2023 audi a6 45 start up test dr
Altair Club Cars 2023 Audi A6 45: Start Up, Test Drive, Walkaround, POV and Review

2023 Audi A6 45: Start Up, Test Drive, Walkaround, POV and Review

In todays review we check out the all new 2023 Audi A6 45! This is a luxury sedan from Audi that still has some performance to it, but is mainly an enjoyable vehicle to daily drive with the technology and features you are looking for! This 2023 Audi A6 has black accents on the exterior which matches nicely with the black paint and has nice crisp lines surrounding the body work! The interior is just as nice with the leather and trim accents! The triple screen layout is very nice and offers all the technology you need without going overboard! The interior amount of space is also adequate even for back seat passengers and the cargo space is plentiful!

Hey everyone and welcome to the channel so today we’re going to take a look at the 2023 audi a6 45 huge shout out to audi northlake for providing this vehicle for me today definitely check out their website all that info is down in the description the a6 that you see behind me is finished off in brilliant black with an msrp just over 62 000. as we move on to what

Powers this a6 now this has a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine paired to the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission it pumps out 261 horsepower around 6300 rpm and 273 pound-feet of torque around 4200 rpm that power sent through the quattro all-wheel drive system this weighs in right around 4 100 pounds it’ll do zero to 60 in just over six seconds

With a top speed of 131 miles an hour and it has a fuel capacity of 19.3 gallons you’ll expect to see around 24 miles per gallon in the city and 31 out on the highway this has a wheelbase of 115.1 inches its overall length is 194.4 it has a width of 74.3 and a height of 57.4 inches as we move on to the exterior styling now for this all-new a6 let’s start off with

The hexagonal grille it’s finished off in black as this model has the black optics package so all the logos are finished off in black too it has a great design to it with a forward-facing camera just underneath that badge provide better visibility there’s parking sensors there’s even a sensor on both sides and part of the adaptive crews you’ll have those there

But there’s still plenty of cutouts to provide cooling to that turbocharged engine there’s also more trim pieces in the lower corners along with more of the parking sensors and this has led headlights led drls and led turn signals very sleek housing matching nicely for this front end there’s two lines coming down the hood one on each side meeting the top section

Of the hexagonal grille just to give it more of a stylish front end and as we move on to the side a part of that black optics package is these 20 inch wheels that have a multi-spoke design to them and a two-tone finish this even has body colored side mirrors with the integrated turn signal and a camera along with having a moon roof and then all the window trim is

Blacked out too just to match nicely there’s very nice lines that run down the side of this a6 there’s one that starts at the headlights it kind of ends right at the side mirrors and then another line tapers off just at the height of the door handles again giving it a nice sleek design for this luxury sedan and then last up the audi badge is blacked out this has

A backup camera with led tail lights along with the led sequential turn signals which is a nice design to see all the parking sensors are right in the middle and then there’s some more trim for the lower section so that wraps up the exterior for this all new a6 let’s move on to the trunk space i can double tap the button on the key fob or use the one located near

That back up camera and there is a lot of space with these back seats up there’s the net on the driver’s side and if i lift this up this does have a spare tire along with a little bit of extra storage if you need to use it and then there’s also a hook up top where you can place groceries or other items and then when you fold these back seats down it gives you a lot

More interior space there’s really no overhangs which is great to see now this isn’t a power trunk there is a grab handle on this passenger side and you can use that to close it it’s a very light trunk and now we can move on to these back seats where you can lock and unlock the vehicle using the door handle which makes it very convenient and then for this interior

There’s wood trim brushed aluminum accents even leather on the armrest there’s one speaker and a little bit of storage in the back side there and then these seats have a great design to them finished off in that black leather and at 5 foot 10 i can make my way into these back seats where there’s a short door sill but it’s still easy to enter and exit there’s a net

Behind both front seats for some added storage two air vents right in the middle along with the temperature dial and all the auxiliaries where you can charge electronics and at 5 foot 10 i have a few inches above my head it’s very comfortable to be in the back seat of this a6 so you don’t have any issues with headroom there unless you’re much taller than i am right

In the middle we can open up the armrest which has a little bit of storage on the back side and then if i push on that two cup holders will be revealed and then you can fold down the middle seat individually if you need some more space into the back which is great to see and then as far as visibility goes there’s definitely a lot of glass for your backseat passengers

So it feels very open and pretty spacious for the size of this sedan now as we move on to the front seats the door panels finish off just like the rear there’s the addition of all the window controls even these side mirror adjustments which are power folding and heated there’s the memory seating adjustments the trunk release a little bit of storage space as well

More of that wood trim gives it a fantastic luxury look the front seats are finished off in leather they are automatic so all those adjustments are down on the side and with the low door sill very easy to enter these front seats now the steering wheel is completely covered in solid black leather with some piano black trim accents over on this right side there’s

Bluetooth and voice commands along with volume and tuning there’s even a favorite style so you can push on this and customize it as needed on this left side all these are for the virtual cockpit which we’ll come back to and then the cruise and adaptive cruise control stock is on that left side this even has steering wheel mounted paddle shifters which are finished

Off in black but let’s bring this a6 to life with my foot on the brake that button is over on the right side and we can fire this up and looking at this virtual cockpit on the left side is the tack on the right side is the miles per hour and right in the middle you can go through a lot more info using this rotary dial and the arrows so currently it’s showing the

Date and the time you can also pull up consumption the short-term and long-term memory there’s the energy consumers even the driver assistants as well and then if i scroll over there’s any messages that may appear along with the radio you can pull up your phone when you have that paired even look at the navigation now if you need to see the navigation in more of a

Full view just click on the view dial and now you have that in full screen with those other icons minimized you can still go through the rest of this information in a larger screen just depending on what you’d like to see so i love the configurability very simple and a straightforward layout over on this left side the engine temperature as well as the fuel gauge

Are fixed but there’s a great graphics for that middle screen now over on the left side is the headlight adjustments there’s even a little storage bin down below where you can place some items as needed more of that brush trim and wood trim as well and then as we move on to the center there are two air vents with more of that wood trim going all the way to the

Passenger side and right in the middle we have this center screen that measures just over 10 inches we’ll start off with this 360 camera system as it is already pulled up you have a lot of different angles to look at just depending on the visibility that you need the top down view is over on that right side so you can look at that it doesn’t matter which camera

System you have pulled up and if i push on the 3d there there are selected icons to show you around this vehicle very cool to see that technology in this and then with the rest of this touch screen system just by clicking on the home button there you can pull up all these icons like radio and media we can go into vehicle here where you can go to the drive select

And look at the different driving modes for this model pull up the seats look at the air conditioning the driver assistance there’s even some favorites if i go back to home there’s a few more icons over on this right side and then by swiping to the left there’s the split screen with the music phone and navigation so you can have all those on there’s also shortcuts

To the music so there’s two different icons all of these also have that haptic feedback so it’s a button within the screen which is great to see hopefully you can hear that clicking as i push on them just to know that you have pushed on that button very cool to see that technology integrated into this screen and then below that this measures just over eight inches

There’s a lot more info to go through as far as all the climates and everything goes so currently you can see fan speed right in the middle where you’d like the air to go the temperature dials are on both sides for your driver and passenger right in the middle of both of these screens there’s the engine start stop feature if i push on all those squares you can

Actually have favorites here like your home so you can quickly get to there and put that in as needed there’s garage door buttons which you can program you can also turn that upper screen off if you’d like more of that calm screen and then just by pushing on it you can bring that back to life and then right in the middle if i push on those three buttons there’s a

Heated steering wheel you can go to the rear climates to quickly adjust those as needed you can sync everything there’s also the heated seat adjustments on both sides with three different settings so you can easily go through those so i like the split screen design it gives it a very clean look with a minimal amount of buttons there are however a few buttons below

That we have the drive select so just a shortcut to what i showed earlier along with traction control and some defrosters there’s even a shortcut to the camera system so you can quickly pull that up over on this right side if i push on that button this is for the driver assistance so you can have it help you a little bit or you can have it help you a lot just depending

On what you’d like and then on the far right is volume and tuning for the radio now there’s two cup holders along with a 12 volt right in the middle some matte black trim there’s wood trim surrounding the entire shifter and with my foot on the brake pushing on that release button we’ll put it into reverse so we have that camera system as you already saw i can put it

Down into drive and even pop it over into the manual setting so that allows you to shift using this or the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters and then park is on the back side of that this also has the electronic parking brake right in the middle and then moving on to the center armrest if i open this up there’s the wireless charger along with some auxiliaries

Where you could charge additional electronics if you need to and then the glove box has a good amount of storage for all that information there’s more piano black and brushed aluminum on the right side of that center screen and we’ll take another look at this interior very very nice subtle design for this a6 and then up top we have the sunroof adjustments which

Will also open up the sun shade itself there’s some call buttons on the back section and then this also has the touch sensitive dome lights all right so now that we’re behind the wheel of this 2023 audi a6 this has been a pretty cool sedan that is geared more towards being a little bit more luxury feeling without costing an arm and a leg so for the money you’re

Getting a really nice sedan that has a lot of materials on the inside here that are top notch with all this leather we have the wood trim the brushed aluminum and then there’s some really nice features like this 360 camera system so if you’re in a parking lot situations and things like that you have an amount of cameras that’s going to give you all the visibility

That you need and so let’s go ahead and pop it into a dynamic with the manual setting we’ll drop it a few gears here and with this turbocharged engine it’s not a fast vehicle this is like i mentioned earlier a little bit geared more towards being luxury yet it still has enough power to get up and merge get out onto the highway and things like that so it doesn’t

Have a crazy amount of performance if you want more performance obviously you can go with some other trim levels and then while we’re at a stop here as far as visibility goes i can easily see on both sides of this pillar along with the headrest for the passenger seat i can look over my left shoulder and see out of that window too and then merging out into traffic

Just with a mild acceleration we’re up to speed so for the weight of it like i said earlier it’s not underpowered by any means but you get that luxury feel it’s a very comfortable vehicle to drive very smooth at the same time even these shifts you really can’t feel them which just adds to more of that luxury style so as we give it another acceleration i can’t even

Feel those gear shifts they are very very minimal in what you can feel it’s also very quiet on this interior so there’s no road noise wind noise there’s no traffic noise it’s definitely a nice place to be you can see what it’s like to drive this like i mentioned earlier with these screens it gives it that luxury vibe without having a lot of buttons everything is

Kind of consolidated into three separate screens so that way you always know where everything is navigation is the only thing that i have found that is split between two of the three screens but aside from that it is a very simple layout and we’ll pop it into the manual setting now so we can use these paddle shifters even on the downshifts i don’t feel them at all

And with a little bit of acceleration there it is very very smooth and as we give it another slight acceleration around this turn back up to speed this is fun to drive even though it’s not as performance oriented as some of the other audi models it’s still fun to drive we have that quattro all-wheel drive system which is very beneficial if this is your daily you

Can drive it in a lot more inclement weather which is of course great and as far as a tight u-turn we are easily able to do that but i think that’s going to wrap it up for this all-new 2023 audi a645 once again huge shout out to audi north lake for providing this vehicle for me today make sure you check out their website that is down in the description and if

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