2022 vw atlas cross sport 3 6 se
Altair Club Cars 2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport 3.6 SEL 4Motion in Tourmaline Blue Metallic

2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport 3.6 SEL 4Motion in Tourmaline Blue Metallic

2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport 3.6 4Motion in Tourmaline Blue Metallic

Hello guys this is rhys from bombardo st peters volkswagen in st louis and today i’m bringing you a 2022 volkswagen atlas cross sport sel 4motion v6 this particular one is tourmaline blue metallic on the exterior with dark beige leatherette interior it features led headlights led running lights led all weather lights the three rib grille design goes right into the

Headlights there with the new volkswagen logo keyless entry on four doors 20 inch alloy wheels aluminum alloy wheels cross board flare or badging on the door panels chrome accents around the wind window sills and also chrome roof rails dual faux exhaust tips on the back right below the oversized reflectors it says atlas trimmed down in a chrome badge right here

Underneath the new volkswagen logo and says seo v6 to the left and four motion off to the right also comes with a five thousand pound tow hitch and a seven pin adapter included now this one here is kind of an anomaly this car is built when i go over to windows sticker there’s a lot of things that are missing off of this car but they are coming from volkswagen they

Just kind of missed it on this one this one snuck through without getting all of the goodies added uh but i’ll go over the window sticker and i’ll mention all of those items but uh they’ll be added later they’re being overnighted from volkswagen to us to put on the car let’s take a look inside here’s a look at that dark beige interior very close to the cinnamon

Color premium stitch right here in the door panel and on the arm pad here trimmed out in black down below here all of the switches and knobs are trimmed out in silver they’re black there’s a power liftgate here’s a look through in inside there’s a look at that two tone you got a black headliner with the power sun shade black armrest right here in the middle

Contrast stitching as well carbon fiber pattern on this on the fabric right here with this dual contrast stitch here goes up into the bolster behind the shoulders the headrest trimmed out in black contrast stitching there as well again three seat memory here three buttons right there then you have a power lumbar your forward back up and down is handled right here

And then your seat back adjust is handled right here let’s climb inside automatic headlights coin box for storage right there there’s a look at that door panel again right there a carbon fiber type finish right here in the aren’t in the uh door panel trimmed out in flat silver right here that continues just like in the grown up atlas the full full-size atlas

Across the radio across the dash carbon fiber finish there and into the door panel there a black leather wrapped steering wheel here with contrast stitching here a splash of piano black down here flat silver finish right here it’s an adjustable steering wheel i can pull out push in raise it and lower it and on a day like today is very important it’s a heated

Steering wheel as well your cruise control functionality is right here and then your travel assist functionality is all right here you do have the digital cockpit right here with three main buttons here i’m going to turn on navigation first excuse me so you can see that i’ll display it in the instrument cluster here that’s going to come up over here now this is the

Dial screen and you also have the wide screen and then you also have the crop screen right here there look there’s a look at that automatic headlight switch again i can pull out on that deactivate the all weather lights i also have a coin box for storage right here very nice lots of black in here so even though you get the dark beige just it’s trimmed out in a

Lot of black so it still has that little dark feel to it and it has that koopa feel as well with that black headliner on the radio here am fm satellite is on here also android auto apple carplay and mirror link they’re all done wirelessly and you also have wireless charging right here on this pad so with your phone if your phone is wireless charging capable you

Can charge it on this pad in most cases with the case on the phone unless you carry a pop socket on there then you’d have to remove the case to get it to charge you do also have two usbc connections right there that are backlit and then you also have a 12 volt charger port right here as well heated seats on both driver and passenger up front dual zone climate

Zone so i can bring that up by hitting the menu button and then i can also turn on air care air care is my air filtration system a little blue line will start here and expand that’s scrubbing the air before it circulates it in a cabin very nice you do also have a fantastic backup camera here this backup camera does have trajectory steering so i can turn the wheel

Left i can turn the wheel right the yellow line moves accordingly the red line signifies where my bumper is and a green line signifies straight back this unit is already sold and as i said it’s waiting on some parts to come in uh that were uh messing off of the when it came off the truck they just simply didn’t put the port options in um there’s a storage bin here

And a speaker here this one is supposed to have the auto dimming homelink mirror with homelink connect but this is the regular mirror that you come with it comes with uh they’re also shipping that to us vanity mirror up here with an led light you have that on each side very nice and a panoramic sunroof with a power sunshade black headliner on this as well or

Black power sunshade i should say to match the headliner and there’s a look at your panoramic sunroof that glass stacks on top of that glass and you get a pop-up windscreen right here so you have a huge opening here all of your passengers are under glass and it’s tinted glass at that okay and then that closes very nice little bit of the blue exterior shows up

Over here very nice there’s your adjustable seat belt right there in the glove box here there’s your manuals your seat belt clip protectors and tire warranties are all right there in the armrest here it’s it’s leatherette padded trimmed out in black with the a contrast stitch there and inside here another usbc connection here i can drop a safe in here there’s

A storage safety we can put in here that bolts in and that’ll protect your valuables and keep them all safe and locked your cup holders right here you have a cup holder light as well and then you have this little knob right here that allows you to uh adjust your drive so this will put it on dedicated all-wheel drive by switching it to snow mode you do also have

This button here the roadway puts you on eco normal sport or custom and if you want to save on fingerprints you do it this way by pushing the button and it still changes it without the fingerprints very nice then you have off-road and an off-road custom off-road custom is going to allow you to tweak these different items here so hill descent control you can turn

It on or off you can also do that on hill start assist park assist your all-wheel drive system is currently on off road you can change it back to normal steering you can do sport or normal and then drive train you can do off-road or normal and adaptive cruise control comfort normal sport or eco i mean you can change everything on this guy so i’m going to exit that

I’m going to turn this back to the roadway and now i’m back to here um very nice and wireless apple carplay i don’t know if i went over that or not android auto apple car player mirror link you can hook them up wirelessly just by setting up your bluetooth and then you also have that wireless charging there i think i went over that but i’m not sure there’s a look

Through to the back again manual headrest for all five seats now let’s take a look at the back here’s a look at your alloy wheels those are 20 inch alloy wheels and this is my wife’s favorite color tourmaline blue the beige door inset here with the premium stitch the armband arm pad right here and then the black trimmed out right here there’s lots of storage for

Bottles and cups here’s a look at that window sticker here it’s not on the car because we had to actually contact corporate to get things taken care of this car is supposed to have with it an mdo package 880 bucks which includes that set of monster mats heavy-duty trunk liner cargo blocks uh auto dimming home link mirror with the four-year homelink connect uh

Subscription also um it’s gonna have volkswagen logo puddle lights for 210 bucks trailer hitch extras which includes the hitch cover um the hitch accessories bag and then also the hitch itself that’s 165 bucks and then a roadside assistance kit for 90 bucks bringing this car to 47 260. so the way you see this car though it’s actually stripped out it has none of

Those features on it uh but those are all things that we can add and rectify here at the dealership so it’s not a big deal magazine pocket here a magazine pocket here lots and lots of leg room here as i’m wearing my volkswagen bus socks here i don’t know if you can see those i got these at the rock and roll hall of fame let’s put some light on them there you go

Volkswagen bus and by the way the bus is coming back in 2024 as an electric so we’re going to be doing a wait list for that car so uh stay tuned we’ll get we’ll get the list going and you can add yourself to the list there a little storage cubby here and your vents right here uh for added comfort then you have two usbc connections here also a three-prong plug-in

Right there so you can charge your laptop here’s a look through from the back to the front i’ll move that window sticker so you can see that arm pad that armrest there the center console instrument cluster right there and to look up the giant panoramic sunroof very nice there’s a look at the door panel there the door insets with the premium stitching and then also

The black trim here also on the seats here is a little bit of black leatherette contrast stitch here car seat hookups there and also over here with the fold down armrest in the middle right here squishy yet firm also the adjustable headrests are trimmed out in black now let’s take a look at the back hatch there’s a closer look at your 20-inch alloy wheel very

Nice as we come around to the back here the tail lights are actually on so you can see that tail light design there very cool and here’s a look through from the back to the front lots of space in this car it is i apologize this was stripped out it’s missing the accessories but i went over it on the sticker and i have enough of these videos you probably figure out

What what’s missing here there’s a look at your spare the jack apparatus off to the side it’s a good size spare right there this floor right here super sturdy you do also have a recessed trunk light on this side and this side as well also a 12 volt charger port right here and bag hooks are recessed right here and also right here there’s a look through from the

Back to the front look at the sunroof there center cross cluster there and this is the five-seater option as we close that there there’s a look at that power liftgate button there this car comes with a four-year 50 000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty on it from volkswagen it’s four years fifty thousand miles that includes two years of free maintenance so your ten

And twenty thousand mile oil change are covered by volkswagen also if you buy from me at bombardo st peters here in st louis remember i’m at bomber riddle st peters there are two volkswagen dealers that are named by morito in st louis i’m at the saint peter’s location this car will get a third year free maintenance as well so your 10 20 and 30 000 mile oil change

Will be covered also if you buy from me and bomb riddle st peters free of charge i’m going to give you a 10 year 200 000 mile nationwide engine and powertrain warranty absolutely zero cost to you 10 years 200 000 miles that’s nearly a quarter million miles free of charge remember you can fly in and drive out i can order your car you can fly in i’ll pick you up at

The airport and you can drive your car home if you’re interested in a car like this one give me a call 636-290-4257 on tick-tock youtube instagram facebook and twitter at resales cars again that number 636-290-4257 give me a call i can help you out thanks a lot guys stay safe stay healthy have a great day

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2022 VW Atlas Cross Sport 3.6 SEL 4Motion in Tourmaline Blue Metallic By Reese Sells Cars Volkswagen Guru

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