2022 volkswagen taos se vs sel w
Altair Club Cars 2022 Volkswagen Taos SE VS SEL walk around video

2022 Volkswagen Taos SE VS SEL walk around video

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2022 Volkswagen Taos SE VS SEL walk around video

Hey good morning bill chris harmon here with carolina volkswagen i know you were asking the other day what the differences between an se and sel were and at the time we did not have an sel but we have this esee here and we are lucky enough to get an sel yesterday so now i can show you hands on what those differences are and i know you and the wife are trying to

Come by this weekend so we have both of these cars here and available this is one of many ses that we have but this is the only sel so what i’m going to do is we’re going to start with the se and i know i’m probably just repeating myself my email but this se happens to have the black wheel package it looks really really nice so that’s why i chose this car so it

Stands out from a regular seo a little more than you know than the others so this one happens to be four motion all-wheel drive it does have the sunroof which is optional um but you are still going to get that ford collision warning the pedestrian warning uh blind spot monitoring backup camera this particular car does not have the iq drive but the sel does because

It comes standard with it so if you’ll notice this car is going to have led headlights but this has the iq lighting so these headlights if your wife’s driving down a dark back road and she’s going around corners these headlights are adaptive so those headlights are going to turn with the car to make sure that visibility stays in the center of the road where she

Needs it so again when you go over the sel not only do you get heated seats like you do in the se here but you actually get cooled seats as well with a heated steering wheel this car is also for motion this car does have the sunroof but if you come over to this side you can see those sel specific wheels as well so they really make the car stand out and i think

Platinum gray is one of my favorite colors volkswagen has i’ve had a few cars in that color and it’s very forgiving so what i’m going to do bill is i’m going to walk inside of the interior here and just show you a few things that differ from that sc so on the sc you still get a digital dash but on the sel you actually step up and you get the larger digital dash so

You do have navigation in this car and the really nice part is you can actually take that navigation screen and put it in that digital dash so again you have automatic headlights in this car wireless charging wireless android auto wireless carplay the headlights are automatic like i said cooled seats so in the summertime huge huge benefit to having those down

Here in the hot summers in north carolina so the all-wheel drive cars too you may not know this and maybe you do but with these all-wheel drive vehicles as well you get the dual clutch transmission versus the regular eight-speed automatic that comes in the front wheel drive cars so you can feel a huge difference in drivability with this vehicle as well so as

We get to the back of this car you’re going to notice the big difference with this in an s this is the half suede half synthetic leather too so some people prefer that over the synthetic so uh you do have a usb c port back there you got your hvac vents as well uh the nice thing both of these cars build they do have three years of maintenance included with them on

Top of the four year fifty thousand mile bumper-to-bumper warranty so as we step back here you’re going to notice lots of lots of cargo space with these cars 60 40 split you’re going to pass through here if you don’t need that seat all the way down you have the pass-through there volkswagen make sure that they give you you know the first aid kit they’re going to

Give you this roadside kit which has jumper cables road flares a whistle so they want to make sure that you’re protected not only in the car but outside of the car as well so like i said this is the only seo we have we have a few ses here so you’ve got lots of options to choose from so but don’t hold your breath on these cars we we’ve sold about 11 cars the past

Two days that came off a truck so give me a shout 704-780-5904 that’s my personal cell phone or you can get in contact with me at 704-537-2236 that is the dealership phone number or just shoot me another email or we can text through my crm system as well but i hope to speak to you soon bill i hope to be able to meet you in person this weekend and let you guys

Test drive both of these beautiful cars we’ll speak soon

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2022 Volkswagen Taos SE VS SEL walk around video By Carolina Volkswagen

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