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Altair Club Cars 2023 BMW M5 Competition – Is Too Good A Thing?

2023 BMW M5 Competition – Is Too Good A Thing?

M5 or E63 or RS7?

Foreign last time i was in an m5 it was 2018 which was when we first got the f90 generation and today we’re driving the face lifted f90 as it enters one of its final years before the next generation which could include hybridization so thanks to international bmw for letting me have a go so we can take a proper look at what could be the final non-electrified

M5 the bmw m5 the shining golden benchmark of what a sports sedan luxury sport sedan can and maybe should be the pedigree that comes with the m5 nameplate is is just unparalleled we’ve got e39 e60 f90 it’s just it’s hard not to like this car it’s fast it sounds good it looks good and the interior is nice and practical too let’s dive under the skin the m5 gets

The 4.4 liter twin turbocharged v8 s63 engine but this is the competition spec which means more boost and thus more power the power is dialed all the way up to 617 horsepower and 553 pound-feet and all that power goes through the tremendous shift logic that bmws programmed into their zf 8-speed gearbox were so familiar with and not only that but the sound that

Accompanies this thing is unreal and it doesn’t even matter if it’s sunny or snowing or raining or whatever because you get standard i or mx drive all-wheel drive to get all of the power getting down to the road at least until you want to play around a bit with the mx drive you can be in four wheel drive four-wheel drive sport which sends a little bit more to the

Back and two-wheel drive you want to get a little bit sideways which i guess technically makes this not an all-wheel drive system but a four-wheel drive system and maybe some would argue 4×4 which if that’s the case this is the fastest 4×4 system the fastest 4×4 i’ve ever been in jokes aside the capability and speed you get from the m5 rivals supercars from even

Only a couple years ago 0-60 in 3.2 seconds adaptive sport suspension mlsd differential and m brakes and all of that with two weeks worth of costco groceries in the back the english coined a term for a car like this that i think fits really properly and that’s super saloon this is not a sports sedan this is a super saloon and it is it’s obviously pretty heavy

For how modern and full of luxury amenities it is but it’s as sharp as a knife it’s as powerful as river rapids and it sounds like rolling thunder and yet all of that can be dialed down and relaxed to the something that still somehow manages to feel plush comfortable and befitting of a luxury sedan the balance that this car pulls off is unreal but let’s step

Outside and talk a little bit more this thing is clinical behind the wheel it is fast as hell it sounds pretty good and it gives you a decent amount of drama we talk about it splitting the difference between the luxury and the sport thing really really well there are very few cars that do that but thinking about this m5 and thinking about the future of the m5

Like we’ve said the future of the m5 seems to be electrified hybridized that’s all but confirmed and then the future of the 5 series in general right now we have an m550 in the lineup which gives you the 4.4 liter twin turbo v8 it’s not the s63 that you get from the m division but it’s still nice to have a v8 option and something that’s not quite as aggressive the

Future 5 series will not have that option they will all be straight six likely to be 58 or whatever next generation of that engine will be but talking about the way that this thing looks the thing that i’ve always really liked about the 5 series and the m5 in particular is it’s it’s always been subtle it’s always been just like the distinguished hooligans way to

Get around and this spec i think reflects it of course it’s black sapphire the thing that i really like again is these anniversary three roundels that you get to celebrate the m division in their birthday this year you’ve got revised running lights again the facelift was 2021 so this is a 2023 carries that styling over you’ve got revised headlights a more typical

Kidney grill you’ll love to see it and then some pretty aggressive intakes and air extractors radiators and things down in your lower valence and then across the side here we’ve got big upgraded 20 inch wheels wrapped in excuse me the pirelli p0 tires you’ve got m compound brakes you can get carbon ceramics if you really want to but the steel should probably be

Fine unless you are legitimately going to track pretty frequently but again it’s just it’s a conventional sedan shape you have subtle things to remind you that it’s an m car you’ve got the m you know fang wing mirrors i believe carbon fiber roof is standard so you have an optional sunroof here it’s not pano which we’ll get to on the interior but it is just it’s a

Nice and handsome familiar sedan shape and i really like that with the black wheels the murdered out spec is very nice you’ve got a subtle lip spoiler back here it’s very tasteful another anniversary roundel m5 competition and of course your lower diffuser and your quad exhaust everything is black everything is gloss everything matches it’s cohesive and it looks

Really good so let’s step inside and then the interior like i said on the exterior the m5 the 5 series it’s always been kind of about subtlety subtle super saloon car and it’s kind of mirrored in here i mean we talk about bmw interiors a lot of the design is carry over uh and that’s a good or bad thing depending on who you are the good thing is the design is nice

It’s tasteful the downside may be that it doesn’t have as much personality or flair as something i don’t know like a more bespoke lexus or you know something like that but it is still very nice you’ve got a fully digital gauge cluster you have a huge head up display that just completely turns into attack when you’re in m mode which is really really nice you do have

Some really nice design elements on the interior here with your carbon fiber weave dash you’ve got m colors in here but it’s not too aggressive you’ve got m stitching on your inside of your wheel a little m badge in your wheel you’ve got the light up seats i’m a sucker for it gets me every single time and then you have m stitching subtly on your seat belt of course

You’ve got ambient lighting and some things to spice it up at night in terms terms of the materials there are some gloss black plastic pieces around your center console and your shifter but generally most everything is built pretty well there’s not really any interior creeks or rattles that i’ve noticed and in terms of luxury amenities i mean you get really nice

Stuff in here you got heated seats cooled seats heated steering wheel you’ve got harman kardon audio plus you have seat massage up in the front and you of course have a plethora of baby shades or sun shades or peasant block or whatever you want to call them in the back seat so it is is pretty nice although bmw largely prides himself on their modern cars for being

Somewhat of a tech fest and you get a lot of good stuff we talked about the huge head up display the nice fully digital instrument cluster they’re adaptive driving suite they’re autopilot quote unquote is very good i like it a lot this is running idrive 7 so it’s the technically previous generation software of course that’ll be updated with the new generation either

Next year or the following the i4 i think the new 3 series but not the four series are running on idrive eight and of course the ix as well i have not i don’t have a single problem with idrive 7. i like the the wheel still down here i still like the fact that you can use touch screen it’s easy to navigate it’s quick the the graphics are fantastic i have no problem

With it whatsoever the only the only issue it’s not even really an issue that i have it’s just i would never use the gesture controls they’re just you know kind of a gimmick that i wouldn’t use but again you don’t have to use them you do get the augmented reality 360 cameras which is fantastic with like some of reverse assist you get wireless apple carplay android

Auto standard and then you’ve got great space you’ve got a fantastic amount of space in your front seat for your passenger and even in your rear seats you know this is a high performance super sedan and you still have plenty of room in the back seat for kids adults basketball player it doesn’t matter and you have a huge deep cavernous trunk so it’s an incredibly

Usable package as it always has been it remains to be the standard i think that’s probably a good time to do final thoughts as ever the bmw m5 is the gold standard for the sport sedan it’s the goldilocks zone and perfectly balances sporting performance with comfort and luxury i know the concerns about hybridization stem from losing the characterful v8 for solace

Electronics however it sounds like the next m5 will still carry a v8 however if you don’t want to gamble on this future and you want a truly exceptional sport sedan with a shot of personality then this m5 is for you thanks again to international bmw for letting me have a go in this fabulous super sedan foreign

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