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2022 Volkswagen Tiguan | Smart Looking Audi

The redesigned 2022 Tiguan is here and looking better than ever. This Highline R-Line (or the SEL R-Line in the USA) Tiguan starts at $42,995 CAD and puts out 184 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque from a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.

What’s up internet world and welcome back to the channel today i bring you the 2022 volkswagen tiguan so we’re here today to talk about the all-new refreshed tiguan you see we did something similar with the arteon we had the old version and then the new version and today we’re going to talk about this beautiful new stylish tiguan so what is the tiguan well the

Tiguan is now third row available and guess what that’s a marketing ploy just like all other small compact suvs so i’m excited to talk about it because of a few reasons one because volkswagen does very very well on our channel and thanks to you willie mates our loyal subscriber he gave us this car to borrow so there are four versions in the tiguan like all

Volkswagens usually have they’re always starting with treadline and then you’ve got comfort line comfort line r and then of course this the high line and the high line includes all of the blue so this has an all new front fascia and let’s start with these headlights you see these headlights are modern they’re what the new generation volkswagens are running with

And they do have something called cornering light when you turn it obviously goes that direction also has auto high beam yes nice clean touch it says iq light on the side nice and pretty but the cool part about this whole setup is this illumination right here on the grill it’s only available on the high line you cannot get it when you get a trend line you have to

Get the big baller one to get this beautiful nice led strip across the front and of course the r because this is a full r line fancy fancy and that r line gives us nice big bumper with these massive what look to be air intakes they’re obviously not intaking anything but they look like this big old mouth now moving along here you’ll see it does have this embedded

Camera nice and sweet nothing that’s hidden underneath here it’s nice and clean with this front bumper and underneath it of course you have your front parktronics pretty straightforward stuff it also does have 360 camera that i’ll talk about inside when i talk about the interior portion of course some of your radar portions are hidden right behind the volkswagen

Emblem and it also does have front pedestrian detection it does auto brake for you it does have adapter cruise control and of course it keeps you in your lane like all new cars do today so here in canada you do get heated wipers so let’s check under the hood and see what we get now in canada we do get all-wheel drive standard in the us you get front-wheel drive

Choices but here we get all-wheel drive now this is powered with a non-turbo 2-liter that makes 184 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque yes it takes regular fuel and yes it does have start and stop with regen braking hmm what transmission eight speed thank god it’s not cvt germans know germans know now moving along the side here you will see that these

Headlights flare into the front fender now also you will see that it has chrome and you’re thinking this has the r line how come it has chrome well check this out in canada you can only get the chrome delete if you get a comfort line it’s called a black package and only available in the comfort line you cannot get all black if you get the top model you still

Get chrome what’s up with that volkswagen what’s up with that so how about wheels when you get the highline you get these awesome 20s and when you get the comfort line r-line you get 19’s these things look primo i just find they do such a good job with wheels germans dominate the wheel space you get some other brands that are actually trying to catch up now but

Hey they dominate that space now what else can we talk about on the side of this tiguan well one thing’s for sure it only has keyless on the front you can lock and unlock the doors only in the front when you have the key in your pocket and the car is locked and you try to open the back well she don’t open or maybe i’m just being a big baby because now they got

Something called car nut like most manufacturers do where you can lock and unlock your car as well as start it you can also find out where it is and you can actually set it up that it has a curfew that hey kids get home because the car will not start i got full control side and back of the volkswagen tiguan now they’ve changed it a little bit they don’t have

The side assist right on here anymore it’s actually like audi on the actual housing which is primo it’s more audi ish now let’s talk about the back it’s kind of unchanged from the last gen don’t see a big difference well i do see the fact they’ve moved the tiguan from here the lettering to here to make it more modern to appeal to the new young buyers everything

Else looks kind of the same i don’t see a difference now we’ll zonk the back rear wiper we need to have it underneath now again are we going to zonk it what do you guys think so jokes aside this thing does tow 1500 pounds maybe that is the joke but it does have tailgate look powered tailgate and then i give it a kicky and she goes back down again i just don’t

Honestly think people buy tig once a toe that’s really it i think they’re just checking the box saying 500 pounds that’s we tow and like it or leave it love it or list it we’re not sure now when the trunk is up you can actually set it by holding this button down so if you want it a little bit lower a little bit higher voila it is set so let’s see how much room

We have in this trunk now as i slide my measuring tape back i’ve got 40 and a half as far as depth as far as width we’ve got 43 oh this is a little bit wider than i expected and look how much height we have maybe we have 24 oh 29 so good space what is hiding underneath this little cover yes interesting they’ve actually moved and made a space for this bad boy down

Here nice you do get a full-size spare there and of course you want to put your seats down you pull this thing back and voila this thing pops down how much room do we have until the back of the center console there how six feet she baked backseat at the 2022 tiguan now do you guys notice how big this entryway is it’s massive they’ve really kind of stretched

It like you know in china they have got long versions of cars like they take most cards they cut in half and they stretch it out this feels like it it just feels like this back is just so much bigger when i think of tiguan i think about old generation smaller but this one is just bigger but this entry point i find really amazing nonetheless they haven’t forgot

Their plastic they like to stick plastic everywhere to make you feel like you know you’re not spending any money until you close the door knees hear this thump like it’s so thumpy so maybe you can look past this plastic with the thumb nonetheless this is called noisette leather it’s a two-tone type vinyl slash leather material they have upgraded this has three

Zone climate control so in the back you’ve got with your finger you just touch it it’s no pushy it’s just a touch little button and i’m sure kids will put it on and then put it off because they don’t know they don’t feel any reverb back in their fingers so it does have usbc and then a cigarette lighter right here you can plug it in everything else feels pretty

Straightforward except the fact that this offers sliding back seats so you can slide it forwards and backwards all the way up and all the way back and you can also recline it by pulling this handle and voila shall we see click and then all the way back and then let’s see what’s underneath here yes two cup holders and a little baby cup holder there and then little

Pockets behind the back seat so this stuff behind here feels pretty vinyly and cheap same with the door panels but the seats feel buckety these ones here the fronts do have sport seats and we’ll talk about it nice big panoramic sunroof i like the fact that it’s all the way back here it doesn’t stop here it’s all the way back feels a lot you know feels airy back

Here front seats front seat time okay okay okay okay okay i’m in i’m in i’m in ooh nice sporty seats for the first time ever the tiguan has ventilated seats and they’ve got the steering wheel from the gtr yes love this steering wheel check out this trim it’s very audi esque it’s called dark grid trim now remember the audi with that wood with that little lines

Of aluminum they force in there it’s very clean and nice speaking of audi check out this hvac controls it’s 100 audi use your finger and you slide left and right for your temperature control and your heated seats and ventilate seats are right here you can have the heated seats and the ventilated seats on at the same time which is kind of cool it blows hot air

Down your underside and underneath the hvac you have two usb-c’s no usbs it does have a cigarette lighter you can plug it in and of course wireless charging sweet we’re in 2022 now so expected it does a push button start and of course start and stop park assist and then your cameras and then you have your electromechanical parking brake and no volkswagen will be

Complete without blank buttons yes there are two blank buttons right here and maybe they make it up because on the shifter it is illuminated you see they’re not depending on that little light that comes down you actually have p r n and d and it’s illuminated right on the gear shifter and underneath that you have your different driving modes you can simply just

Turn it or push the button down depending which selection you’d like to pick obviously eco sport you know guessing can we fit these guys yes we can just drops straight in it’s nice that one’s a little bit larger than the other not by much just a hair and it’s nice because in case you have a little bit larger than this bottle it will fit and then underneath there

We got a little bit of space but yeah it feels very volkswagonish so let’s take a quick dive into this eight inch screen so you’ll see in menu i have all my main layouts right there radio telephone navigation media app connect vehicle and sound which you also have on the left and right on the screen here now again this does have gesture feature as i said you’d

Have to put your hand on the bottom of the screen wipe it left wipe it right and then it moves around for you so i hit the cart button and then the settings and voila there is ambient lighting when i hit ambient lightning i can pick all my different colors pretty straightforward but it’s nice that they offer 30 of them as opposed to five or six but check this out

There’s one other small feature when i hit that button there i can select the area of how bright i want it to be so voila i hit the doors here and i can adjust the brightness now the interesting part is i only have doors i can’t seem to pick anything else all areas select color see it on let’s adjust the doors which is kind of odd but hey at least they offer that

Next up is your assist systems when i hit that button voila i get a beautiful display of a tiguan without a license plate and then the settings and i can pick all the different features i want i can enable them and disable them pretty cool because this also does have road sign display so you can tell the speed of the area that you’re in if it has construction or

If there’s a speed limit change it’ll tell you in the vehicle pretty cool next up is climate control let’s gesture over just your gesture come on jessica come on gesture climate control right there i hit the button and voila i can actually see what temperature is going in each side so for me on my side it’s 18 and then passenger side is 25 i can sync it together

This is not new news but it’s new for the tiguan otherwise you’d have to go down here but the cool part about it is you can select the rear and you can adjust the rear temperature before you’d have to actually go in the back and put your hands and try to feel it out but now you can control it because it’s all digitally done now which is nice or electronically

Done however you want to call it anyways enough about this screen let’s talk about the new pro driver’s display so with the digital cockpit is obviously controlled by the steering wheel and there’s so many features on this thing so let’s just use our little buttons on my right hand here and i can show you how this works now i do have like most cars i do have

A toggle menu at the top and this is no different but it’s cool because it shows your album covers on the audio here that it did not do before next up is telephone then vehicle status your driving data so you have your different driving modes you can toggle between economy overview range energy consumers and then i can have my speed right in the center along

With the other speed that’s to my right of it with a full digital speedometer it’s a lot of speeds going on road sign oil temperature trip and then back to economy so i move over pretty straightforward easy stuff that i can adjust right here your navigation where i can zoom in and out by simply hitting this button that’s pretty cool straightforward stuff but the

Cool part about it now is when i want to turn the volume up i simply just move my finger left and right on the steering wheel and the other cool part about it is that if i want a heated steering wheel i have three increments of heated steering wheels not just one off and three full jam two jam one jam off off so serious question about the tiguan do males buy

More tiguans than females or do females buy more tiguan than males i’ll leave that in the comments below how does it feel to drive well pretty volkswageny very good steering feels solid good visibility it basically feels like a really jacked up golf with more space in the back now this isn’t a new engine for the tiguan it’s just more today’s fluff oh it’s a good

Steering man this feels like a golf club it’s easy to drive great steering great suspension golfs volkswagens in general are like the best to drive in the city they’re good on the highway but in the city they just do something unique they’re just easy to zip around in this does feel a little bit lethargic a little bit but not too bad i’ll get going it putters

Away look at the steering let’s watch my steering inputs it’s just easy to drive uh-huh now that i found sport it’s waking up it’s actually pretty good i mean it does make 220 whatever foot pounds of torque that’s plenty for something that’s this small oh yeah okay tiguan okay tiguan you know what feels homey the fact that i have audi pedals these pedals are

From an audi s3 that’s sweet and i got a dead pedal not a carpet thank you volkswagen give me a dead pedal so i’m okay with this plastic because i have dead pedal a real legitimate dead pedal and have good quality firm hold me in seats it’s peppy peppier than i expected god i was driving an eco wondering why is this thing so slow but in sport she good this

Is such a tough segment but all in all the t1 does a really good job because they’re trying to put pieces of the present and some of the stuff from the past like the german-ness of it and then add some of the present with the quality plastic pieces but hey you’ve got a little touch so you can slide your hand left and right just like your iphone or any new

Smartphone so that’s kind of adding it together right and then they got the styling on the outside it’s probably one of the better looking ones i mean you got crv rav4 this thing yes and this thing is available as a seven passenger so that’s kind of interesting again i can’t see the seven passes being very big it’s probably like five and then two little ones

But hey better than the mitsubishi outlander that has a seven passenger but makes like 181 pound-feet of torque doesn’t go anywhere cannot be fast enough so this motor is one step up from that so if you’re looking at a mitsubishi outlander hypothetically hey the t1 should be in your list that is if you like the way it looks and if you can even get one because

Dealerships are pretty much sold out it is what it is hope you guys like this video and as always thanks for subscribing

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