2022 vw taos 1 5t se 4motion w i
Altair Club Cars 2022 VW Taos 1.5T SE 4Motion w/IQ Drive in Pure White exterior

2022 VW Taos 1.5T SE 4Motion w/IQ Drive in Pure White exterior

2022 VW Taos 1.5T SE 4Motion w/IQ Drive in Pure White exterior

Hello guys this is rhys from bombardo st peters volkswagen in st louis today i’m bringing you a 2022 volkswagen taos se4motion this particular one is pure white on the exterior with black cloudtext interior it features led headlights led reverse lights and rear turn signals keyless access on two doors 18 inch alloy wheels chrome uh window sills chrome roof rails

And chrome faux exhaust tips below the reflectors it says taos right below the license plate holder right there and a new volkswagen logo up top and it says se off to the side here for motion badge is right over here this one just came off the truck but these don’t last long enough for me to wait for them to be washed up or anything so i just make the videos as

I can this one i have an appointment on this afternoon so it probably won’t be here later today so i wanted to make a video of it as proof that it existed there’s a look at the taos logo at the front as we open this up gray leatherette right here black leatherette down on the arm pad round down here and black plastic here fuel door releases right here our fuel

Filler door and here’s a look through the car here a five seat suv lots of room in this small but mighty but lots of room here’s a look at the lumbar support right here it’s a power lumbar forward and back and up and down on this one and a seat back adjust here this is that cloudtex fabric here it’s like suede right here cloth right here on the inseam and then

This contrast stitch that goes up the side around the shoulders to the back and then it’s leather right on this edge right here and another contrast stitch on the outside of the bolster there as you hear a plane overhead i remind you you can fly in and drive out i’ll pick you up from the airport there’s a look at your your headrest right there with that contrast

Stitch as well and here’s a look at the instrument cluster right here that three uh different options set up there you have the view button here so there was the blended screen the speedo screen and attack screen right there speedometer or tachometer for those of you that didn’t understand that abbreviation there there is the temperature gauge right there and

Then uh the fuel gauge over here on this side there is your miles to empty very nice setup here automatic headlights here it’s a telescoping steering wheel you can pull out push in and raise and lower it and lock it in place here it has a leather wrapped steering wheel now this one does have the iq drive package which adds a bit to the price tag but it also gives

You a heated steering wheel so this one has that because i’m going to turn that on because it’s cold today it’s a whopping 28 degrees today here’s a look at your radio right here it’s an am fm and satellite radio it does have gesture control so i can wave my hand in front of it and i think this little sign card is blocking that a little bit there but it did wake

Up yeah it some videos do it other videos do not but uh you do have gesture control there anytime this hand shows up over here right there you have the gesture control and it’s not going to do it so anyway you do have this backup camera it’s pretty nice it’s a static camera doesn’t move the red line signifies where your bumper is green line signifies straight

Back it’s an hd camera very nice am fm and satellite radio you do also have app connect on this one which allows you to do android auto apple carplay or mirrorlink wirelessly on this car there’s a wireless charge pad right here that works through most phones if you have a a pop socket on your phone it probably won’t charge but anything else it’ll charge through

The case down here below that two usbc connections right here they’re both backlit so you can see them at night and then there’s also this 12 volt charger port right there single zone climate control here in this one you go up to the sel you get the dual zone climate zone climate control and then you do also have heated seats in this one now this one being four

Motion it’s going to have heated seats either s i’m sorry either in the front wheel drive or the all-wheel drive however if you go down to the s model you will not get heated seats in the front wheel drive one but you will get them in the all-wheel drive one there’s a look at your vents right there um carnet is going to be free for five years on this they now put

These little info cards right here i guess they’re trying to boost the car net enrollment now you do have this midnight blue color that goes from the door handle and door lock across the dash to the other side here i really dig that on these uh this nice deep storage bin right here and then there’s a speaker right there this one does have an auto dimming home link

Mirror here with three door garage door memory this is not the one that comes with the four-year subscription to homelink connect um there is a look at your sunglass holder right there your carnet buttons here the info button roadside assistance and emergency services there you have a light colored headliner in this one as well there’s a look to the back now this

Car has a lot of space for its size a lot of people don’t even sit in this car we just had this car at the auto show and i had to basically beg people not beg coerce people to sit in it because they thought it was too small but then they sent it in and they go holy crap this thing is huge on the inside it has a lot of space so if you’re driving a buick encore you

Like the size of the car the nimbleness of the car and you don’t like the space in it look at the taos if you’re driving a chevy spark look at the taos you’ll enjoy the fit and finish the features the stuff that you get with this car as i said this one has iq drive so that means it adds lane assist adaptive cruise control emergency assist so in the event that you

Have a crash um you have intelligent crash response as well emergency assist will actually stop this car and honk for help if you get into trouble you do have this button right here for your all-wheel drive there’s a snow mode there’s the road modes there so you’ve got eco normal sport and custom i can also change it down here if i don’t want to use fingerprint or

Get fingerprints on the screen there then i have my off-road and off-road custom buttons and off-road custom allows me to tweak these things here turn on and off hill assist or hill descent i also change between off-road and normal and then normal and sport on the steering and drivetrain i have all of that now what’s also important to note here this is a backlit

Shifter here so you can see it’s lit up in park right here it lights up on top now instead of the letters down the side over here but this one has a dsg transmission so that’s a dual clutch this is a better transmission to have in any car a dual clutch very nice electronic parking brake so i lift up on that guy to activate i push down on the brake on my foot and

Push down the release there’s a look at my cup holders there same as in tiguan and jetta a little storage bin for coins right here and this armrest with a little bit of storage in here as well just like jetta and tiguan this seat is a manual seat over here you can slide it forward and back there’s also a lever over here on this side right here to adjust the seat

Back pitch and then there’s also this handle right here that you pump up to raise the seat or you pump down to lower to seat and then of course the seat pull here where you lift up and scoot the seat forward or back in the glove box right here there’s plenty of storage there it’s an ample size glove box there there’s a look at your manuals right there your tire

Warranty and what have you in there let’s take a look at the back seat a look at the wheels on this one and before we hop in here i’ll show you the price on this one at 31 705. extras on this one include 8.95 for the iq drive package which gives you travel assist which is semi-automated driving assistance semi-automated that’s very important it is not anything

More than that adaptive cruise control with stop and go lane assist also emergency assist and active blind spot monitoring the iq drive is not standard on this vehicle it is on the sel um auto dimming home link mirror uh is 345 and then also monster mats or 275 for this one bringing you to 37 31 705 as we open up the back here here’s a look at the door inset right

Here it’s more it’s actually a hard plastic here instead of leatherette but you have a leatherette kind of feel right here on the door panel as well and as we climb in here man it’s cold outside there’s a look at the instrument cluster right there center armrest right down here and then there’s your shifter and center console right there that auto demi mirror up

Above pockets right here and here and then you do have a vent on either side here for passengers in the back and then you have a little storage bin there and then also the usbc connection right here the seats are comfortable they don’t move but they’re a 60 40 split and you do have car seat hookups behind these clips right here on each side nothing in the middle

Fold down arm wraps with a cup holder right here squishy yet firm and a pass through through right here manually adjusted headrests on all three of these door handles up their door assist handles on three of the four doors obviously the driver wouldn’t need that one there’s a dome light set up right here these are incandescent bulbs instead of leds now you can

Get this car with a panoramic sunroof it adds twelve hundred dollars to the sticker and same same with the sel they don’t come standard with sun roofs in any towels let’s take a look at the rear hatch as we come around here you just lift up in the middle the hatch on all of these is manual they do have a hydraulic assist to get it halfway up it will go up the

Rest of the way there’s a look through from the back to the front through five seats set up these seats are still reinforced on the back they have steel plates in the back of them to protect you from any kind of cargo back here in a rear impact crash going through the seat and injuring people up front here’s a look at the monster mounts right here in cargo blocks

Here trunk light off to the side here bag hook right here about 12 volt charger port right there and then underneath the floor right here here’s a look at the spare tire and a jack apparatus right there very nice you can get an optional privacy cover or cargo cover for back here that fits on there as well and then there’s the handle to close it this car comes

With a four year 50 000 mile bumper bumper warranty on it from volkswagen four years fifty thousand miles and includes uh two years of free maintenance your ten and twenty thousand mile oil change are covered by volkswagen also if you buy from me at bom riddle st peters and you live here locally you’ll get a third year free maintenance as well so your 10 20 and 30

000 mile changes are all covered also if you buy from me at bombardo st peters i’m going to give you a 10-year 200 000 mile engine and powertrain warranty free of charge so give me a call another plane flying overhead you can fly in and drive out i will pick you up from the airport now i do want to stress as well there is another bomberito location of bombardier

Volkswagen here in saint louis they’re over at hazelwood i am not at that location uh please don’t get them mixed up make sure you ask for reese if you call the hazelwood location and ask for reese they’ll say that i’m not there and they’ll still try to sell your car so they’re trying to take advantage of my videos so please make sure you have the right dealership

Bombardo and saint peter’s on i-70 in st peters missouri i’m on 636-290-4257-636-2904257 youtube facebook and twitter at reese sells cars thanks a lot guys stay safe stay healthy have a great day

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2022 VW Taos 1.5T SE 4Motion w/IQ Drive in Pure White exterior By Reese Sells Cars Volkswagen Guru

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