2023 2024 audi q5 sportback desi
Altair Club Cars 2023-2024 AUDI Q5 SPORTBACK : Design, Powertrains And Everything Else You Need To Know

2023-2024 AUDI Q5 SPORTBACK : Design, Powertrains And Everything Else You Need To Know

All-new #2024 #Audi #Q5 to bring total redesign and enhanced tech

Lod reviewers in a new video from your channel new cars technology all new 2024 audi q5 to bring total redesign and enhance tech audi’s best selling car gears up for a third generation with a bold new look and an evolved platform audi is reading an all-new third generation version of its best-selling global model the q5 suv which will be one of its finalized cars

In 2021 global sales of the audi q5 soared by 5.3 percent to 293 069 representing nearly a sixth of the four brand audi groups total deliveries it remains vitally important for the german brand five years on from being launched in its current form the next iteration which has started winter testing ahead of an anticipated 2023 unveiling and 2024 market launch will

Look to maintain that sales momentum by providing a conventional ice alternative to the similarly sized audi q60 tron electric suv which will arrive next year the new q5 is expected to use the same evolution of the volkswagen group’s mlb architecture that will underpin the next generation audi a4 saloon and estate that means it will offer both front and four-wheel

Drive drivetrain layouts and is likely to continue with a familiar powertrain lineup comprising mild hybrid petrol and diesel options alongside a choice of plug-in hybrids the engines will be re-engineered to meet new euro seven emissions regulations expected to be implemented in the coming years one of these will be the fifth version of the volkswagen group’s 2.0

Liter four-cylinder turbo petroleum 888 which will receive a revamped fuel injection system and new particulate filters the modified platform also introduces capacity for the q5 to use the four-wheel steering system featured on the audi a8 and audi q8 as well as level 2 autonomous driving functions and a raft of new connectivity features at this stage the most

Obvious differentiator between this new q5 and the current car is a completely new look that brings it into line with its newer stablemates including the electron models the tails visible through the camouflage on this prototype include a totally overhauled front end with a clamshell style bonnet a shorter grille sleek new headlights and new air intake designs

At the rear meanwhile the q5 looks to have been modeled on the audi q4 e-tron although the brake lights in situ here look to be temporary items for the purposes of testing as with the current audi q3 q4 e-tron q5 and e-tron suvs the new q5 is expected to be sold in straight back standard and rakish roof sportback guys audi will use the new ppe platform which it’s

Co-developing with porsche for new electric versions of the a4 and a6 but given the new q6 e-tron will essentially serve as an electric alternative to the q5 the latter is unlikely to get an f option audi has committed to only launching abs from 2026 and will stop selling ice cars completely in 2033 meaning the q5 is likely to be among the finalized cars the brand

Sells however audi has also said that it plans to keep a nice version of the audi a6 on sale alongside the new electric a6 e-tron hinting at a gradual shift towards all-out electrification for all models if you enjoyed this story sign up to newcast technology for all the best car news reviews and opinion direct to comment click here to subscribe you

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2023-2024 AUDI Q5 SPORTBACK : Design, Powertrains And Everything Else You Need To Know By New Cars Technology

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