2023 bmw 3 series lci m340i in b
Altair Club Cars 2023 BMW 3 Series LCI M340i in BMW Individual Frozen Pure Grey II by AutoTopNL

2023 BMW 3 Series LCI M340i in BMW Individual Frozen Pure Grey II by AutoTopNL

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What’s up guys and welcome to the all new bmw 3 series the lcid 2023 model i guess you’ve seen it already because pictures of this car have leaked all over the internet in the last week but we do have a little premiere because this is the m340i which is the fastest three series lci you can get until we get the new m3 of course which is probably going to take a

While because you know it’s only a year old let me walk you through the new things about the 3 series the exterior hasn’t changed much which is sort of good news because that means that it has been a very successful model so of course the 3 and 5 series are more classic bmw models which means they have more conservative styling so no big kidney grilles here just

Subtle changes so i think the biggest change in the exterior are these headlights they are more like the four series so you don’t have that little node in the middle anymore and they have like inverted the led styling they are now as standard so with the pre lci you’ve only got these things if you’ve got the laser light units but that’s not the case anymore so

If you have these blue markers in your headlight with the lci that means you have adaptive led and in the past with the pre lci it was really a slap in the face it was like here bam you have some butt ugly stork horrific headlights so this lower part of the front bumper is also brand new it’s more square it’s a lot of high gloss black it makes it look a little

More tough i kind of like it now if we move to the side of the car you can see that for the m340i it’s an m performance model i feel like they’re kind of ditching the m performance label and making it all m because you now also get these mirrors with this little extension right here which used to be reserved for the full blown models but not anymore that was

Also the case with the m40i but another thing that points in that direction is that they ditch the cerium gray accents which you got with our performance models like the front grille the mirror caps and the badging but that’s all gone so it’s classic chrome badging again and another cool detail is that this m340i lci has i guess an optional carbon fiber roof

I have never seen an m340i with a carbon fiber roof but i do like it this is a really really cool upgrade and if we move to the back of the car follow me you can again see that they have ditched this cerium gray badging so it’s all chrome here and we have a new diffuser again gloss black it’s square it’s angular and it’s more angry i think now they haven’t

Changed anything on the tail lights which i get because i think the taillights of a g20 look awesome by the way this is a new badge because of 50 years of bmw m but i guess you can also get these on ali yeah we’ve got one thing in the rear they have ditched the xdrive badge for the m340i xdrive comes as standard but it used to have an xdrive badge right here

If you don’t know i am an m340i owner so i know all the little details expert reviewing moving on this is the big news the big big screen right there but before we go there we go there to check out bmw’s best invention of the last six years the b-58 engine they haven’t changed anything but that’s not bad news it’s just good news it’s still in here yes

It does have some electrical stuff going on there i know that because it runs a purple cable that’s how i know it’s a mild hybrid 48 volt mile hybrid but it still has the 374 horsepower 500 newton meters of torque i do hope that bmw have checked out the top speed because that is a problem with the 2021 models and 2022 models the top speed is 243 gps now with

The 2020 models it’s 254 so i really do hope that they have checked that out i don’t know why they did that and another cool thing is that we have a bmw individual paint today this is let me check frozen pure grey two which looks pretty damn awesome so we have this big screen right now like we’ve seen with the i4 and i really really like this is a big big

Upgrade if i look at my car it seems like a different generation that’s how much of an upgrade this really is it’s massive it runs really smoothly and i do think the design is a little less i think this is idrive eight i like the design of seven better i have to say but other than that i really really like this i wish i had this in my car what i don’t like is

That they have ditched several buttons to make this cleaner one of which is the heated seat button so i have a button right here to turn on my heated seats which is really nice in the netherlands i use it like 350 days a year so let me demonstrate in my car if i want full seat heating i just press the button once and it goes into full power with this one i

Have to go into the climate menu so that’s one that’s two that’s three that’s four it’s four times less efficient that was good consumer advice i’m just blown away by my own professionalism but that’s the only downside i can find right here now another thing for the m340i owners or 330i owners or whoever wants to like drift their cars some spirited driving

They have ditched the gear lever which was but ugly i know it really really was it also looked like it belonged in a butt but they now have this which is like the porsche lighter unit you know but you don’t have a manual shifting option it’s a lot cleaner though and i have some kids and they always climb to the front of the car and then they hit the gear lever

With their shoes and i’m afraid it’s going going to break that’s not the case with this it’s more family friendly and i like the fact that i can do this now you also get a automatic transmission as stock with all three series now you can also go for the sport tronic or steptronic i don’t know what’s it called the sporty transmission and they all have shift

Paddles which i’m not too sure if that’s good news bye bye manual now of course these are all very little changes except for this awesome screen but that’s because the g20 and g21 is in my opinion the best three series ever and they’ve done an amazing job so it didn’t need any changing now of course there are more changes and upgrades to the safety systems and

All the boring stuff but for that you have the bmw website and not how to stop an hour thanks for watching guys two three six the next one through you at the next one now i’m going to catch back bye

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2023 BMW 3 Series LCI M340i in BMW Individual Frozen Pure Grey II by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL

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