2022 vw atlas cross sport review
Altair Club Cars 2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport review // In its own class?

2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport review // In its own class?


We’ve got the volkswagen atlas cross sport a sportier version of the atlas i always want to call this the sport cross me too i i can’t remember right so it’s sport cross right sport there’s crossword all right we’ve got some good powers that’s a good power actually we’ll get to the schtick in a second what they put it in you know what but uh what’s under the hood

Of this atlas a 3.6 liter v6 with an eight-speed automatic transmission 276 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque standard all-wheel driving canada front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options are available in the u.s this engine is available one up from the base model the base engine is a 2-liter turbo four-cylinder with an eight-speed automatic transmission

235 horsepower but 258 pound-feet of torque standard all-wheel drive on canadian models us you get front wheel driver all-wheel drive options so quick overview this atlas has no third row a little bit shorter and a little bit sportier so what do you get with it what are the key standard features the base trim comes with a 6.5 inch touch screen wired apple carplay

And android auto a digital cockpit with an 8-inch instrument cluster a six speaker audio system cloth upholstery heated front seats manual driver and passenger seats heated washer nozzles a spare tire and blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert now actually this vehicle when you put it in s when you put it in sport it does make a marked difference but

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It’s motor mouth underscore andrea to get a sneak peek behind the scenes for me it’s motor mouth underscore auto and the links are below the like button this video is brought to you by canada drives shop online for your next used vehicle and enjoy the convenience of two-year door delivery and the confidence of a seven day love it or return it guarantee visit canada

Drives.ca to learn more it’s an ass it’s an s let’s go i find that it’s really quite punchy in s yeah i think in ass it’s punchy but do you really think there’s a massive difference in sportiness between the regular atlas and that i think it’s lighter i think it feels more yeah i think the engine and transmission is more responsive because it’s slightly lighter

I think that there’s a little bit more punch off the start with this v6 but i don’t feel like it handles any sport there’s a model y next to us you could take that easily but i won’t because we’re in a residential area a lot of wise like whatever like it’s big brother it is easy to maneuver in city traffic a breeze to parallel park the steering is light i get

Why people enjoy this atlas and the larger atlas with the third row because it’s just so comfortable what an easy drive to it you know the thing about big boxy vehicles the atlas the regular one he’s even bigger and boxier is that you can see all the corners so andrea says it’s easier to parallel park you would think was such a big vehicle that couldn’t be but

You can see the corner there in the corner there and you can see the edges of you know rounder vehicles are trickier to park i really like the way this looks it has a bold rugged presence on the road and with the raked roof line it reminds me a lot of the audi q8 i saw one actually on the road side by side and i thought wow these look really similar it’s exactly

The same thing they did with the audi q8 they took the q7 took the third row out they made it just a little bit shorter but they made it more stylish looking but what they didn’t change on either vehicle is they left the dimensions of the rear seat exactly the same so you get a massive two row five passenger suv and there really aren’t that many we’re going to go

Through this as we go through the video there are many direct competitors to this no not at all now the wheelbase is the exact same length on the atlas and this cross sport so you’re right sac the interior space is basically the same and the width is the same it is just the length 5.2 inches shorter and i think the roof is a little lower too yeah on the roof yeah

The height for sure this comes standard with led headlights and led tail lights standard 18 inch wheels available 20 inch and 21 inch depending on what trim that you go with you can get black exterior accents with the r-line package or in the us just get the r-line trim and then the top trim has got the r-line design but chrome exterior accents well we had the

Atlas just a couple of weeks ago and andrea and i took different positions on this so yes there’s hard plastic on the inside of this but that sounds like a lot of hard plastic there yeah you can hear it because you hit it but here’s the thing this is a mainline car it’s not a luxury car it’s a mainline car and if you start comparing it to other mainline products

Like say a ford explorer a chevy traverse something like that they too have this level this great they have this grade of plastic yep i’ll see the same thing that i said in the atlas that’s not good company to be in um traverse explore even the honda pilot the honda pilot is going to get a full redesign i expect it to be similar to what we see it’ll be similar to

This it has less plastic okay zach yeah you got the cute telluride and the hyundai palace well they’re much better yes and then you get the grand cherokee which can be rather basic or very opulent on the inside uh i say the grand cherokee now that it’s a little bit bigger than it used to be is probably the closest competitor to this in terms of size but that’s got

Way more functionality to it than this yeah and we recently tester of the passport from honda and it does have quite a bit of hard plastic in it as well however this being a german brand when i talk to followers and viewers they keep telling me that volkswagen kind of has this elevated status so but then we expect more from volkswagen and this test model is almost

Sixty thousand dollars i’d like a little bit less hard plastic yes i agree with your top trims right but the base models and no i think they compete quite well with other brands and it isn’t an elevated brand this is the perception that volkswagen volkswagen owners have of themselves in their car but the reality is this is a mainline car brand if you want luxury and

You’re save up and get a q8 so even though this doesn’t have the biggest screen in the industry you do like the integrated look i do this comes with an optional eight inch touchscreen standard 6.5 inch love the integrated look it’s easy enough to use it also has a digital cockpit different sizes this top top trim gets a 10 and a quarter inch cockpit and i think

That it’s a real standout for volkswagen it’s nice to have a digital gauge cluster and then you’ve got the things that i like which are regular switches for the hvac controls for the heated seats and all that kind of stuff it’s probably going to go away they’re going to do a refresh on this i think it’s sometime next year it’s coming so hopefully they won’t go to

All those haptics swipey things they’ve done in other products and leave some hard keys maybe they’ve learned their lesson probably not though now went up from the base model in canada the comfort line trim it offers a lot of value i definitely recommend moving up one from the base model because you get the larger touch screen wireless apple carplay and android

Auto a power driver seat wireless charger power tailgate all those extra features that you want and i need and moving up to the high line trim one below the top trim that’s where you’re going to get the panoramic sunroof driver seat memory a power passenger seat i think that these features are the extras that would be nice to have and it’s the same in the u.s

That sel all-wheel drive trim gets you some really nice features and it’s priced quite well so we mentioned that the second row legroom is the same as the regular atlas and there is a lot of room to spread out here you can see me getting in a very comfortable large five-seater suv how does it compare the santa fe has the most but this would be pretty close to the

Jeep grand cherokee and then the cargo area at the back because the third row is gone you get an enormous cargo space there’s storage underneath as well how does this compare very good the jeep grand cherokee has the most space but this certainly keeps up very well now the other thing you notice when you get in this is just how wide it is we joke with the regular

Atlas you could actually fit a seat right here you have questions about this let’s get into it time now for questions coffee and cars your questions from instagram is it true that volkswagen engineered this two-row crossover for families of sumo wrestlers with pet giraffes i took one for a test drive when it first came out and that was my first impression it’s big

You know what it’s amazing they’ve done this through a few audi volkswagens and they take out the third row but they don’t make the vehicle that much shorter so you get all that space on the inside i mean this is 5.2 inches shorter than the regular atlas but man you’re right it is big yeah and headroom and everything considering that it has a different look to it

With the raked roof line it’s really good yeah i think that you know it’s a it’s a unique proposition for people who have giraffes if you have a giraffe yeah i don’t know how you pet a giraffe because they’re way up there so you can only just pet their leg pet others other parts of the giraffe for sure you’d never look great in their eyes no that’s not a hippo how

Is scene the most ferocious animal in the world apparently is a hippo they’re pretty cute though oh no they’re biggies don’t get on the rocks look up hippo videos they’re mean how is seeing out the back window and view out of the back in general i just think of when changing lanes are backing up what you can and can’t see views look a little tight i don’t find it

To be a problem at all easy peasy i mean this atlas you just use one hand you maneuver it right into your parking spot parallel parkings the breeze visibility is good that defender we had recently with the tire on the back and the little window you couldn’t see anything out of that no this is fine we put out a lot of content each week on the motor mouth youtube

Channel and it’s so easy to find all you do is go to the youtube search bar and type in motor mouth the name of the channel then the vehicle brand you’re looking for in this case it’s volkswagen then all of our videos pop up it’s that easy i see a fender logo over the speaker grill how is the sound it’s good i mean for an average person you would say oh yeah this

Is good this is good enough i mean we’ve heard better for sure i like the fender system that volkswagen has i think it’s one of the better stereos in the mainline car brands they use harman kardon on some of their vehicles they use beats terrible on the jetta uh way too muddy and bassy this is clean the thing we went to the launch of this in california and the

People from fender were there they gave us some nice headphones which was cool but they said it was all about being clear and crisp but i think that’s where this really excels yeah i think it’s good i think it’s worth the upgrade um andrea where there hits one yeah on satellite radio me on the spectrum so i just want to say we’re animal planet okay so this is uh

Available on the highline term in canada the fender system so you don’t have to go to the talk trim but in the us you have to go to the top trim to get the fender system and now it’s time for our hot topic what’s this one andrea i’m really interested in the atlas in the audi q5 would the atlas have more for your money well andrea you get a lot more with this over

The q5 it’s just an enormous vehicle in comparison and you get a v6 engine as an option that’s gone now from the q5 unless you get the s q5 um so i don’t know i think this is probably a better bang for your buck yeah for sure better bang for your buck especially space wise if you need that big five passenger vehicle and you want to put three car seats across the

Back this atlas is going to do it for you so the q5 i’ll use canadian numbers it starts at around fifty thousand dollars for that comfort trim and it comes with some good features like a power tailgate and some of the extras that you would like but you cannot get a panoramic sunroof unless you move up to the progressive trim which is going to put you at around

56 000 canadian so why not the same price as this yeah so why not just get this you get ventilated front seats heated rear seats the 360 camera power folding exterior mirrors you get a lot of value here with this which is why the atlas generally the three row and this two row are such big sellers we’ve talked about this many times there’s lots of people who could

Afford an audi they could afford a mercedes or a bmw but they think to themselves i can get another german car back to the prestige thing you talked about yeah and i can save money but i’m still driving a german car and i also like the fact that you don’t trim of the atlas to get things like ventilated front seats and heated rear seats in canada in the u.s you

Do have to the other thing i like about the us with the atlas is that you can add the panoramic sunroof as an a la carte item one up from the base model whereas in canada you can only get the panoramic sunroof one below the top trim okay i’m gonna throw a curveball at you okay atlas sport cross sport or the new grand cherokee oh just the regular grand cherokee

The two row five passenger okay so i have a real thing for jeep zach knows this i love jeep i love a good jeep never owned a jeep can you believe that we should maybe get one so for me i’m gonna go with the jeep grand cherokee i just love jeep i think it does get quite expensive it adds up with a la carte items and packages but if i could get a good deal on one

I really like it yeah i’m kind of with you on that all right let’s get into the vital stats with this atlas sport cross cross sport you know what i mean yeah let’s start with pricing we’ll do canada first and then the us the base 2-liter engine starts at just under forty one thousand dollars canadian and the 3.6 liter v6 starts at just over forty eight thousand

Dollars canadian the top exec line is just over fifty seven thousand dollars in the u.s the base engine front-wheel drive model starts at just under thirty four thousand dollars the all-wheel drive model is just under thirty six thousand dollars the v6 all-wheel drive model starts at just over forty one and a half thousand dollars u.s and the top trim is just over

Fifty one thousand dollars u.s here’s the fuel economy for the base 2-liter turbo four-cylinder 11.6 liters per hundred kilometer city 9.7 on the highway that’s 20 miles per gallon city 24 miles per gallon highway for the v6 it’s 13.1 liters per hundred kilometer city 10 on the highway that’s 18 miles per gallon city 24 miles per gallon highway the v6 can tow 5000

Pounds the turbo four-cylinder 2 000 pounds volkswagen offers a warranty of four years eighty thousand kilometers or 50 000 miles in the united states you get complimentary maintenance for two years or twenty thousand miles we talked about some of the competition and already but let’s see what else you can buy with your money for your consideration four vehicles for

You to consider up first is the jeep grand cherokee with a base 3.6 liter pentastar v6 it is 293 horsepower and a starting price of just over 53 and a half thousand dollars the honda passport with a three and a half liter v6 280 horsepower and a starting price just over forty seven thousand dollars the ford edge has a turbocharged four-cylinder with 245 horsepower

And a starting price of just over 37 and a half thousand dollars here’s our used car alternative from canada drives.ca we chose a 2019 nissan murano sl with just 62 000 kilometers on the clock for 36 590 click on the tab or the link in the description below to find more vehicles in this category from canadadrives.ca so there are four spacious five passenger suvs

For you to consider lightning round two things we like two things we like to see improve i like the comfort level in here i like all the hard plastic give me a break you did not what do you what would you like apple maker what would you like to see improved andrea i would like to see less hard plastic no i’m not going to use that i want to say that i would like to

See a standard eight inch touchscreen in here with the wireless apple carplay and android auto i would like them to add more hard plastic that’s what i want it’s just troublemaker isn’t he like honestly if you’re looking for a spacious five-seater family hauler you got to check out this atlas cross sport it’s a unique category not many that compete against this

This video is brought to you by canada drives shop online for your next used vehicle and enjoy the convenience of to your door delivery and the confidence of a seven day love it or return it guarantee visit canada drives.ca to learn more

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