2022 volvo xc60 recharge plug in
Altair Club Cars 2022 Volvo XC60 Recharge | Plug-in Hybrid SUV Review

2022 Volvo XC60 Recharge | Plug-in Hybrid SUV Review

The 2022 Volvo XC60 is a premium compact SUV that competes with the Audi Q5, BMW X3, and Genesis GV70. In this video, we drive a Volvo XC60 Recharge Extended Range plug-in hybrid to review its positives and negatives from a family perspective. #micahdrives

We’re driving a 2022 volvo xc60 recharge extended range coming up we’re going to show you an attribute that’s a bit of a secret with this xc60 that blew heavy’s mind but first information explosion the xc60 recharge is a plug-in hybrid version of the xc60 and the extended range version that we’ve got here as uh it has an extended range it’s exactly what it

Sounds like they also updated the xc60 for 2022 so we’ve got a few little changes to talk about but first let’s begin with interior the interior of this vehicle it’s to my taste in a way that it’s not just nice for a car like i kind of want our living room to look like this vehicle as a woman who’s always appreciated mid-century modern furniture and maybe i’ve

Been a little bit put off by just like fancy luxury oh yeah this has a real vibe to it especially with material choices so there’s things that you find in a volvo that you won’t find it anywhere else i mean wool blend seats as soon as i got in this thing i’m like man i really like the vibe in here me too actually the first thing i did when i got in here was

Um almost spill a peanut butter waffle on all over these nice seats what what what else was on the peanut butter waffle jelly yeah it’s very jelly but instead i saved it at the last second and just got to admire these beautiful wool seats as you touch around too like a lot of soft places interesting choices i always my hand just sort of naturally rests here on

The center tunnel and this little bit of plastic right here while it has sort of a velvety finish when i tap it it’s a little bit hollow conversely you can get a pretty fresh sound out of that thing if you got the rhythm do you get the rhythm in terms of space i fit in the back seat behind my preferred front seat position well i got plenty knee clearance my head

Clears just fine it’s a little bit more vertical than i would prefer it’s not uncomfortable but just uh i wouldn’t mind being able to lean back a little bit more there is a center tunnel so if you want to have somebody in the middle position make sure they have tiny adorable little legs that’s exactly right yeah you got to put a band-aid if for some reason you

Might have scraped up your leg uh jumping around on rocks that’s what happens when you’re a kid living that kid life kiddo while i have your attention um how easy is it to get into this car was it okay yeah it’s so easy yeah no problem okay interestingly volvo refers to this as a midsize suv though it competes with what has traditionally been called a compact

Luxury suv segment so vehicles like the bmw x3 and audi q5 how do you find the front seats i find them comfortable i like how they hold you in because this is a pretty speedy vehicle there’s a little bit too much support in the upper back for me i don’t know if that’s just because i’ve been doing pull-ups and i got a really ripped of her torso uh you know what

I’ll i’ll distract myself from the extra support by patting myself on the back but i do like the adjustable lumbar support down low and by pushing that out it kind of evens it out just a little bit talking about cargo space 30.8 cubic feet behind the second row which is very competitive for the segments that it operates in i have grown used to having releases

In the cargo area but i also found in this one even though it doesn’t have those releases you can reach over because they’re right on top of the seats so it’s not too hard to get the seat to flip down from the cargo area oh and then this has the air suspension and what’s neat about that is that you know for easy lift over of heavy items you just push the button

On the side and the whole vehicle drops down for easier loading as for safety volvo has a strong reputation with safety and this is a five-star overall rated vehicle from the national highway transportation safety administration four-star and rollover but it’s very normal for suvs because they tend to sit up a little bit taller seven airbags including a driver’s

Knee airbag it’s also an iihs top safety pick plus and it has a suite of assists to keep you driving safely things like blind spot warning lane keeping assist automatic emergency braking with uh pedestrian bicyclist and large animal detection so if we don’t hit a moose by the end of the video you’ll know why oh i forgot to ask how is it installing the car seat i

Couldn’t tell if the doors were a little bit narrow or the seat was set a little further back but it’s slightly awkward to maneuver in but the latch points are very easy to access they have plastic covers you just lift them up they flip up and they stay attached so you won’t lose them which is so nice so we have a generally functional vehicle uh from a family

Perspective that is extremely safe what do we think family friendly family friendly yeah family friendly rear window test oh almost all the way down arm rest test i’m driving in a comfortable eight and four and the armrest themselves are soft and squishy but it’s a little bit too much of a reach for my ideal driving position i’m gonna go 60 inboard 60 outboard

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Purchase flying when you see the volvo xc60 what do you think i thought i’d see like a safe elegant vehicle but it’s also a little bit sporty looking with the front fascia well actually they updated the uh the front end and uh some subtle rear uh styling for 2022 they also made some light tweaks to the grill um it’s subtle enough that you’d have to really do

A good side-by-side to note the differences but there are differences what do you guys think do you like the style of the volvo xc60 if you do if you don’t tell us in the comment section if you’re curious what we’re doing between youtube videos you can give us a follow over on instagram in motion driving the volvo xc60 around to me it just reads as generally

Competent it’s comfortable it’s quiet um one thing i found on these windy roads is that the steering doesn’t always give you a ton of information but if you trust the vehicle you can drive this thing very very swiftly around corners if you are motivated and i am motivated you might be thinking micah why are you driving that volvo xc60 so quickly and the answer

Is this plug-in hybrid makes a ton of power if you didn’t notice in the information explosion here are the power figures again it’s so quick it does 0 to 60 in about four and a half seconds why is that guy going so fast because i can what amazes me is that um volvo they’ve basically gone to the technology store and bought it out because they like well should we

Add a turbocharger sure should we add a supercharger yeah should we make the supercharger electrically powered instead of mechanical powered why not should we add an electric motor just driving the rear wheels sure should we add an 18.8 kilowatt hour battery pack yes we should there’s so many technologies happening here i was expecting more kind of transitions

Between this power that power um and it just kind of flows it all just kind of flows together um it’s really kind of a miracle as we come to this stop here i’m gonna note one other little miracle of the xc60 recharge which is that it’s an electrified vehicle it has a blended braking system so there’s regenerative braking happening so we’re capturing uh kinetic

Energy as electrons into the battery and there’s also friction breaking and yet i can come to a very smooth stop this is one of the rare electrified vehicles where the brakes to me feel essentially normal and then just for no reason i’m just flooring i mean come on you get the immediacy of that uh that electric torque which is powering the rear wheels and

Then when the gasoline engine comes in it’s it’s a lot okay i’m having some fun but maybe we should see what evie thinks evie’s at the wheel so the first thing that surprised you about the xc60 we’re driving is what it’s so fast you guys i was not expecting that horsepower in this vehicle very quickly for it when you drive around here how you feeling with

The steering i like this steering because it’s light and easy to steer so if we’re in the driving settings here i could turn it so that the steering feel firm that’s how it came originally and i turned it off i kind of like a little bit of a light lighter steering for what you’re doing too like it’s you know low speed driving around the mountain it just gives

It kind of like a light agile feel so you like that that’s great what about visibility over my right shoulder the windows are a little bit narrow but i feel like it’s not impeding my vision yeah the b pillar over my left shoulder is a little thick but i can see beyond it overall are you feeling pretty comfortable driving the xc60 for a vehicle with this amount

Of um power definitely all right if you’re satisfied i am going to get back in the driver’s seat overall i think the volvo xc60 offers enough refinement to really give you kind of a sense that you’re driving something elevated and special let me very quickly thank the folks on patreon who support us there you get early access to our videos and we chat with you

Guys there thank you for your support emotion factor if you like stylish interiors emotion checked do you like going fast in this trim yes emotion checked yes there’s a huge emotion factor here and i think you could also um add to that the emotion of um feeling secure like you are with your family in a lot of ways it does feel like we’ve made the perfect heavy

Car in that it’s very safe and uh it’s very stylish um in fact for your purposes since you’re not really like a speed freak maybe if you took some of the speed out like a lower trim might be more your style but i feel like we’re pulling a lot of the emotional levers that work on you totally if you’re feeling emotionally moved to buy a volvo xc60 of your very own

Click the kelly blue book listing link in the description below remarks remark number one infotainment for 2022 they have updated the infotainment it’s now a new system that’s based on the android automotive platform item one in terms of interesting i burned down about 20 minutes trying to get um apple carplay to connect because i am so used to just connecting

My phone and having it magically pop up and through my research i realized that it is not available yet which leads us to the next point which is that um over-the-air updates are a part of the system and so uh apple carplay and android auto smartphone connectivity are not available as of when we made this video but they should be available at some point uh via

Over-the-air updates because i was not familiar with this system and there was a big learning curve i leaned heavily on the google assistant for turning on my seed heater changing the radio that kind of stuff yeah an advantage of this new system is that incorporates a lot of google features so you’ve got google maps just built in the google play app store so you

Can add apps as you see fit and you have that google assistant functionality so you can control a lot of the features with your voice one thing to note is that all of that stuff is part of a subscription that ends after four years of ownership and then you have to pay for it turn on the radio okay here you go okay see what plays i don’t know this song but

Man i know songs you have to know this song i’ve never heard that i mean i know it’s spanish but other than that i know nothing about that song amazing right wow google assistant you are good because you don’t have dedicated buttons sometimes there are vehicle features you want to change like we talked about steering feel where you want to go to the different

Drive modes and having to get in here and kind of tap your way to them that’s maybe a little bit more involved than just pushing a button but again i think this is in the category of the more you use it the more you’ll get used to it another bit of technology that i enjoyed was pilot i do this every single time pilot assist yeah i wanted to call it pro pilot

Assist there’s only so many names in the english language but pilot assist is a driver assist feature that you can use on the freeway and it keeps you in your lane and it automatically keeps space between you and the vehicle ahead similar systems they always leave too much space between you and the vehicle ahead and then cars just sort of start to keep piling

In in front of you this is the rare driver assist feature that keeps a tight enough distance that i will actually use it and stop and go which is a really tough thing to do to keep a tight enough space that cars can’t come in but to also break confidently and consistently enough that as the driver you can trust it’s not going to slam into the back of that car

Good job pilot assist one feature that i wish we had on this tester but i think is super super cool and i don’t know if anybody else has it is an integrated booster seat so volvo offers it um where in the second row on the outside seats the lower cushion can pop up the price for that feature varies a lot on the configurator on the base b5 trim it’s 500 bucks on

Uh recharge like the one we’re driving here it’s 1200 whatever it is though if this were my volvo i would spring for that because i think that’s a really worthwhile feature if you have a kiddo like we do okay settle in everybody we need to talk about the power trains uh many of which are new for 2022 volvo has added quite a bit of electrification okay so the b5

Uh powertrain is a two liter turbocharged engine you can get it in front wheel drive or all-wheel drive it’s a 48 volt mild hybrid go to the b6 voila you’ve added an e-supercharger to that same 2-liter turbocharged engine and it only comes with all-wheel drive by the way somebody asked us if we could dive deeper into fuel economy and just for perspective those

Numbers are basically in the same ballpark as the audi q5 and bmw x3 so very competitive for the segment then we have the xc60 recharge it’s a two liter turbocharged engine with an electric supercharger for the front and then an electric motor for the rear wheels and since it’s a plug-in hybrid it’ll cover 19 miles under pure electric range and after that 25 mpg

Combined and then we have the recharge extended range which we’re driving which has all those same features but a larger battery so it can cover 36 miles under pure electric power after you use that pure electric power you get 28 mpg for our purposes a plug-in hybrid makes a lot of sense 36 miles of range will cover your daily drive easily and yet you’re never

Afflicted with range anxiety for longer trips talking about all those power trains though does let you know that there is a lot of complexity in the trim structure and the engine names and as a casual buyer trying to get your head around which one is the right one for you it can be a little befuddling hey sweetie yeah can i give you a trim recommendation of

Course okay i’m going to suggest getting the absolute base b5 trim it includes this panoramic roof a driver memory seat a ton of safety smart key access dual zone climate control for most people’s needs you could get by with the base trim just fine because we haven’t gotten enough complexity in this video there’s another way to buy the volvo which is to not buy

It you can buy it you can lease it or you can do what’s called care by volvo which is a subscription service and basically you pay one flat fee which includes the cost of the vehicle maintenance and insurance you can actually end it without any cancellation fee in as few as four months adding even more complexity there’s an asterisk if you live in illinois it has

To be at least 12 months with the subscription service lastly the competitive set as i mentioned previously we got the bmw x3 audi q5 on the cheaper end of the spectrum you got the gv70 from genesis and the acura rdx which we recently drove all right i think we’ve covered our bases pretty well if we missed any remarks please leave them in the comment section

Synopsis in thinking about the essence of the volvo xc60 it is family-friendly it is complicated and it goes remarkably quick to me it is the professional domino tumbled down video of premium compact but for some reason labeled midsize suvs oh it’s so complicated if you guys want to see more of these kinds of videos feel free to subscribe if you’d like to see

What we’re doing between youtube videos you can give us a follow over on instagram family i think we’ve done a pretty good job reviewing the volvo xc60 recharge a lot of words let’s just floor it for no good reason high five high five and you come get your high five you

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2022 Volvo XC60 Recharge | Plug-in Hybrid SUV Review By Micah Muzio

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