2023 audi q5 sportback buyers gu
Altair Club Cars 2023 Audi Q5 Sportback Buyers Guide

2023 Audi Q5 Sportback Buyers Guide

How much will the sexier Q5 set you back and what else should you cross-shop if you’re looking for Audi’s more aerodynamic Q5? All that and more.

The 2023 q5 sportback is certainly a style forward crossover that’s going to cost you more than its boxy counterpart but if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit more unique definitely more stylish and certainly rarer than the regular q5 you might want to take a look at the audi q5 sportback it also compares really well when you stack it up against the other

Coupe-like crossovers from germany but let’s roll through the pricing on this model before we get to comparisons for 2023 it’s going to start at fifty thousand three hundred dollars that buys you the premium trim which is a little bit more powerful than the base box eq5 keep in mind that part of the price difference between the q5 and q5 sportback’s base prices is

Because we get the more powerful engine standard in the q5 and that’s optional in the non-sport back q5 i’m probably going to be tripping over q5 and q5 sportback here a little bit so i apologize for that in advance next up we have the premium plus trim for fifty four thousand two hundred dollars that gets you the bang olufsen sound system 363 camera heated steer

Wheel as well fifty nine thousand three hundred dollars buys you the prestige trim with heads up display ventilated seats navigation and a few other features all three of these trims use the same engine and on these trims metallic paint is an extra 595 dollars and you can still opt for the audi extended paint option program which is really cool admittedly pretty

Expensive though it’s just under six thousand dollars and you can choose from approximately 55 different color choices so a huge array of exterior color paint choices for the car and there is some limited ability to choose a custom paint if audi thinks that your color would work with their scheme so if you’re looking for one of the most unique colors on your new

Audi you don’t need to buy an rs3 or an rs7 you can buy a regular old q5 and get the custom paint option on it i admit that is really expensive it’s a nearly six thousand dollar option but if i was really in love with the q5 and i wanted something that was really special really unique and really made heads turn i might just choose that option i have to admit if you

Want the optional wheels they range from 800 up to twenty five hundred dollars depending on the trim and the wheel you’re taking a look at also on the options list rear thorax airbags for some reason audi makes the curtain airbag standard but the rear thorax bags those are optional and those are certainly an option that i would select because they’re really going

To reduce injuries in t-bone style collisions in the q5 and q5 sportback so certainly an option that i would get and it’s worth noting that even though they’re optional in the audi they just don’t exist in a lot of the competition so we should be thankful that audi makes them optional but i kind of wish they were standard also we have the convenience package on

The base model that gives you memory for driver’s seat xm radio keyless entry etc it’s 1100 i would probably get that one but i would certainly skip all of the black optics packages audi has been making blacked out trim and blacked out wheels etc pretty darn expensive on a lot of their vehicles and there are two different black optics packages here one’s thirteen

Hundred dollars the other one’s twenty five hundred dollars i wouldn’t get get either one if you want a little bit more pep there’s the sq5 sportback that starts at 59 200 will go up to sixty eight thousand one hundred dollars plus options of course the options list is a little bit different on the sq5 because it has more standard feature content on the various

Trims versus the smaller less powerful engine but they more or less coordinate with one another as far as the trim walk there and there’s still a decent number of options available on the sq5 again i would skip the optics packages there now let’s take a look at the competition for 2023 the sq5 sportback or the q5 sportback they’re going to be about four thousand

Dollars more expensive than the regular q5 specifically with the engine that we were taking a look at it’s thirty seven hundred dollars extra if you want the sexier profile less headroom in the rear and less cargo room this comparison is quick and easy because it’s really just a styling exercise do you like the swoop your roof line or do you like the box your

Profile of the regular q5 and all of the increased practicality that comes with that boxier roofline line if the answer is you like the swoopier one but you don’t want to pay the extra 3 700 then just go with the boxy one but if you’re good with the price tag then go ahead and get the sport back now let’s move on to an interesting option the audi a4 in many ways

Coupe crossovers are the modern sedan if you will because we have a very similar profile if you sort of squint enough you can see it in many of these vehicles a little bit less so perhaps in the q5 sportback versus the x4 or the glc coupe but it is still certainly there now due to the realities of fuel economy legislation in the united states there is basically a

Bit of a bump given to q5 and glc coupe and x4 etc so they have to meet lower fuel economy standards which i think is part of the reason that we’re seeing manufacturers delivering sedan styling on crossover bodies because then the fuel economy requirements aren’t as stringent and in some ways that sort of makes sense because americans want something that’s a bit

Bigger they want something that’s a bit more practical than a sedan and but some folks like that sedan shape and there aren’t as many options as there used to be as we seem to be transitioning to this kind of jacked up sedan if you will so versus the a4 we have a bigger more practical cargo area we have an interior that certainly feels roomier and airier even though

Depending on the dimension we’re talking about they’re pretty close we also have a boxier profile that is more in charge and more present on the road if you will and in more upright seating position again that people really seem to be interested in but it is going to cost you because the q5 sportback starts at fifty thousand three hundred dollars the a4 sedan with

The comparable engine at forty two thousand dollars of course if you want an a4 that’s less expensive than that there is a base a4 with a less powerful engine and that will save you a considerable amount of money versus the q5 sportback when it comes to handling there’s not an enormous difference the q5 sportback handles pretty well so does the audi a4 obviously

There’s a difference but it’s not going to be as big as you might think and on the other hand we get the increased ground clearance and again more suv like driving position that we find in the q5 now whether or not that is worth eight thousand dollars to you that’s a personal decision but we do have the benefit of that lift back in the rear which certainly makes

It more cargo practical even if depending on what kind of cargo you’re putting in you can fit about the same kind of cargo in there this is the kind of vehicle that you could take to home depot buy a barbecue toss it in the back not a problem you really couldn’t do that in an a4 obviously when it comes to fuel economy there’s going to be a penalty for the boxier

Proportions in the q5 sportback so if you’re looking for the optimum fuel economy you’re going to want to go with the sedan now let’s take a look at the bmw option 53 400 buys you an x4 with the 2-liter turbocharged engine dimensionally the x4 is a little bit different when you look at the profile you’ll see it has a bit more of of a trunk lit i guess you’d say on

The back so a little bit more of that sedan-like styling than we five in the q5 the q5 is really just abbreviated with a more angular rear hatch the x4 and the glc coupe they’re perhaps a little bit more jacked up sedan in their overall profile but they’re also a little bit more expensive even though they don’t really get you more interior room that’s really just

Styling in the back the extra length that we see in these options so 53 400 for the two liter turbo 64 650 for the three liter inline six in the x4 the x4 is not as bucktooth as the 4 series but the front grille has still been a little controversial and i do think the q5 is a bit more timeless and a bit more handsome in terms of its design i find the seats on the

Inside of the x4 a bit more comfortable but the x4 does not get bmw’s latest idrive system idrive 8. so when it comes to infotainment i think it’s a bit of a toss-up the infotainment system in the q5 is starting to feel a little bit older than i would like but so is the system them in the x4 when it comes to interior design and interior parts quality i think both

Of these vehicles have aged pretty well and i think the interiors work well with the price tag on both of these models but the bmw will cost you more than the q5 and if you start adding options that delta is going to grow a little bit so if you’re looking for the better value option that’s certainly going to be the audi and you could use some of that extra value

To pay for that custom color if you wanted to starting at 52 500 the mercedes-benz glc coupe also has a jacked up sedan-like profile all-wheel drive is standard on this model and i definitely have a soft spot for the mercedes interior both in terms of the parts quality and in terms of the styling when it comes to the infotainment software i prefer what we find in

The mercedes right now to the bmw and the audi but there’s a huge qualification here and that is the software has a really good look and feel to it in the mercedes and the functionality is very high but the software is beyond unintuitive i would say it’s actually convoluted that’s probably the best way to describe it so if you’re looking for easy to use intuitive

Software do not look at the mercedes take a look at the other options but if you’re looking for all the latest features really slick graphics nice animations lots of functionality and features then you want to take a look at the mercedes and maybe it’s because i’m kind of a tech geek but i would take the consequences of choosing the mercedes system now when it

Comes to options you have to be really careful over on the mercedes dealer lot because they get very expensive very quickly and if you start loading your glc up with options it’s going to be a lot more expensive than the audi and any way you slice it comparably equipped it’s going to be more expensive than the q5 or sq5 as i said in part one of this video series the

Q5 is not a one-trick pony it’s not focusing on handling or fuel efficiency or opulence on the inside or just the length of the options list instead audi was after a very well-rounded vehicle that tries to strike a balance between all of these various things that are pulling on a luxury car designer and i think they’ve really done an excellent job of maintaining

That well-rounded focus in a way that we don’t always see in every one of the competition out there if you want something that’s more powerful or you want something that’s more luxurious or handles better or accelerates faster you will certainly find that in this segment but you’re gonna be paying an awful lot more for it and for me that’s why i would pick the q5

Sportback over the other options that we were taking a look at here let me know what you think about that in the comment section what would you pick if you were looking to spend between fifty and sixty thousand dollars value is a tricky thing to talk about sometimes because on its surface doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of value in a sixty thousand dollar suv but when

You compare the audi against its direct competition you will see that in fact it is thousands of dollars less for a very well-rounded and easy to live with crossover let me know what you think about that as well find me a facebook instagram twitter all of those social places and if you haven’t checked out part one of this video be sure and do that now i’ll see all of you later foreign

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