2023 bmw x1 and bmw ix1 bigger b
Altair Club Cars 2023 BMW X1 and BMW iX1 – Bigger, Better Looking and more rugged

2023 BMW X1 and BMW iX1 – Bigger, Better Looking and more rugged

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2023 BMW X1 and BMW iX1 – Official Product Presentation

The all-new bmw x1 makes a robust and stylish new visual appearance it offers a host of new features based on the new bmw operating system eight the practical powerful bmw x1 petrol and diesel models including new mild hybrid variants and the plug-in hybrid bmw x1 models and now joined by the very first all-electric bmw compact sav the bmw ix1 being the versatile

Sports activity vehicle that it is the bmw x1 has the potential to continue and expand its appeal to the largest variety of bmw customers young urban and active drivers just as well as modern families and youthful empty nesters can live out their spontaneous and impulsive lifestyle perfectly with the brave of the bmw savs and spontaneity and versatility doesn’t

Just mean enjoying the adventures of the great outdoors in the city the presence of the new generation is based on its strong outlines and monolithic surfaces see how these lines and volumes expanding from the bold square kidney grille form neck shape between the slender headlights the wide wheel arches and the rugged cladding accents on the bottom this adds up to

A very dynamic frontal expression this athleticism is of course taken even further by the m sports package the bmw ix one on the other hand expresses the serenity of purely electric driving with more closed off frontal traits and the typical bmw i blue accents the side view silhouette doesn’t just speak of a versatile spacious interior again there’s a purposeful

Tension between the dynamic elongated roof line and the robust upright front the subtly crafted volumes of the body produce a dramatic interplay between light and shadow the wheel arches are almost square in form and characteristic bmw x style of course all variants of the bmw x1 come in elegant colors but also in fun expressive ones like utah orange and with

Sporty wheel stylings like the 20 inch bmw individual 869i also seen from the back all models stand sporty and wide looking thanks to the narrow rear window and prominent shoulders they stretch around the completely new progressively designed rear lights in the m sport package the sturdy lower cladding makes way to the imposing statement including a black inlay

And diffuser and as you can see the exhaust tips are not visible anymore as soon as the driver opens a door with the flush door handles they’ll be delighted by a newly conceived interior that feels very open and modern the floating middle armrest and the lean dashboard appear light and elegant at the same time these bold metal trim brackets and handlebars gives

This sav a proper sense of solidity the center console shows the reduced new layout with the new gear selector in the shape of a rocker switch the new bmw i drive with the newest software generation bmw operating system 8 takes the interaction between driver and vehicle into the digital future the new bmw i drive is consistently geared towards easy and intuitive

Touch and voice control the interface for this new operating system the bmw curve display sits lightly on the dashboard and forms the center of the driver oriented cockpit the seats in the new bmw x1 have been upgraded in all respects the new standard front seats as well as the new optional sport seat are based on improved geometries the standard seat offers new

Comforts with six-way electric adjustment and the new sport seat a new sporty design and eight-way adjustable ergonomics both variants come in upgraded choice of upholstery including an alcantara sensortic combination in the m sports package or lever venaska with diamond stitching the rear seats offer new adjustment possibilities as well the backrest lean and fold

In 40 20 40 segments in several resting positions and the option for a slidable rear seat bench newly developed drivetrains in the new bmw x1 don’t just forward the fun urban and sports activity driving pleasure in no variants the model range is expanded to the max fitting all customer needs and lifestyles as well as all demands to power comfort and sustainability

Several petrol and diesel models come with new bmw mild hybrid technology the new bmw x123i and 23d xdrive and later the x120i and the 20d which will be available with s drive and xdrive are going to be equipped with an improved 48 volts electrical system and an electric motor integrated into the gearbox this system provides enhanced driving performance and comfort

Significantly lower in co2 emissions at the same time two new plug-in hybrid bmw x1 models are going to be available the x1 xdrive30e and the x1xdrive25e the combined drivetrain of the bmw x130e x drive is expected to provide an enhanced system power of up to 240 kilowatts more purely electric driving range of up to 89 kilometers and it has a larger fuel tank

Capacity of 47 liters meaning also more overall combined driving range anticipated to up to 590 kilometers with the optional electric trailer tow hitch it will also offer improved day-to-day practicality thanks to a hugely enhanced towing load capacity compared to the previous generation which of course depends on the specific vehicle weight and engine version

Bringing the power of choice full circle the bmw ix1 is the first model in the bmw compact class with the latest generation of bmw electric drive and high voltage battery technology the high voltage battery of the first fully electric bmw ix-1 is based on a new lithium-ion battery cell technology it is going to have a gross energy capacity of around 66.5 kilowatt

Hours and offer a maximum ac charging performance of 11 kilowatts as standard or 22 kilowatts as an option and of course there is going to be the possibility for dc charging with up to 127 kilowatts together with the new highly integrated e-drive unit with new hardware configuration and power electronics the system is going to offer a power output of up to 200

Kilowatts and an anticipated driving range of up to 438 kilometers it goes without saying that the all-new bmw x1 and the bmw ix1 offer a vehicle experience with all the latest bmw digital and technological features first of all putting together just the right vehicle of your choice will be easier and more convenient because its configuration is based on the

New leaner modular and still very personalized offer structure on top of that there is also an offer of optional features and functions on demand in the digital aftermarket via remote software upgrade beyond the new highly adjustable digital interface the bmw operating system 8 offers a variety of additional convenience and support there’s the my mode selection

For individualized visual as well as technical driving experience as standard while the standard bmw live cockpit plus already includes the latest bmw intelligent personal assistant the optional live cockpit professional comes with a head up display and upgrades for bmw maps like augmented reality visualization other available options include comfort access with

Bmw digital key plus using secure ultra wideband technology the user can leave their iphone in the pocket and unlock and lock the car as well as start the engine all the same convenience of comfort access without the key fob also there is a new interior camera connected to the my bmw app on the drive inside the versatile and comfortable chasse can be equipped with

The m sport suspension or complemented with the latest functions of bmw driving a system professional of course bmw charging offers all the charging solutions you need for your bmw ix1 or plug-in hybrid bmw x1 there is the new generation of bmw wallbox or the flexible fast charger which is included with the standard equipment also coming with the car is the mode 3

Charging cable and for access to public charging stations there is the bmw charging card or my bmw app so do you agree with me these are very versatile and forward-thinking vehicles with the bmw x1 we are taking a strong foothold in the compact urban segment mindful of day-to-day usability safety and sustainability we see it in new levels of design comfort driving

Fun and digital functionality of the new bmw x1 and the new bmw ix one you

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2023 BMW X1 and BMW iX1 – Bigger, Better Looking and more rugged By 4Drive Time

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