2022 volvo xc60 t8 awd recharge
Altair Club Cars 2022 Volvo XC60 T8 AWD RECHARGE – 455hp Premium Extended Range PHEV

2022 Volvo XC60 T8 AWD RECHARGE – 455hp Premium Extended Range PHEV

The 2022 Volvo XC60 T8 AWD Recharge is a very ideal vehicle for most especially considering the size. This SUV has an extended electric PURE range of 60kms and the best part is that we were able to consistently achieve those results. Over the course of a week, we barely touched the gas and had zero range anxiety since if you aren’t able to charge or even if you forget, no problem, you have the gasoline engine,

This is the 2022 volvo xc60 t8 all-wheel drive and this is the recharge which means it has a plug all right let’s give you the goods on this new 2022 xc60 t8 recharge first of all this is a premium offering uh it goes against vehicles kind of like the bmw x3 the audi q5 or the mercedes glc and their phev versions however the glc is not available in the

Phev in canada here um looks wise i like it what do you think cynthia no complaints no complaints i’m a fan of the xc40 uh and this is just like a bigger version of the xc40 it has a lot of premium looks to it it comes with 19 inch wheels we have the upgraded 21 inch wheels on here like the lighting package that it comes with it’s raining right now we’ve

Got good wipers and rear wipers as well you have power liftgate with the hands-free option that comes standard and one thing this has is which is a a big plus for people especially with pets and this is an option though you can get the there’s a um an optional steel gate that it’s actually foldable it comes down and yeah you’ve got dogs cats even big

Wild cats throw them in the back there they’re not going to get through into the main compartment or if you have a whole bunch of gear loaded up in the back and you want to secure it kind of like a bulkhead so when you slam the brakes on it’s not going to all come flying forward it’s for your road trip it is a good it’s really good for road trips and it’s

A good safety feature and i like how it’s just it’s so easy to use and so is that tonneau cover you also have lots of room back there and while we’re back there this does have it’s an option though it has a four corner air suspension so you can adjust uh the vehicle when you when you’re loading things in when you’re going on your camping trip or whatever

You can lower it down and or raise it up and also if you’re going off-road you can raise it up so that’s also nice to have and it works very very quickly this xc60 starts at 76 500 canadian dollars so if you aren’t living in the great white north like we are in right now make sure to check with your local volvo website to see what the cost and what trim

Levels are available where you are so but 76 500 gets you a lot there um you know we talked about the 19 inch rims and the the power tailgate but on the inside we get a standard digital cockpit we get the large panel roof these seats they’re so supportive uh you have adjustable lumbar as well and of course there are some upgrades at this size cynthia what

Does this have for upgrades yeah there are additional options which i always like options so for climate control package which is a thousand dollars which you get had a lamp cleaners heated rear seats and heated steering wheel now one thing to note though if you go for the climate package with the heated rear seats you cannot get the integrated booster

Seats so it’s one or the other you can get the climate package and get booster seats which is really handy if you have kids and you know you don’t ever have to bring them along with you because they’re built right into the seat but you don’t get the heated rear seats so just be aware of that next one advanced package so it is twenty eight hundred and

Fifty dollars package that comes with head up display pilot assists 360 cameras i love that and air purifier yeah air purifier really good we have a lot of forest fires right now so it’s nice to have that clean air uh 360 camera yeah is a must however i’ve said this on other evolvable product reviews with their nice screen is the cr the graphics are

Crisp you do get apple carplay and android auto of course this is an android system however when you use that 360 camera and it’s quite clear it’s either one or the other meaning that a lot of other cars that have the 360 camera you you normally see the 360 image as well or the top down image as well as the rear view camera when this one is one or the

Other so when you’re in 360 mode you have to tap on the vehicle to select what camera for instance and then you can see that and then you have to go back and forth with 360. i really wish they could actually put both on there you do have a proximity sensor on the front and the back that helps but you know what you have the real estate might as well use

It what else we got yeah and they’re also standard loan options yeah like the bowers and wilkins stereo it’s like about thirty seven hundred dollars we got the air suspension and the 21 inch wheels the list can go on and on but the grand total after we add all those together is drum roll please 89 575 canadian dollars yeah so just under 90 000 canadian

For this tested unit here let’s talk about what’s under the hood which is a two liter turbocharged engine matched with a phev system so combined horsepower 455 horsepower and 523 pound-feet of torque that’s matched to a traditional 8-speed automatic transmission which is a really nice thing a lot of times when you get into a hybrid vehicle they give you

The cvt a lot of people aren’t fans with it you get a traditional automatic with this we have all-wheel drive now everyone wants to know what’s the range of this vehicle well it’s rated at 58 kilometers however we’ve actually been getting actually more than that i’ve gone up to like 62 kilometers and this is the extended range and how does it work well

You have different modes that you can go into i have it set right now to default when we start it up it’s going to start out in pure mode meaning that we’re going to use up all the electricity first it’s going to default to that right now we are on the freeway right now and there’s traffic right now but um we’re in pure mode and you can see on our gauge

There’s a little drop which is like a fuel and that’s a good indication it’ll tell you when you’re gonna hit the gas engine and that’s really nice so if you change to something like the hybrid you know if you want to move out of pure to hybrid you’ll see that little drop go down a little bit closer so you’ll hit it easier but right now we are in pure mode

And unless we really demand all the power it’s going to stay in electric mode let’s see right now let’s just give us a little room here and let’s put it to the floor there we go now we hit that gasoline engine now we’re sucking back a little bit of fuel and but it’ll revert right back to pure very very quickly it’s just it’s just getting going through

Its little cycle right now so you want do you if you want the most amount of of power there is the power mode or if your hybrid um you’re going to obviously use more fuel at that point yeah are they easy to change its driving mode well it is not that easy to change a driving mode good question and that’s one thing i looked around and it’s unfortunate is

That you have to go through the menu to go and change your driving mode or your or um or your electrical mode so you have to go to settings a little gear you have to go driving and then you are there under your drive modes right there so i’m going to go let’s say i’m going to go pure it’s not letting me change right now how come you know why i think

Because we started that gas engine it has to go through its cycle once it’s warm it’ll do it but you can literally drive this thing for the entire time uh in pure mode as long as you don’t floor it like i do and yeah it’s really been really good we have driven this almost for a full week now and we have really used almost no gas at all right and the

Best thing i know this is going to sound like a broken record we love phevs they are the best vehicles right now for everyone you don’t have to live in a detached house to have a charger you don’t have to line up for a charger you don’t have to plan out your trips you can just save money drive like an ev if you you know if you don’t charge don’t worry

Just put gas in it ride wise extremely comfortable even with these 21 inch wheels but we have that air suspension which really softens things up very very nicely it’s quiet in here it’s a very rainy day right now we have the pilot assist if we want to use it so we basically just hit that button and it’s going to follow and i’m hands-free right now on the

Freeway this is really nice for stop and go traffic for sure now it’s going to ask me to put my hands back on every once in a while so that’s okay um but uh regen braking if we want we can actually go and hit the shifter and you can feel that resistance right now essentially we have a lot more regen braking it’s a it’s like you know one pedal driving um

You know it’s gonna switch that off it’s kind of irritating uh one thing to note you know on just not just like on this vehicle but louisville products now the gear selector you have to hit it twice so every whether you go into reverse or drive it always stops at neutral so just remember that it takes a while to get used to all right the highs and lows

First off the highs uh styling love the styling of the volvo inside and out the interior really has that scanned design feel it has a premium look has a premium feel um i like it i really do like it i like the size like look how wide it is i cannot touch the other window it’s there’s a lot of room in here for this class of vehicle kids have no issue in

The back at all so it passes the family test for sure it’s nice and airy and yeah it’s it’s great another thing it’s a volvo you get that safety that’s you know synonymous with volvo and who doesn’t like that they’ve thought about everything you know they’re one of the very first to come out with the integrated booster seats um so that is one thing that

You can’t discount is a safety when it comes to a volvo next the drive train lots of power tons of acceleration easy to use other than that having to switch through the screen i really wish there was a button on here um but yeah automatic transmission love that the ev has great torque the hybrid system works even better if you want lots of power you have

It so they’ve got it covered there and the range like around 60 kilometers is really really decent for range which brings us to the lows which i’m going to start with it’s not the range because we said the range is good but it’s charging this ev system it’s slow like it comes with a 1 10 charger and with a 110 charger you’re looking at like 13 plus hours

To get that ring to get their range for the 60 kilometers which is crazy and then we have a level two charger it all depends on what what amperages but it’ll it only charges at 3.6 amps maximum so you know you’re looking at anywhere at the quickest it’d be four hours but in our experience it’s taking six hours to charge us with a level two charger which

I think it’s it’s pretty slow like not bad for us with a level two but if you don’t have a level two charger at home then it’s gonna be a kind of an issue really you’re gonna have to plug this in for a long time plus there is no uh dc fast charging on this vehicle next is the price as we mentioned it can get pretty spendy this one’s almost 90 000 but it is

A premium product and the last thing uh this android system i have to admit i really was not a fan of it and i’ve gotten used to it after a week of driving i have gotten used to it i still think it’s not very intuitive at all um and where i see the problem is is if you have an older buyer or a person that is not as tech savvy like you you know you really

Need to get the most out of it you need to have a google account and you got to sign into that to use everything and different profiles and for a lot of people that may buy this vehicle you know it’s like yeah if you’re in the know and you’re up to date on everything that’s fine but if you just want a system to just get into and just work right off the

Bat without having to sign up for anything this is not the system that you’re going to enjoy at all you know so it’s a lot of it’s very menu driven i really wish that there were more tactical buttons and and yeah it’s it’s not the greatest experience for me as we mentioned also you know that drive mode setting you have to use the screen and also um you

Know that backup camera wish they could just spread that out use both cameras at the same time but um those are our lows anyways thank you to the the dim sum girl here uh for helping out today and if you have any questions or comments leave them down below and of course cynthia what can they do please subscribe and hit like button we’ll see you all next time see ya you

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2022 Volvo XC60 T8 AWD RECHARGE – 455hp Premium Extended Range PHEV By Everyday Reviews

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