2023 best hidden features for hy
Altair Club Cars 2023 – Best Hidden Features for Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy

2023 – Best Hidden Features for Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy

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What’s going on guys and welcome back to our channel here at vagabond builds and today we’re going to be talking about some special features on a 2023 hyundai palisade calligraphy edition now the features that we’re going to be talking about have to do with this 12.3 inch infotainment screen on the 2023 they do upgrade the infotainment screen to 12.3 inches so

Starting off with the first feature we’d like to show you is on the touch sensitive infotainment screen if you do touch the clock or the time you automatically get the option to control the settings for your format and time and things of that sort let’s go ahead and go back you also just tap touch or tap that radio media off and the radio does turn on and you can

Just turn that off again so that’s a pretty cool feature that we see very easy access second feature we’re going to show you is we’re going to slide that infotainment screen over to the right and we’re going to come over to setup we’re going to come over to screen layout and then you can change the layout to your instrument cluster so let me show you guys by the

Clicking of this little box here the checklist box it gives you options so class classic a we’re going to do classic b in the instrument cluster does change into kind of a sport mode look classic b kind of more of a blue look on that instrument and then you get also a cube look so more kind of a modern techie feel on that cluster that’s also something that you

Should take into consideration you could also do a split screen setup and we can set maybe you don’t want a full 12.3 inch screen for navigation but you also can throw the fm radio look on to the right splitting up the navigation and the maybe weather or the radio the next feature i would like to show you if you go over to setup price go over to vehicle and on

The left hand side come over to climate and you go to climate features now you have the option of locking that rear climate control so if you do have kids that constantly mess around or anybody that you just don’t want to mess with the climate you can push that and it locks the rear climate controls so only the front side or the past the front two passengers

Can control the climate from up top okay the next one will be go over to seat and you slide up and you have a lumbar stabilization system while driving every 60 minutes now this alleviates pressure on that back discomfort you can touch that every 30 minutes where every 60 minutes on a long road trip or you could even turn it off if you don’t like that the

Next hidden feature we would go over to lights also come over to ambient light and you can change the color or the brightness to the ambient light across the dashboard now we have a sunrise red color but you can go over to orchid green you could go over to yellow violet or purple and you have a custom color also you could set that let’s go ahead and go back

The next hidden feature we’d like to show you is over to the door and you come over to the remote window control now if you enable that and you’re sitting outside of the car on a hot summer day and you’d like to drop those windows you can using your key fob drop the windows so you can get fresh air inside the car the next feature we would like to show you is go

Over to setup click vehicle and you will come over to convenience by sliding up that bar that infotainment card now you have the option of rear occupant alert you can turn that off but i would urge anybody to keep that on for just in case if you maybe have someone in the back seats and you maybe are running into the grocery store if you got you forgot to drop off

Your child or anything of that sort it allows you to know that someone is sitting on that back seat before you get out of the car go back now we’re going to be finishing off with the special feature of the rear view camera now right now it is in live mode by the flipping of this plastic lever here you get the manual mode flipping it back you get the life mode now

You can control also the brightness and the level of camera just by pushing the first button on the right hand side of that rear view mirror and it gives you a brightness option so we’re full bright but if you go left it dims it if you click it again it gives you the option to moving that camera up or down so thank you so much for watching our channel here at

Vagabond builds keep watching we got some cool things coming

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2023 – Best Hidden Features for Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy By Vagabond Builds

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