is spiced up by a good infotainment system with wireless smartphone connectivity while

The ct4 lacks crash test results it can be had with cadillac’s terrific super cruise hands-free driving system on the highway how much does the 2023 cadillac ct4 cost the 2023 ct4 lineup starts around 35 000 with decent standard tech we’d spend up for the premium luxury for its standard leather figure about forty thousand dollars or a bit more with extra cost

Paint and a few options that said at about sixty thousand dollars the black wing is a screaming deal among sports sedans where is the 2023 cadillac ct4 made in lansing michigan styling more conservative than some flamboyant rivals the 2023 cadillac ct4 is a clean-looking sedan is the cadillac ct for a good looking car it’s light and athletic if not quite as

Ravishing as we’d like we rated a 6 out of 10 with that point above average allocated to its svelte exterior rather than its work a day cabin the ct-4s conventional three box profile offers up few surprises though its detailing can delight a low snout up front includes a wide grille flanked by narrow headlamps big running lights that snake from the tops of

The fenders down the bumper don’t look quite as well integrated here as they do in some other models their basic shape is reflected at the rear which nonetheless looks a little lumpy with the big trunk and its integrated spoiler ct4 blackwing models have a mesh grille and bigger air intakes plus upsized wheels and a rear diffuser you can even add carbon fiber

Exterior trim for a hefty cost inside the ct4 looks plain and somewhat unimaginative though two-tone leather and dressier trim can spice it up a bit the 8.0 inch touchscreen is mounted up high sprouting from the dash for easy viewing and cadillac does a nice job spacing controls out below performance the 2023 cadillac ct4 is a balanced well-rounded choice in

Any configuration based on the standard ct4 models we assign extra points for acceleration and ride quality it’s a 7. ct4v and blackwing models would easily earn at least one more for their performance and handling is the cadillac ct44wd rear-wheel drive comes standard but all models save the ct4v black wing can be had with all-wheel drive how fast is the

Cadillac ct4 it can be downright quick the base ct4 uses a 237 hp 2.0 liter turbo 4 while the optional 2.7 liter turbo 4 ups the ante to 310 hp or 325 hp in the premium luxury trim level as well as the ct4v we’ve not driven the base turbo 4 though experience with it in other general motors products has generally been positive the 2.7 liter turbo 4 trails its

German competition for smoothness if not necessarily responsiveness the 10-speed automatic transmission provides quick shifts with the 2.7 liter turbo 4 while an 8-speed automatic pairs with the base engine better yet is the ct4v black wing which makes use of a twin turbocharged 3.6 liter v6 rated at 472 hp and 445 lbft of torque it’s as quick as 3.9 seconds

To 60 miles per hour and it offers spectacular power from any speed the blackwing treatment also means an optional six-speed manual transmission with downshift rev matching for even more back roads fun underneath all models share a stiff balanced chassis for agile cornering and a comfortable ride ct4v models come with magnetic dampers that take the edge off of

Its stiffer tuning and sportier tires while the ct4v black wing inches up a notch for track day fun strong easily modulated brakes and steering with spectacular response add to the v-model’s fun quotient as the industry shifts toward full electrification the ct4v black wing is a worthy parting shot for internal combustion engines comfort and quality the 2023

Cadillac ct4 is best up front the 2023 cadillac ct4 treats passengers more like a coupe than a sedan its supportive front seats offer standard power adjustment and a choice between synthetic and two grades of real leather but rear seat riders will find limited leg and headroom it would be cramped to try and fit four people total in spite of the five seat belts

The 11.0 cubic foot trunk is also decidedly small for a sedan that’s really not that tiny overall the ct4 rates 5 out of 10 for its cabin it might net another point if cadillac wasn’t so stingy with nice materials instead the ct4 comes across more like a dressed up mainstream model than a downsized luxury car even with two-tone leather and carbon fiber trim in the

Black wing safety the 2023 cadillac ct4 has not been crash tested how safe is the cadillac ct4 we’re not sure since neither the nhtsn or the iihs has smacked one into a wall yet we’ll have to wait until they do to assign it a score base models have a relatively simple automatic emergency braking system though other versions use a more advanced system that’s

Effective at any speed other standard equipment includes blind spot monitors active lane control automatic high beam headlights and rear parking sensors while front parking sensors a surround view camera system and cadillac’s impressive super cruise system that allows limited hands-free driving are worthwhile optional extras features reasonable pricing and a

Wide range of trims make the cadillac ct for a good buy cadillac offers a good set of standard equipment on the ct4 and pricing on some trim levels can be downright aggressive standard fare includes synthetic leather trim power adjustable front seats an 8.0 inch touchscreen wireless apple carplay and android auto compatibility remote start a wireless smartphone

Charging pad an alloy wheels the four-year 50 comma zero zero zero-mile warranty is typical for a luxury car on our scale the 2023 ct4 scores 7 out of 10 thanks to good standard equipment and a terrific infotainment system which cadillac ct4 should i buy most drivers will find plenty to like in the roughly 40 000 premium luxury trim which adds leather seats

With more power adjustment up front 18-inch wheels and a few other niceties all-wheel drive costs two thousand dollar more how much is a fully loaded cadillac ct4 the ct4v black wing costs 60 000 to start but optional extras including carbon fiber trim can top seventy thousand dollars that’s still not a bad value fuel economy the 2023 cadillac ct4 offers

Average fuel economy is the cadillac ct4 good on gas it’s okay but more power means more gas station visits we rate the 2023 ct4 at 3 out of 10 based on the entry-level 2.0 liter turbo 4 which is rated at 23 mpg city 34 highway 27 combined or 26 mpg combined with all-wheel drive the optional 2.7 liter turbo 4 dips to 25 mpg combined with rear-wheel drive or

24 mpg combined with all-wheel drive ct4v models slide to just 23 mpg combined regardless of drive wheels the ct4v black wing is downright thirsty figure 19 mpg combined with the automatic or just 18 mpg combined with the manual cattle access to use premium fuel in all versions foreign foreign foreign thank you foreign thank you thank you

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