2023 bmw x4 competition
Altair Club Cars 2023 BMW X4 Competition

2023 BMW X4 Competition

Hello this is chris balsam from bavaria bmw and today i am standing in front of a very rare car this is a bmw m car specifically a bmw m4 competition and a stunning color this is a metallic light gray and this car just arrived and i’m just gonna do a quick walk around so you can see it from every angle as i said this car just arrived and it is available uh to

Own at this very moment uh blacked out beautiful sport wheels and these are the michelin cup uh performance tires you’ll notice it has the uh all the appropriate badging the uh aerodynamic uh rocker panel uh door sills and like i said they’re the pilot michelin sport cup fours that are on it right now it has the carbon fiber spoiler and the carbon fiber air

Diffuser as well here is the trunk area here we go should be able to see it okay all the rear seats do fold down which is nice and it it’s hard to tell but there is a a pearly sheen on this car it’s a really neat color and and really should be seen imperf in in person of course the carbon fiber roof hopefully that comes up on the video and the carbon fiber mirrors

As well as side mirrors let me open the interior this car has a total of 223 kilometers on it even the packing material on the door skills is intact there are no scratches mars on the upholstery at all in new condition as you can see through the video let me just close the door here and i’ll get a shot of the there’s a dash for you and uh the carbon fiber gear

Shifts the m1 and m2 um as well as a carbon fiber trim on the center console with all of the uh setups for the m modes and this is what i like to call a tuxedo interior this is the silverstone interior that’s the official name of it and uh just a really nice looking upholstery certainly a a different change from from all the black that you see uh of course the

M sport wheel as well uh with the uh carbon fiber enhancements on it and there is the kilometers 221. i’m just going to open the door here give the engine a little rev here hopefully you can hear it you know it’s a nice growl with a little bit of a crackle and pop near the end just a stunning car um and no waiting for this one it’s available now hopefully uh

This peaks your curiosity and you’ll come in and see it in person i think it is worth the worth to drive over to see it please ask for me chris bolson here at bavaria thanks so much

Transcribed from video
2023 BMW X4 Competition By Chris Baltzan

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