2023 bmw xm first look review re
Altair Club Cars 2023 BMW XM First Look Review: Redefining The M Car

2023 BMW XM First Look Review: Redefining The M Car

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2023 bmw xm first look review redefining the m car ol the criticism bmw has faced regarding its design choices over the last couple of years or decades if one goes back to the bengal era people continue to buy them in droves so despite the bmw xn’s outrageous appearance we have little doubt that this milestone m car will be yet another resounding sales success

Many have bemoan the fact that bmw chosen obscenely heavy suv to be its first standalone m car since the iconic m1 but ignoring its defiance of multiple m car rules for a moment it’s hard not to be impressed by a 735 horsepower v8 plug-in hybrid powertrain the standard model doles out 644 horsepower and will get to 60 miles per hour in just 4.1 seconds with a

Sky-high starting price of one hundred and fifty nine thousand dollars it’s still cheaper than other super suvs like the aston martin dbx 707 it’s acara firsts for bmwm not all of them welcome but the xm will be talked about for years to come when is the bmw xm coming out now fully revealed the official release date for the bmw xm is sometime in the first quarter

Of 2023. however production will already start late in 2022 at plant spartanburg in california once the standard xm has had its coming out party the more powerful xm label red will be revealed and that goes into production in the summer of 2023 2023 bmw xm price and competition this is bmw’s most expensive suv ever the price of the 2023 bmw xm will start at 159

000 msrp excluding a destination and handling charge of 995 dollars in the usa bmw has been less specific about the price of the xm label red but says it will cost over 185 thousand dollars mercedes-benz doesn’t actually have a direct rival for the 2023 xm since the gls is a three-row vehicle and the gle is smaller but for similar money one could drive off in

A mercedes-maybach gls 600 suv it’s not as powerful as the bmw and places the focus on sheer luxury rather than dynamism but many will prefer its subtler design a more direct comparison comes in the form of the lamborghini urus it starts at way over two hundred thousand dollars so is pricier but even though it’s less powerful the aorus is lighter by over one

Thousand pounds it should be more enjoyable to drive if not as opulent as the xm other super suv rivals include the new ferrari pirosang and the far sexier aston martin dbx 707 new bmw xm exterior and colors where do we begin even over the top tuners like mansory would struggle to conjure up a more excessive iteration of the new bmw xm suv since every panel

Invent already seems to be screaming for one’s attention we’ll start with the one positive the exterior of the bmw xm is an improvement over the frankly terrifying concept xm but the production model is still the lesser of two evils in isolation elements like the split headlights similar to the ones on the latest x7 and the upright imposing profile work to some

Degree it’s just that the combination of everything remains wildly incongruous the octagonal grills have horizontal slats like other m performance models and are smaller than on the concept but still massive shintzy night gold metallic exterior trim is overdone to say the least and a model pictured with an all-black exterior already looks better even the wheels

Have a controversial design exacerbated by their 23 inch size but 22s are available staying with the side profile the heavy-handed wheel arch cladding adds unnecessary chunkiness the door handles and side charging port deserve a round of applause though as these are two of very few elements that look as if they could have come off a normal car at the back there

Are new quad tailpipes in an unusual stacked configuration on either side of a large diffuser the 3d effect tail light clusters are quite cool and the upper portion of the rear end is actually clean but the bmw logos that had been engraved into the rear window failed to come off as a convincing tribute to the m1 the variety of bmw xm colors include seven launch

Shades but many more via the bmw individual palette without a doubt this is a vehicle that will be extremely sensitive to spec bmw xm dimensions for a two-row suv the dimensions of the bmw xm relay just how large it is it measures 201.2 inches in length which is 2.4 inches shorter than the three row x7 the xm has a width of 78.9 inches 0.2 inches more than the

X7 and is 69.1 inches in height its wheelbase stretches 122.2 inches if you want to attempt misguided off-roading expeditions and also send unsuspecting wildlife running in the other direction in abject fear there are 8.7 inches of ground clearance to work with that said if you do get stuck on a muddy trail you’ll need something enormously powerful to dislodge

The xm as it has a curb weight of 6062 pounds a base x7 is over 500 pounds lighter and the almost identically sized lamborghini urus carries over 1 100 pounds less weight around with it this is a bmw that weighs within a hair of the v12-powered fortress that is the rolls-royce cullinan bmw xm engine and performance the excess that is this bmw carries over into

The engine compartment this is the first high performance bmw m model with an electrified powertrain a group that excludes m-light models such as the m340i that uses a mile hybrid system in the bmw xm engine bay is a 4.4 liter twin turbo v8 that produces 483 horsepower and 479 lbft of torque on its own but it is supplemented by a synchronous electric motor that

Has been integrated into the transmission this electric motor contributes a further 194 horsepower in 207 lbft and the combined output is 644 horsepower at 5400 rpm and 590 lbft all the way from 1600 rpm to 5000 rpm with an 8-speed automatic transmission and the xdrive all-wheel drive system the xm will launch itself from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.1 seconds and

Reach a top speed limited to 155 miles per hour with the optional m drivers package the top speed rises to 168 miles per hour running on electric power alone a top speed of 87 miles per hour is possible the electric motor has a pre-gearing stage that increases its torque to 332 lbft which has benefits for acceleration off the line and overtaking at higher speeds

A wet multi-plate separation clutch also helps to make the transition between gas and electric power smoother for all its power and dramatic design it’s not nearly as quick as several other suvs but waiting in the wings is an even more powerful version of the xm notice the xm label red this high performance version of the xm will feature over 735 brake horsepower

And 735 lbft of torque so a 0 to 60 time of around 3.5 seconds looks likely with an adaptive m suspension rear wheel steering and a battery mounted in the underbody to keep the center of gravity low bmw has pulled out all the stops to counter the xm’s weight of course we’ll have to get behind the wheel to determine if it has worked thanks for watching drop

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