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Altair Club Cars 2023 BMW X7 facelift – Bavarias biggest, boldest SUV / All The Changes

2023 BMW X7 facelift – Bavarias biggest, boldest SUV / All The Changes

BMW provided a video tour of the heavily facelifted X7. The three-row SUV is shown here in the xDrive40i specification with the Sparkling Copper Gray body paint. We can all agree the updates applied to the luxobarge are some of the most extensive ever done for a model’s Life Cycle Impulse.

Hi i’m mark the bmw x7 first introduced in 2018 has been part of our lineup for only a short time but it’s now impossible to picture the bmw x series without it in fact every 9th bmw vehicle sold is an x7 x6 or x5 so it’s no surprise that the life cycle impulse or lci is eagerly awaited but as it’s one of the most extensive visual facelifts we’ve ever seen we

Have to talk about the new bmw x7 known for its elegant proportions and grand accommodation the new bmw x7 isn’t just a spacious vehicle it exemplifies comfort presence and is certainly a clear trailblazer for exclusivity in 2022 the new bmw x7 and the all-new bmw 7 series will join the updates of the bmw 8 series and m8 range as part of a product offensive

For bmw luxury class the main target is to establish bmw as a leader in the luxury segment gkl plus with the design pure excellence as base model which we see here it starts off a touch more luxurious and of course there are the additional m sport package and m sport package pro adding just the right touch of sportiness one thing to mention here is that from now

On the m high gloss shadow line with extended content comes exclusively with the msp pro what we see here is the new bmw x7 x drive 40i the new exterior color sparkling copper gray plays effectively with the light and pushes the grey colour theme to the next level the colour transforms from cool gray tones to warm copper accentuating the car’s powerful and

Elegant looks the most extensive modernization is the new imposing yet progressive front which clearly differentiates it from its predecessor and other x models the new bmw x7 is the first vehicle with this new gkl plus front design identifying it as a member of bmw’s luxury segment lineup the new standard adaptive led headlights are now housed in two separate

Modules giving the vehicle a high-tech appearance the slim upper two elements contain the daytime driving light and turn indicator the lower section has an understated design and adopts the look of an air intake it houses two led light modules with split function serving as a low and high beam and then the cornering light two further things worth mentioning

Here the led fog lights are not necessary anymore and bmw laserlight is no longer available but there will be a new upgrade option coming very soon so do stay tuned for that the kidney grille comes with newly designed intricate double bars with chrome highlights for this version which had an exclusive flourish inside the surround as a further option there is

The waterfall illumination available the newly designed front apron adds the final touch to the front end functional upright air curtains improve the aerodynamics the central air intake is framed by two eye-catching air vents coming in chrome thanks to the standard design pure excellence after this impressive front update i have another novelty to announce for

The first time a 23-inch wheel variant is on the options list for a series produced bmw model this is the 23-inch bmw individual light alloy wheel v-spoke styling 914i bi-color diamond polished reducing drag and increasing efficiency new modern impulses also add the extra character level to the rear end a real eye catcher are these three-dimensional rear lights

Coming with a new inner graphic within the existing contour the connecting chrome bar is now more sophisticated and covered by smoked glass the interior welcomes the passengers with a fundamentally experience significantly the front areas gain a way more modern and luxurious appearance the integrated bmw curved display gives the interior a more digital feel

Another innovative premium feature is the new ambient light bar extending from the center stack to the passenger side a special pattern and an x7 graphic further enhance its already handsome look its crystalline appearance and prismatic structure give it considerable visual depth and is perfectly complemented by the optional crafted clarity components with the

Updated ambient light the new bmw x7 shines with a golden glow or with 14 other colors just as you like it it colors the ambient light bar and even reacts on events like incoming calls this interior trim here features the exquisite ash flowing grey open poured wood design the gear lever now comes as a toggle matching the smooth design language the redesigned air

Vents are integrated centrally into the dashboard high quality chrome detailing frames the outer air vents what you can see here is the new bmw individual full leather merino upholstery ivory and atlas grey in addition to the merino leather options there will be a new base upholstery high quality sensorfin offers a leather-free alternative replacing sensortech

Also part of the facelift is the replacement of the rear seat entertainment by an attachment facility with a matching official bmw accessory passengers in the back can mount their personal smart devices of any size in addition the integrated usbc charging option has been upgraded to 35 watts providing sufficient power as we come to expect from bmw the new x7

Is packed with innovative technology that makes every journey a comfortable one bmw live cockpit plus with operating system eight as standard puts your curved display into action and with less buttons available you now really benefit from the intelligent personal assistant for example to control the temperature hey bmw set the temperature at the front to 22

Degrees celsius i will set the temperature to 22 degrees celsius for the front seats if that’s not enough you can upgrade to the bmw live cockpit professional featuring the newest generation of head-up display and augmented reality for route guidance and if you forgot your smartphone at home no problem the personal e-sim turns your bmw into a phone it can even

Be paired with your own phone number and can be used for a car wi-fi hotspot or video streaming in the curved display the only thing you must do is to speak with your provider and apply for a digital sim card one feature that always puts a smile on my face and gives me a pleasant welcome feeling is comfort access now including the digital key plus it’s no more

Fumbling about searching for your smartphone you can keep it in your pocket like that thanks to ultra wide band technology the new bmw x7 recognizes you when you reach it and unlocks the door so you can enter immediately the new bmw x7 comes with the latest driving and parking assistance systems parking can often be a hassle but you can now choose between two

Options parking assistant and parking assistant professional offering a bunch of helpful support even more comfort is available with a new automated maneuver assistant you can teach your vehicle a specific parking maneuver up to 600 meters long after you’ve saved it once the vehicle will suggest to take over parking for you every time you reach the starting

Point of the maneuver you just relax in your seat the vehicle monitors the surroundings and avoids objects up to a certain point or stops in terms of driving dynamics a lot of comfort is offered standard is a two axle air suspension and variable damping control for 40i and 40d you can upgrade the driving comfort with the x off-road package superior driving

Comfort offers the executive drive pro including integral active steering with co-steering rear wheels and electric active roll stabilization standard for the m60i elegance presence and spaciousness the new bmw x7 impresses and is an absolute statement of the new bmw luxury class you

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2023 BMW X7 facelift – Bavaria's biggest, boldest SUV / All The Changes By 4Drive Time

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