2023 audi rs3 is the new rs3 bet
Altair Club Cars 2023 Audi RS3: Is The New RS3 Better Than A BMW M Car?

2023 Audi RS3: Is The New RS3 Better Than A BMW M Car?

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Today I drive and review a 2023 Audi RS3!

We of course got to get another acceleration before we sum things up here hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s but first and foremost almost a strong audi here in downtown salt lake four games sometime with this rs3 i’m going to link to their inventory in the description down below so you guys can check out what they have currently if you have any questions

Whatsoever just ask for mike or landon and then on a side note if you’re gonna save time and money the next time you purchase car link to my carbine guide in the description down below let’s get into the review foreign under the hood we have a turbocharged 2.5 liter inline five cylinder that goes through a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission fuel economy’s

20 around town and then 29 on the highway with power puts being 401 horsepower and then 369 pound-feet of torque and this is so cool i love the red on it especially it’s just yeah it’s just a special power train foreign end of the rs3 and first off this one’s finished in tango red metallic which looks so so cool you can see we’ve got these really distinctive body

Lines there in the center of the hood and then coming down below you guys can see here with the led daytime running lights look absolutely crazy you guys can see it’s kind of like a little matrix there off to the side then with the led headlights as well notice that like the whole front grille has been blacked out so definitely unique from an aesthetic perspective

And then you got more grille action here on the side also blacked out parking sensors integrated into the front end and yeah overall i’ve never really been a fan of the rs3 from a stylistic perspective until now like this really works aside here time wheels set of 30 19 in the front and then 245 35 19 in the rear so the front tires are actually slightly wider than

The rear tires which makes sense because a quattro system kind of tends to send a little bit more power to the front rather than the rear but you guys can see with the wheels you’ve got like this matte coloration on which is really cool i love the red rs brake caliper as well and you guys can see the front rotors are actually very large for such a small car now this

Also does have rs sport tuned suspension and dynamic chassis controls well fancy stuff we’ll see how it performs in the real world a little bit later and then notice here with the fender and then you got this little like vent piece there on the side and then you can see the side skirts all blocked out so is the mirror now this still has some transport stuff on it

Basically so if that’s what those white things are those are supposed to be black normally but anyways there’s your full side view so here’s our key fob for the rs3 you guys can see it says rs there on the back we have our lock function the opening here for the trunk and then our unlock and then the audi logo front and center so press this a couple times and it’ll

Just kind of like lightly pop it up you have to lift it up the rest of the way yourself and then you guys can see from a storage space perspective again you know it’s obviously built off of the a3 platform so you know it’s not massive but it’s it’s pretty decent actually and then popping that down the fun stuff continues here with the rear end of this car which

Actually you know looks like the most normal on this car because a friend is crazy aggressive but the rear end i mean you do have this little blacked out spoiler here and then the blacked out badges but most of it’s pretty normal now i love the taillights here you got the sequential design which is pretty fun and then we have these massive exhaust tips like those

Are crazy similar to like the audi r8 all blacked out here at the bottom of the parking sensors and there’s the rear now here’s the door panel in the back you guys can see here with this trim piece right there really cool you have like a little ambient light strip inside of it it looks like and then i love the shape of the door handle that is craziness got some

Alcantar here and then you guys can see the padding down below and then here are these seats so we do have some plastic wrapping on this still but notice the design there in the center of the seat really cool and actually pop in oh there’s our legroom so yeah i mean again being built off of the a3 it is it is slightly cramped back here but notice we’ve got some

Vents down below got some usb ports and of course we have our cup holder armrest which is like the most important feature in any car ever anyways let’s head to the front now here’s our front door panel you guys can see again with the trim piece here at the top and then the crazy handle and all of our alcantara down below with our padding over window controls here

And then you get some air control normal area and yes audis do come with cardboard around the handles from the factory that’s to open up the trunk there’s a quick look at the mirror and well you guys can see that seat’s covered up the other one isn’t so i’ll show you guys the seat and when we pop in but you guys can see the bottom portion at least we’ve got all

Of our power adjustments right there and then the pedals actually look really cool we have our light controls here in this area and let’s pop in so here’s a shingle with the rs3 you guys can see we’ve got the golf ball texture all around the steering which is definitely fun we’ve got the rs logo there at the bottom paddle shifters here on the back of that 7-speed

Dual clutch and then we have practical stuff like our voice command phone controls and you’ve got controls there for the center stack we do have our rs button right here on the steering wheel as well and so we have a pretty normal steering wheel overall turn signal stock we got our cruise control stock windshield wiper stock and there you go so here is the center

Gauge because you guys can see full digital gauge cluster and we can actually change the whole like viewpoint of the gauge cluster i love the animation there with that now just like um other audis you guys can see you can do like a full nav screen here in the center if you want and again it’s just cool like the transformation there now you guys can see right here

This is in the individual setting for me drive mode perspective now if i do change it to dynamic those things get a little bit more aggressive then there is a comfort mode um but i just love how like with the rpms that’s like just like right there in the center and so it kind of like eggs you on to uh rev it up which is it’s fun now here’s the center infotainment

Screen first off if we pop in reverse we do a backup camera with trajectory lines that do turn with the steering wheel resolution on the camera system is pretty solid now this doesn’t have audi’s fun like turn camera camera system if that makes sense anyways as for the rest of the infotainment screen this is audi’s just modern infotainment screen so we’ve got a

Shortcut bar here on the side and then you have the main screen right here and response time is great notice here with the um response on like pressing buttons within the screen pretty solid with that and then of course we got to go to the drive modes like so we basically have like three main modes you’ve got your comfort auto and dynamic and then we do have our rs

Individual modes and so notice you have like your individual which is supposed to be like your i guess daily driver rs mode and then you have your performance mode as well and you can actually adjust those modes exactly how it’s set up within the mode itself which i think that’s pretty cool with all of the adjustment and notice torque reader that’s awesome because

You can actually send more to the rear so you can make this just a little bit more exciting from a driving perspective seems like volkswagen audi are kind of getting into like the drift scene a little bit and then notice with the information here geforce is all that pretty fun stuff but overall great infotainment system it’s cool the performance information you

Can see it’s cool to drive modes and also the customization with the rs mode also just you know kind of adds a little bit of flair climate control is down below so we do have a dual zone climate system and notice we do have heated seats here for the front and then this is our button to change the drive mode and then we’ve got our stability control hazard lights

Parking sensors parking assistance actually and i’m actually a wireless phone charging pad down here as well as some usb ports then our engine stop start and then this is the volume control here and then this is actually our shifter area i guess so it’s very interesting like it’s this little dial thing but then you can just push in for park so yeah got a parking

Brake right there and then 12 volts and then we have like our cup holder storage space area in the center here and then notice it says quattro and then i love this like textured carbon fiber i think they debuted this in like the rs7 and rs6 like the new version and it just it looks really good and then pretty normal glove box set up right there and then the dash

Itself is soft touch now up top we do have a sunroof so we have a shade that you can just click back and forth and then you’ve got the control foot center right there and there you go so here’s our window sticker for the audi rs3 you guys can see here with all of the information i like the engine and all that fun stuff and then the rest of the standard equipment

Quite a bit of standard and then you still get the four year 50 000 mile new vehicle warranty i love how they have to like say whichever occurs first but anyways over here which apparently i can’t work this window sticker very well you guys can see tango red metallic and then also the base price 58 900 and then this has the rs technology package added to it which

Makes it a little bit more daily drivable black optics which is definitely worth it um after all options total mrp 65 640 dollars let’s see how this thing drives foreign before we set off here’s our visibility over the hood both of the mirrors then throw the rest of the rear yes i understand the car’s full of stuff anyways let’s sit off okay so we are setting

Off here in the new rs3 and this is actually really exciting because you know a lot of people have been waiting for the rs3 to come out sorry i gotta adjust the steering wheel here a little bit they actually turn on the volume there that was embarrassing but setting off here in the rs3 first off it definitely has like a sports car type filter right when you get

In so i’m in the comfort setting and you know it it’s it’s pretty comfortable with the suspension like it’s it definitely like it’s a smooth ride like you have no problems with daily driving this but you can just tell like this has a little bit more to it than just being your regular you know run-of-the-mill luxury car brakes are super touchy wow yeah they’re

Definitely there’s there’s a lot happening there um so i’m gonna pop it over into the dynamic and i’ll pop it into the oh it actually automatically pops into the s mode which is kind of like you can do that automatically so like you can you don’t have to be in dynamic and you can put in the s mode you just have to pull the shifter down so it’s cool that it does

That automatically i’m a huge fan of these uh golf ball textured steering wheels now i used to not be but i just i don’t know i think it’s i think it’s great super aggressive with that dual clutch yeah you can tell things definitely firm up quite a bit in this mode okay so continuing along in the rs3 this five cylinder sounds really crazy like it’s such a unique

Sound i would say that this five cylinder sounds better than a four-cylinder like hands down like there’s like no comparison but it also i would say it sounds better than you know a six cylinder as well it’s i i’ve heard some people say that this sounds like half of a v10 because it literally is half a v10 but it it has some of the same kind of sounds that you

Get out of a v10 it’s it’s such it’s such a unique uh experience you guys will kind of hear this a little bit more but like especially in person yeah it’s so similar that’s so crazy to me now it’s interesting with these shifts i mean pretty dang quick it’s weird the upshifts seem to like want to take a second but like look at the downshift so press instant and

Then up shift i’m on the throttle it like it seems like it’s taking a second to make things smooth and i’m wondering if i get on the throttle a little bit more if it’ll be a little bit more aggressive but i just kind of i’m just kind of noticing that with uh that part of it at least as it seems like they’re kind of making it so that it smooths things out i guess

If you’re not like super hard on the throttle yeah i’m such a the steering wheel now yeah the suspension definitely and again we are in the dynamic setting it’s definitely more on the firm side of things but even in this setting this still would be fine today we drive like i i know this car does not compare to this whatsoever but i have the hyundai kona end this

Week as my tester and that thing is so harsh for the suspension like this feels like a rolls-royce compared to the hyundai kona end and so it just kind of shows you the difference between you know different automakers with their suspension set up yeah those downshifts and i will say also i know i know this doesn’t compare to the hyundai conan but i just want to

Make some comparisons because that has a dual clutch as well this dual clutch feels less dual clutchy like it it it’s smoother at low speeds it’s not like nearly as jerky as what that hyundai kona has so we’re gonna get into it a little bit here whoa yeah those shifts definitely get a lot quicker when you’re when you get on it a little bit more yeah that’s this

Sounds i think that the sound of this really makes the rs3 because it again it really does it really does almost sound like a v10 but it’s not like it’s it’s very hard to explain okay we of course got to get another acceleration before we sum things up here this is so fast wow this is a fun car yeah this is a fun car so we’re gonna i think if i just hold on the

Plus panel yeah okay back in automatic mode so yeah summing things up here with the rs3 i’m a fan i i really am so i used to not be a fan of the rs3 because i thought like okay they’re just taking their you know i hate to say it but like they’re taking the economy audi and they’re just trying to like dress it up you know give it like you know a lot of power and

But it’s still ultimately like it didn’t really feel like the price that it was at right but this with this new interior setup um especially the uh textured carbon fiber but no seriously with this new interior setup with the exterior styling with the driving dynamics that this new one has i would be willing to spend the 65 000 of this uh cost from the factory

The previous version of the rs3 i i i’m not exactly sure but this new one like this thing’s sweet so if you have the means this is a really fun performance daily driver that’s gonna sum things up for a video on this rs3 again a huge shout out and thank you to the strong audi here in downtown salt lake forgive me some time with this rs3 check out the info in the

Description down below ask for microlan and if you have any questions i’ll see ya

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2023 Audi RS3: Is The New RS3 Better Than A BMW M Car? By Ben Hardy

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