2023 bmw ix mid size electric lu
Altair Club Cars 2023 BMW iX Mid Size Electric Luxury SUV

2023 BMW iX Mid Size Electric Luxury SUV

Recently, I was at a Tesla meet up event and a Tesla owner who actually works for BMW was nice enough to bring the all new electric 2022 BMW iX to the meet for us to see!

All right guys this is not a full review we actually met one of the guys here at the meet he works with bmw and he was nice enough to bring this bmw to me so we can check it out so i just wanted to give you guys a quick little preview it’s actually beautiful uh electric uh hatchback if you want to say that it’s another option it’s expensive but if you love bmw

This is a great electric option there’s a steering wheel right here a couple buttons can’t drive it the guy just bought it from the dealer just to show us so i’m not really familiar with the screen very responsive charging stops she’s actually searching for charging stops without charges look at this got some dials here so there you go see the touch screen

Right here we need to control it with the dial ac vent it’s a lot of space i mean i’m six foot four look at that stretching my legs this space right here in the middle is open you got a couple of cup holders here here’s the button it’s pretty deep a little storage this is the gear shifters right here the seats are like kind of like a like a plush alcantara

Felt i got two on this side i got two on this side you got the controls here for the fans it’s a nice looking car i mean look how much space i have again if you have 93 thousand dollars this is the perfect option it’s nice here’s the vents in the back sunroof here changes colors with the click of the button it’s hard to tell right here nice so it goes darker

It goes lighter it’s nice this doesn’t have a frog no problem no no front it’s mostly a mechanical that’s a bad atmosphere and things like that yeah also only the service guy called me all right there you go there you go so there’s no front and it won’t even open unless you take it as service i guess it’s got some nice beautiful tires so pirelli the 21s right

Here look at this carbon fiber it’s good and bad bring it here it’s nice so here’s the side of the door so you can go all the way out to this it makes it square makes it square so you’re not limited to this angle how do you open the charge port again you just push it just push it makes it decent yes grow all the space you have if you want for storage 12

Volt here little sub trunk oh it lies flat you got straps look at that yeah there’s plenty of storage space right here all right all right we’re gonna do a quick demo here all right so we’re gonna do a quick demo on auto park right so look check this out there’s three of us back here got magma guys kevin is giving us a nice little drive it’s gonna do auto park

Between the teslas so all i do is push my arc button right here i’m going right there there we go look at see it’s doing a projected view i’m showing the pee on the floor where it’s gonna go it’s also showing me on the heads-up display i wish tesla would adapt and take note all the types of people listening okay i’m going to do this i’m going to do this i’m

Going to do it does it have rear wheel steering no i’m going to do this i’m gonna go into reverse backup assistant it’s gonna follow the last 160 feet i took what see it’s following the path why because that’s what bmws do so if i go up a tricky driveway if i decide to move the car and get back in it will automatically always remember the last 160 feet i drove

It’ll put me right back in my parking spot and go around my car so how many views you got i see a cis view can i matter of view what’s car wash view so for example if i’m going into a car wash and i need to have a front view of where my car is going to be going in the car wash it’ll show me that as well assist view camera cleaning it sprays and cleans the

Cameras off how did you get out of there cleaning camera how much range the range you’re at 305. thank you sir all right guys this was very impromptu um we had kevin who’s actually a tesla owner works at bmw uh he actually they just got this bmw ix yesterday he was nice enough to show us this thanks kevin wow beautiful car anyway everybody thanks for watching like share subscribe

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2023 BMW iX Mid Size Electric Luxury SUV By Travel Tesla Dad

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