2023 bmw m2 g87 review worth upg
Altair Club Cars 2023 BMW M2 G87- Review | Worth Upgrading From G42 M240i?

2023 BMW M2 G87- Review | Worth Upgrading From G42 M240i?

2023 BMW M2 pictures have been leaked, just some of my personal opinions about the car.

What’s up everyone let’s discuss what’s going on with this new 2023 bmw m2 um for all of you bmw m2 fans probably already know that this these images were leaked a short time ago there are some videos online about it as well with people saying how atrocious it is and it looks bad and this and that comment and that comment um i guess i’ll be one of those to reserve

My final judgment until i see it in person however i do agree with the fact that the initial leaked photos just looked horrible i i don’t know what m divisions doing over there anymore just my opinion now from this image here this is the recently i’m sorry most recent linked image uh it actually looks kind of good so again i will reserve my final judgment but the

Initial pictures that came out i was like what is bmw playing with um this one here um i do like the fact that it has an all body colored trim on the bottom for those of you that follow my channel no i have an m240i and i absolutely hate the black glock underneath i like how it looks don’t get me wrong but i hate the maintenance of it being right next to the road

It just shows everything it shows scratches dings dense you name it when you go to watch it you i mean you touch it your fingerprints all over it’s just it’s not a good it’s not a good look in my opinion so very glad that that is now gone from the end to uh hopefully again i don’t know if this is actually the final final car i assume it is but things missing from

The car would kind of argue against that like where are the front quarter panel and vents you know where it says m2 behind the front wheel tire there i don’t i don’t know why those aren’t there um this would be the first stem car in a while that hasn’t had those so i’m curious why that’s not there also the mirrors are body color why are they not black and possibly

Be a option like a black optic package or a shadow line package or something or whatever they’re going to call it probably shadow line or something um huge fan of the carbon fiber roof that anybody missed that um i think probably that’ll align with the m340i option in europe which i think is around three grand for that it’s probably going to be like half of that

Here probably like a 1500 to 2 000 add-on here i would assume or maybe it’ll be part of a package but maybe not part of a package because why are the mirror caps not carbon too and there’s no carbon lip so maybe not a carbon package maybe just a separate option um huge fan of the black wheels i have those on my m240i some people hate them some people love them i

Happen to love them i think they look really great on certain colors i have brooklyn gray now i think they look awesome on the car my opinion uh one thing that i find that’s missing from this car is where is the front end it looks like it has front two teeth knocked out uh that black gloss piece in the middle and i’ll get to the slide the other slide in a minute

There where you can release the detail of it don’t know why they did that let’s just keep everything body cut body color shall we bmw um i do see the m2 seats in there those aren’t the carbon buckets um but that might be an option maybe not maybe they’ve reserved that for the m3 and m4 i don’t know but would be a cool option to have the carbon bucket seats but

Right now those are just the m seats m sport seats which honestly they’re very comfortable and very uh they they hug you great so no complaints here i mean i love the seats i don’t know why they went with a uh they didn’t give it a rear spoiler i mean it’s body paint that’s the same spoiler that comes with the m240 i’m not sure why they didn’t put a little bit of

A little black lip on there or something but again maybe another option or after marker again maybe this isn’t the final final card maybe they’re gonna throw some stuff on it before it’s released uh just in a couple weeks here uh let’s go to the next one so this is the front this is these are the first leaked photos that came out um when i first saw this i was

Like wow it looks pretty cool and then i was like wait well kind of looks weird well you know why is there no body color at least on the bottom trim but you know by the by the front splitter that should at least be body color to break up the black it just it looks like somebody just kind of kicked this thing and broke it or something in the front i don’t know

Why they did it also the lights they they look a little bit squished i think this is pictures a little bit condensed because those lights if you looked at them in another photo i’m going to show in a couple minutes they’re exactly the same as m240i when i first saw these i said okay maybe they’re a little more condensed and they made them look a little bit more

Aggressive that looks kind of cool but that’s not really how they look from the side and stuff like that so um the grill i don’t know what do you guys think about the grill honestly i wasn’t the biggest fan about the turbine grills or active grille whatever you want to call the m240i um i have it it does open if you put in sports plus it stays open all the time

Anyway some people complaining like oh i want it to be open all the time that’s how you do it just so you know if you have an mt40i just keep it in sports sport plus it’ll always be open no matter what you do or you can just crank the ac and comfort mode and it’ll it’ll open up um don’t know why they did this um it’s just it just looks kind of weird it looks weird

People i don’t know let me know what you think let me know if i’m crazy but i think everybody tend to agree with me um well let’s move on to this to the next one next slide here so this is the side profile um honestly from here it looks like an m240 right it’s exactly what it looks like minus the black uh mirror covers which again i don’t know why they made a body

Color i think they should probably make them in a black package and how about that rear quarter panel is that line that comes up it comes up like in the middle of the car isn’t that bizarre is that just me it’s just weird i don’t know it’s just weird it’s like this big choppy thing but again i’ll take body paint color over black gloss any day of the week simply

Because of maintenance so i don’t know we’ll see what happens with that huge fan of the wheels though love love love those wheels i don’t see any or do i see i’m looking at the brakes here are those drilled i can’t even tell if those are maybe i see a couple holes in there hopefully they’re drilled because honestly i have the m340i and everybody says you know

Either the brakes are good or bad i can tell you right now they’re actually not that great the car’s heavy to begin with because an extra i think it’s like 3 800 pounds or something ridiculous if a car with that much power and that much weight they should give you better breaks i really have to hammer the brakes to stop my car and that shouldn’t be like that on an

M performance car i realize it’s not a you know full m2 but you know it still technically is an m performance car and m division makes these parts for these cars so it should be up to par right um anyway let me know what you think i’m glad it came at michelin’s though and that’s great um mine came with the pirelli he’s not a huge fan of parolees they just wear out

And they’re just let’s just face it they’re not michelins so let’s go to the next slide here also i’m here before i do that what’s under that tarp next to the car that’s what i’m really curious about everybody’s you know jammering online about this car with about the color and this and that which i’ll get into a minute uh what’s under that tarp people let’s figure

Out what’s under that tarp anyway i’m rambling next slide so this is the rear when i first saw this i said holy god and mercy what have they done it looks like a toyota celica from behind you guys remember the toyota celica take out the quad pipes it looks like a toyota celica i don’t know what they’re doing um again i will reserve judgment for when i actually see

This in person but as right now out of the gate this back end is just i mean i thought the m240i was bad and i’m one of those like when i got it i was like oh i don’t really like the back it looks kind of ugly but whatever i don’t look at it i’ll get used to it and in typical bmw fanboy fashion i have gotten used to it i actually kind of like it now i did put the

M performance rear carbon fiber spoiler on mine which is night and day and makes the makes the back look so much better than it is right now if anybody gets this car item too please do me a favor and do the world of favor put a put a spoiler on there immediately that that body paint little lip needs to go i had that in mind it’s the first thing i took off along

With my x drive badge and i blacked out like that anyway you can see all the videos on my on my channel um it looks like they don’t have that i don’t even know what they call it underneath the the quad pipes they had that big exhaust thing i don’t even know what you call it just it looked weird on the old m2 i don’t see it here but this is a top angle maybe it’s

Creeping underneath so that’ll be cool um yeah so lights are the same we all knew it was gonna look kind of like the m240i anyway right so i’m a huge fan of the roof though i’ll say that again look at the roof look at the roof got that it’s not even a shark fit it’s like this flat modified shark fin antenna it’s really cool right uh so next one that was here this

Is another one that came out this is a side profile i’m gonna say it right now i know some people will hate me for it i do not like this blue it’s baby blue i think they’re going to call it xandavort blue to align with the track and the netherlands right from f1 circuit but wow it’s baby blue i don’t know some people are gonna argue and put in the comments it’s

Great you don’t know what you’re talking about and that’s fine teacher’s own i don’t like the baby blue that’s and that’s what i’m going to call it baby blue i think this car honestly would look totally sick and all black right me personally i would never get a black car ever again because it’s just too much maintenance with the swirl marks and the scratches and

All this stuff it’s just when it looks clean it’s like the best looking car on earth in my opinion but this car is gonna look insane in black it’s gonna hide all of these and go back to this behind all this stuff that’s gonna handle those little looks like you know the teeth got knocked out and it’s gonna i think it’s causing them so awesome and black but i will

Not get in the black if i do get this car which i probably will anyway even though i’m saying yeah it looks weird whatever i’m gonna be one of those that’s going to hit it anyway um i have brooklyn great now i’ll probably stick a broken glass or i might get white i don’t know but white with this right here might look a little too stormtroopery or maybe that’s cool

Actually i’m thinking about it um i just don’t want to look like the front teeth got knocked out what i mean it’s just weird people i don’t know tell me if you agree with me if you think i’m crazy maybe i’m crazy but it just looks weird um you know that body it should have the bottom lip at least with a splitter should have been body color the other thing would

Look thick anyway i’m rambling so let’s go back to this again again this is probably i mean it looks like i mean i got the rags out there they’re detailing it they got all the stuff out they got the lights there on the floor for the for the premiere i assume this is it people i assume that they’re not doing anything else in this car don’t know why they’re not

Putting the front quarter panel you know events with the m2 logo there no idea why they didn’t do that maybe they’re moving away from it who knows with the electric m’s that are coming out because this is probably the last gas and car coming out anytime soon i would assume not that everybody’s moving to electric i think in the comments let’s let’s discuss i’m not

Trashing it i’m not saying it’s awesome i’m kind of in the middle right now i have my opinions and everybody’s entitled to their opinions of course but the pack people like i don’t you know i’m gonna move over the back i i just can’t even look at it right now so um i’ll pass judgment until i see a better angle of it maybe a three-quarter angle would look good um

Like this year like this is an awesome angle right uh if i sell this car right now big damn that’s a hot car right uh minus the color but that’s just my opinion so let’s discuss let me know what you think and uh i know they’re taking pre-orders some people said they already put a deposit down for this which i don’t know how they’re doing that because it’s not even

On a build sheet yet um they’re probably just giving the dealership deposits for an allotment which is fine but just an fyi you actually don’t have a build car yet so just know i i know people in bmw and that’s not what’s happening right now once the build sheets are available i think they’re gonna be available in a week or two uh you can actually place an order

With an actual build so if you do have a deposit already and the dealership told you whatever they want to tell you to get your money make sure you follow up with that okay make sure you if you already put money down you should be one of the first people getting on allocation for this uh and if you’re not you need to get your deposit back or whatever they did to

You so um for those of you that haven’t done that yet uh it is coming uh my dealer might reached out to me and he says they’re probably gonna start in a week and a half or something like that so um deposit usually around a thousand bucks depends on what your dealership says but that’s typically what it should be and then you can build one and god knows in the life

To get these because the m240i i i know people on my channel commented but they ordered one in january everything check this out january of this year and here it is end of september almost almost october and they’re just building their car now a 2023 model isn’t that crazy i feel so bad like it’s just it’s horrible with these chip shortages in the work shortages

And everything else anyway i’m rambling so who knows we’ll actually get these it’s supposed to be spring of 2023 hopefully that’ll happen hopefully bmw and plants are getting caught up these are now made in mexico so i know they’re ramping up production there some people are so anti-building things in car mexico and this whole thing oh they shouldn’t build m car

In mexico uh well i mean i see your point with that yeah and cars are traditionally made in germany but you do know that all the people building your cars are german right and there’s german foreman and german ceo i mean everybody the plan is german so they’re using the same parts they’re using the same technology as the machinery they’re going to mexico because

Of tax reasons okay and that’s what any business would do i mean there’s so many businesses jump in california going to texas now because of taxes right so let’s not knock it uh i have an m240i made in mexico i’ve had it since february i have zero quality problems with it uh everything is awesome in the car so hands down to the people of mexico making this car

And hopefully uh that plant will be able to crank out cars faster right uh they’re going to stop moving plants all around all around the globe anyway so i suspect this isn’t the last plant to make m cars i’m sure they’ll hop it around eventually but uh just so you know i do an m240i built in mexico and the quality is awesome it’s exactly the same as my other cars

Built in germany so just so you know so for haters out there like to say i want m carb made in mexico come on people who do you think is building the car it’s still bmw so and i digress all right that’s what i’m going to leave you guys today uh comment let’s let’s start a discussion let me know if i’m out to left field with my interpretations and opinions here let

Me know if you agree with enemy with any of them let me know if you don’t like any of them that’s why we’re here at youtube let’s have a healthy debate though like name calling or yelling at anybody some of my other videos some people started going off on each other let’s keep it clean people i mean we’re it’s the car community we all love cars at the end of the

Day we all love what we have we all have our own opinions and we’re all entitled to our opinions right so let’s just have a fun debate and uh let’s see when this car comes up this car is gonna haul major but when it comes out i’ve seen the videos of a couple people driving it on the test track there this car’s gonna be sick okay so regardless of what it looks like

You you know this car is going to drive insane and just destroy most other things out there on the road especially at their same segment level it’s just gonna dominate everything i’m gonna hear the audi fanboys coming up that’s fine hey that’s fine i had an s3 for a couple years i had an r3 for a year i love audi cars the rs3 is not going to outmatch them through

Sorry i’m just sorry it’s not going to happen you’re going to hate me you’re going to comment say i’m wrong and throw up videos of dragons races and all this other stuff it’s just not going to happen this car is going to walk all over the walk all over the r3 which it should i mean it’s gonna hire more performance than everything else so i will end the video here

Let’s have a debate guys and i hope everybody has a great day thanks for watching

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