2023 audi q6 e tron suv capable
Altair Club Cars 2023 Audi Q6 e-tron SUV: Capable of charging at lightning speed

2023 Audi Q6 e-tron SUV: Capable of charging at lightning speed

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The 2023 Audi Q6 e-tron is expected to be built on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture that’s being co-developed with Bentley and Porsche.

Hello everyone see car versus car 24 today i will introduce to you the car 2023 audi q6 e-tron if you have any feelings about this car please leave a comment below the upcoming all-electric audi q60 tron which may still change the name will have the same exterior dimensions as the current q5 but with more interior space thanks to a floor mounted battery pack an

Official launch date has yet to be set although we do know the q60 tron will share the platform with the upcoming porsche make an eevee so various media messages and detailed renders show that the audi q60 tron can be manipulated with the light of a friendly single color lamp a la etron gt flanked by ghost lead headlights beautiful style projection battle

The headlights seem to be one of the most beautiful pieces of equipment that audi has used in its modern cars it is also possible that the q6 e-tron will have a design that splits the headlights or extends the headlights like the q5 e-tron the front bumper below the headlights is clean so we’ll have to wait until the page is open to see what audi makes on the q6a

Tron another difference at the front is the large window with a black border just above the chin a simple chassis hides the emotional changes to the driver assistance system behind it the q6e tron will also have an erected a pillar and a sloping roofline the audi q60 tron can be fitted with a 21 inch diameter belt to give it some certainty the rear end will

Likely look like the q4 e-tron with an oled light running along the entire width of the rear so with the e-tron the q6 e-tron can be shorter and make it a bit smaller because it sits on the ppe platform it may not take as long as the mlb evo based e-tron to have the same wheelbase length and no interior expect a short section to rise and the wheels to push out

Into the corners giving the new suv a sporty look look forward to the audi q60 tron with a cabin that has the same aesthetic features as the q4 e-tron of course thanks to the dedicated ppe platform for electric vehicles there will be more space and more luxurious features on offer but similar to the smaller brother will have a greater effect on the car the use

Of application recycling another point will radiate out to the floor to free up space for customers and managers in the back seat the highlight change packages will include an augmented reality head up display a customizable virtual cockpit display a premium sound system from sonos and an xl sized central touch screen the q60 tron can be in the safest suv with

Collision avoidance assistance full range of action apps checking and a surround view camera this new audi suv will join the e-tron and e-tron sportback already on sale though it’s expected to target a more performance-centric audience so porsche has shared its foundation previous reports suggest that the make an electric turbo can produce 700 horsepower

And 750 pound-fort of torque so audi is certainly also planning an rsq-6 e-tron with a similar future quantity order the ppe platform will allow a non-fast with 270 kilowatts providing an operating range of about 300 kilometers 186 miles in 10 minutes or a non fast up to 80 percent in 20 minutes and a vehicle control range of up to 600 kilometers charging the

Stapler from five to eighty percent will take less than thirty minutes the q60 tron will have a plug and feature right from the get go allowing customers to conveniently put it on without needing to be identified by rfid tags or apps compare this with the 125 150 kilowatt rating of the meb platform model and you’ll see the difference the 2023 audi

Q6 e-tron will move to production in ingolstadt germany in 2023 after running slightly behind schedule the q6e tron will be audi’s first car to use lubricants this is considered as an appropriate status with audi’s growing prowess in variant of all of its production facilities should be carbon neutral by 2025. audi q6 etron could hit the market retails in the

First half of 2023 with prices starting at under 60 000 pounds which would make this esuv a worthy and cheaper alternative to the audi e-tron new models will jailbreak with mercedes eqe sub and tesla model y thank you for watching the video of car vs car 24 if you have any feelings please leave a comment below the video don’t forget to subscribe like and share

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