2023 bmw x7 m60i review dont buy
Altair Club Cars 2023 BMW X7 M60i Review // Dont Buy That Range Rover Just Yet

2023 BMW X7 M60i Review // Dont Buy That Range Rover Just Yet

The 2023 BMW X7 M60i ($147,700 as specced in Canada, $113,950 in the US) has undergone a facelift. It also inherits the new S68 M Engine. Does that mean that its now a powerhouse not to be messed with? James and Thomas take to the roads of Ontario to find out, followed by a discussion of the new looks and tech changes. We hope you enjoy the episode. Thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE!

It’s time for your time hey ready to go yeah i’ll just go finish this ad side effects will absolutely include headaches nausea dizziness an ad for what what do you mean well you know how like a while back they introduce the subscription services for stuff yeah yeah i stopped paying for my start stop button so instead i just have to watch an ad and then we can put

Them in anus socially inappropriate libido and in not so rare cases clinical death speak to your doctor to see if presnostazella millicillin okay for you there we go okay time for an upgrade introducing the iphone air there’s another ad playing what’s this one for we got rid of it i thought it might be nice if we have heated seats for this journey using apple’s

Latest cloud technology we were able to turn hardware into air air you’re watching throttle house i’m thomas i’m james and this is the bmw x7 m60i life cycle in-balls foreign so not only does this x7 benefit from the 2023 life cycle impulse bmw’s fancy word for facelift but it also becomes the beneficiary of a brand new engine so new looks new engine new features

This is no gentle update and it shouldn’t be because the x7 m60i starts at 129 000 canadian and this one is spec to 147 000 let’s have at it and if you we do car reviews track tests and quite a lot of messing about so subscribe hit the bell mind control oh it’s quite a significant that is quite significant much control 0-60 in 4.68 seconds and that is with

Both of us in the car yep that’s pretty good that’s very good it’s pretty good and i can tell you how we’ve achieved that thomas okay you’re probably wondering what that 60 eyes on the back means i am because it was the v12 in the seven six m760i 60 i always meant v12 no longer a v12 okay it’s a v8 it is a v8 but now this gets the new proper n engine the s68 which

Is what you’re going to see on all the new m cars right so you know it’s basically an all-new engine it’s got new crankshaft new turbocharger technology new oil sump all of that comes together to make the 60i a very different story to the 50i okay in the 50i in the m50i you’ve got 523 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque right in this you get 523 horsepower

And 553 pound of torque as well yeah right all the new stuff and they’ve tuned it to make the exact same power as before which is not true for the 40i the 40i gets a 40 horsepower okay and it’s not true if the incoming alpena which is getting a horsepower bump 18 horsepower bump to 630 so just to recap that entire explanation that you just gave us and me and the

Audience yes was pointless no because the main reason they did it is because i don’t think they were meeting the efficiency standards engines okay so the 60i straight up replaces the 50i well it’s not any quicker it has no more power but it’s capable of more power and more importantly your friend the sucker who’s just bought a range rover a brand new range rover

Doesn’t have this engine get to the m50i engine the old engine so really you’re winning well it is a nice engine it sounds pretty cool i’m in sport plus right now and you know what i didn’t know that i had to look it up because it doesn’t feel any different things that don’t feel that different because first of all it’s already quite an impressive vehicle the

X7 we’ve always liked it in sport plus mode it gives you like well this also has the m sport pro so it’s got the more aggressive exhaust right and also in a pretty cool feature as well we’re talking about drivetrain really quickly put this in comfort mode we cruise around i have a big issue with comfort mode i’ll tell you about that in a second but if i hold this

Left paddle it puts me in sprint mode and stiffens everything up for a second and makes the transmission snappier and thanks to the 48 volt mod hybrid yeah which this now gets still the same horsepower but it now gets a 48 volt lot hybrid so not only does it make start stop smoother it actually just throws a bit more torque also new for the lci x7 is the addition

Of active anti-roll bars engineered to attain maximum softness when desired but able to firm up when required i only really had one issue with it it doesn’t work well before you say that you uh yeah i mean so the idea behind it and they say it’s to reduce the amount of head that you get the amount you get tossed no no head toss wow those words really have to yeah

You have to get the correct order is vital is to reduce the amount of head tossed you get tossed head no no no no no no no no no no no it’s the amount of head toss you get while you’re moving it in premature we’ve experienced n60i for mature above 60. so so basically what it does is it in comfort mode in a straight line it keeps everything really soft so you it

Should control side to side motions but allow the ride to be nice the problem is i don’t don’t say that to me when i’m in the code the comfort mode what we’re in right now are you getting some head toss yeah yeah it’s not good and it’s not a good kind no um i i find so the goal there was to be able to go softer without losing without right now you feel that yeah

Once you load it up into a corner it tightens them up and we’re fine but in the entry in the exit of the corner i’m getting thrown all over the place compared to an escalade v we just were in the escalade v and you said that was a master class in chassis engineering it is because that that car it just somehow controls motions in exactly the right way yeah i will

Say though that in sport plus mode right now of all the big suvs this one’s driving close to the best it it drives smaller than it is like you have to remind yourself you’re in an x7 yeah you’re not back there’s another road there’s another row yeah it’s like the steering is good weights up naturally all the calibration of the throttle and the brakes of sport mode

Is good and there’s not too many unnecessary motions in sport plus guns but you’re just leaving it in sport plus mode wake up in the morning sport plus mode have a coffee sport plus mode drive the kids to work kids don’t go to work you go to work you use sport plus mode but what about fuel economy what about you just bought a twin turbo v8 suv how much can you

Truly care about silicon technically you’ve foregone the escalade v you’ve made a sensible decision of okay yeah i guess the other option is a supercharged v8 fair enough but you know considering this is 7 series there isn’t much going on back here for me to like play with well you’ll notice this little thing here yeah there you go oh yes right you can put a thing

In there that holds on to your own eyes i do have a pillow though what a pillow oh i thought we were in place of an ipad that was confusing no i can’t see it yeah yeah that’s my comfort that’s my fun thing the whole car is very sharp in sport plus mode which is where you should own the only place i don’t think i shoot for the alpena you know i think this is all you

Need this is probably all you need you don’t need 630 horsepower i would even find a way to be happy with the 40i 40i yeah save some money all right well you know what a big part of this facelift is the way it looks so let’s let’s have a little chat thank you for bringing your weather with us by the way from england i tried to dress canadian yeah you did and it

Didn’t you succeeded yeah you’d fool someone i’d fooled everyone yeah i pied piper if rained us yeah until they see you try and play hockey i can’t even skate on the ice that is okay yeah yeah all right this is an x7 yes um obviously by the massive grill however the grill is now dwarfed by the ix yeah well it’s different that’s a different shape a different shape

But also but like this is like just huge it’s funny actually years ago only a couple years ago when they first started the new design language yeah i remember when the x5 came out and the x7 came out i’m asking you on the phone i’m like i can’t tell the difference between the x5 and the x7 no and and you came up with a method so you’ll you’ll know when you see an

X7 because you’ll see it and you’ll be offended yes that’s the difference the exercise like oh that’s big but have you or have you not got used to it in these couple of years does this now not look complete i have got used to it i haven’t got used but i still regret there was a there was a sketch that we wrote that ended up on the cutting room floor and i wonder if

You remember this where we were going to accidentally crash the x7 and the grill was going to be broken and i’d have to go get a replacement part and i came back with a fence panel i’m so glad we didn’t do that that’s one of the ones we didn’t do a lot of those the big difference now so this hasn’t actually changed in size to my knowledge i don’t think so but we

Now have for the first time ever on a bmw yeah split headlights wow yeah so they made the headlights smaller so that the girl would look bigger it’s just this is the new look now the seven series is going to have this as well and it comes with the free condensation on the inside no that’s that’s part of the spread effect for a warmer a war like a diffuser correct

It’s a diffuser right yeah okay um but they’re not the only people doing split headlights at the moment are they no i thought that was something we were in recently what was that anyway i think it looks good you know it honestly is a good looking vehicle i have as you say got used to the grill it’s it’s great i would be so mad if in like 15 years we look back on

The current bmw design and we’re like wow you know what it was age great and we and they nailed it i i refuse to believe that’s the truth i don’t have a problem with it and they’ve added some stuff so the tail lights so first of all and wing mirrors and wing mirrors yes and barge on the front see my m2 does not have m wing mirrors right and i was upset about

That but every new non-full m that comes out that has these i get happier and happier that mine doesn’t have them oh i see because it’s diluted yes so we’ve got this 3d patterning going on here yeah well that’s when it’s lit it looks very cool i really like that not changed that much at the back though i’m surprised they didn’t go with the with the with the halo

Sword tail lights look on the xbox three yeah i’m surprised and then for the first time ever for a bmw yeah these are 22 inch but you can get 23 inch wheels wow which the gls already has this is these are the 22s this is definitely the move because the ride’s just gonna be better well they say that the 23 inches improve efficiency oh maybe less rolling resistance

Or something but like i’ll take a soft ride any day yeah right over over a liter per 100 kilometer but yeah so that’s good before we get the uh alpena this is as aggressive as an x7 is going to look right um but they’ve got some cool stuff going on inside as well because that’s part of the update the lci let’s take a look yeah it’s soft close it is yeah it is

This thing this is a seven series as an suv lifted and a part of that because now because with the xm has always felt like a big x5 yes and nothing more whereas it’s supposed to be a seven so now we get i drive eight so i actually like idrive 8 better but i don’t like the fact that it always seems to be in a screen box tv glued to the dashboard like they’ve really

Gone all day so i described that badly terribly it’s a tv glued to the dashboard it’s a square how else can you do a screen integrated into the thing and like before they like they had like the cool swoop on the corner right it was i missed my swoop all right yeah i think it works really well and because this is the new one look at that the ambient bar wow yeah

So this so this is more ambient lighting first of all so it matches the color of the ambient light even though it’s great you can actually see it coming through the speaker even right now in the daytime but it also changes this if you get a phone call it does different things take a flash with a phone call it’s like it’s just like an effect bar kind of like the

S-class did with it’s like oh yeah but yeah that was cool no no this is a really nice interior what we’ve just in there was like similar oh uh the escalated v escalade v right we’ve just been a few competitors actually there in the range rover the range rover yeah the range rover is similar price to this a little bit more the one we’ve had aspect the range rover

Then on the inside was way more yeah this is much more german but it’s also very busy very athletic and sporty right like it’s the carbon fiber well they of course it down it’s got this smooth single line air compound here these little crocodile heads these are cool you can spin them to lock it i don’t know they’re kind of weird they’re kind of fun to play with

Yeah they’re fun um speaking of things to play with there’s a a knob that’s got a bit smaller um that we’ve lost the shifter okay yeah a little piece of glass i was trying to figure out where you were going yeah yeah the little glass shifting yeah little nubbing like uh like the porsche these words that you’re choosing it sounds right i believe that a nubbin is

Is that a third nipple it might be a third nipple oh there’s a chandler friends chandler yeah yeah that’s right so yeah that’s a bit of a strange move i i really did like the shifter before that so i don’t know why they did that but i guess it’s just space yeah it’s nice it’s a little kind of it’s a bit flashy with the crystal but i guess it’ll probably work fine

And this is a well optioned one so we’ve got the uh the cooled and heated cup holders those are really cool yeah but nothing nothing has massively changed no like the cabin backwards is identical so yeah still comfortable for an adult in the middle still comfortable once we’ve finally moved all the chairs around which take ages by the way yeah um harrison and i

Tested the back seats with some difficulty yeah but we managed to uh managed to fit back there he doesn’t fit but myself at five foot ten i fit he’s also a nice little like wind light was it a light sunroof sunroof there it is a solarium back there yeah no it’s coffee and then this uh is actually optioned with the tartufo leather which holds a special place in our

Hearts um because thomas and i went for a very nice dinner on his honeymoon uh at a place called tafu that’s true it’s true it’s a weird sentence isn’t it i went for a lovely dinner with thomas on his honeymoon this is one of that story actually this was uh his name this is a trip in italy when james decided he didn’t like truffles at all and he wanted to take me

To this one restaurant which he’d been to before and it was called tartufo and he’s like what’s this tattoo for mean turns out it’s truffle but at the end of that trip at least electronics it doesn’t smell truffles in here no and it’s very nice nice just to be clear my wife was on that in that restaurant was well it wasn’t just me and james told me what you want

Okay anyway this is nice i like it it’s it’s a it’s a bit like flashy and busy but it’s well designed it’s intuitive it’s comfortable i i don’t really have any issues with this and i must say that i do like this version of idrive better than the one that we only had for a year or two which was what i drive seven seven maybe listen as far as life cycle impulses

Go i think this is a pretty solid one it is so there we have it the x and has been pulsed the split headlights might have some people split but really all the changes seem to be for the better compared to the range rover it’s not quite as plush inside but it’s cheaper it’s new looks distinguish it even further from the likes of its gls rival and it drives a lot

Smaller than the big americans if you were already an x7 fan the x7 just got better thanks for watching and a special thank you to the jasons which admittedly sounds like a new sitcom but actually refers to the two highly talented automotive creators you saw at the beginning of the video thanks guys discoloration of fingertips throttle house urges to defecate

Joint pain hernias incomprehensible underarm order extreme weight loss rickets somehow scurvy loss of hearing loss of eyesight rashes on both scrotum and anus socially inappropriate libido and in not so rare cases

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2023 BMW X7 M60i Review // Don't Buy That Range Rover Just Yet By Throttle House

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