2023 audi q5 premium plus
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2023 Audi Q5 Premium Plus

Take an in-depth look at the 2023 Q5 Premium Plus and see if it might be the perfect fit for you and your family! It offers generous amounts of storage space, safety and technology features, and much more!

Hey everybody it’s paul coviella from audi warwick today i’m going to show you this 2023 audi q5 premium plus we’re going to do a nice walk around go over all of the convenience features safety features and a lot of the technology features so come on with us we’re going to show you this q5 and why it’ll work for you and your family so inside this 23q5 we’re going

To go over the wireless apple carplay which is a new standard feature for the last two years you have heated front seats heated steering wheel if you get the new premium plus package it comes standard with bang olsen sound system now as far as storage components in a q5 you have a couple of different options you have the door over here which is great for bottles

Or canisters you have a great storage compartment here one under the armrest and also at your glove box here the q5 also gives you a couple of small storage areas over here near the shifter in the middle of the console in the back seat of the q5 it continues storage on the door here two net pockets on both passenger and driver’s seat the center armrest comes

Down for the passengers in the back and you have two cup holders here here we are in the back of the q5 q5 comes with four ways to open the trunk there’s one on the driver’s side door there’s obviously a button under the rings here your key fob and the last one is the most popular one the foot activation but here’s the few tricks okay the car has to be locked

And you have to have the key in your pocket and this is how you’re going to open it with your foot under the bumper in and out opens the power tailgate so that’s great for when you’re coming out of the grocery store and your hands are full or any of those types of situations and now that the trunks open check out all this space you have in the q5 okay you have a

Cargo cover this is an optional feature in some q5s it is not standard all this space in here you have the spare tire underneath here two netted side pockets for anything that you don’t want to roll around it’s a great storage here don’t forget all the seats can be folded down as well in different configurations and we’ll show you how to do that you have two ways

You can do the release levers on both sides of here as well as when i go around to the side door there’s another lever right by the back seat as we move into the safety features of the audi q5 they offer you front and rear audi presets rear has cross traffic so if somebody’s coming along the sides of you as you’re in reverse it’ll assist and break you as well as

Forward front collision warnings and safety features under certain speeds the car will also break for you in the front of the vehicle to avoid collisions or pedestrians as far as cameras in the audi q5 if you get a premium plus or a prestige it comes with a 360 camera this is great you have the top view on this side as well as changeable views here where you can

Go straight forward there’s a wonderful wide view as well as reverse same thing and if you have any problems parallel parking you can actually look at your tires while you’re parking along the curbs when it comes to safety the audi q5 comes standard with six airbags okay they’re located throughout the front and sides of the vehicle to keep your family very safe

Continuing on with keeping your family safe this is where the audi q5 has its child door locks these buttons will control the windows and the doors of the back seat but they’re in a great position here where the driver is so you have full control all the time of them once we go around to the back seat let me show you there is comes well equipped with plenty of

The anchors for all the car seats if you have children so guys again my name is paul i hope you enjoyed our quick video on the 2023 premium plus q5 and all of its safety features and convenience features so if you want to learn more or bring the family down to see if it’s a perfect fit for you please come on down to audi warwick we hope to see you soon

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2023 Audi Q5 Premium Plus By Audi Warwick

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