2022 volkswagen atlas sel r line
Altair Club Cars 2022 Volkswagen Atlas SEL R-Line 4motion walk around video

2022 Volkswagen Atlas SEL R-Line 4motion walk around video

2022 Volkswagen Atlas SEL R-Line 4motion walk around video

Hey good morning sean chris harmony here with carolina volkswagen i want to thank you for reaching out uh that car you reach out about is the only atlas we have and it happens to be this vehicle here so 2022 atlas sel r-line four-motion all-wheel drive v6 black on black captains chairs so this is the most desirable atlas that we’ve got it’s the only atlas we have

So if you want to own it today’s the day this car is going to be ready this afternoon it’s going to be ready to take home no later than 7 p.m today so we’re going to go through the car a little bit i’m sure you probably know a little bit about the car if you’re inquiring about it but sel so you’re going to front parking sensors the adaptive headlights adaptive

Cruise front collision warning pedestrian warning lane assist backup camera with rear traffic alert you’re gonna have the digital dash navigation so everything you can get in this car as far as the scl trim level this car’s got three years of maintenance four year fifty thousand mile bump and a bump a warranty so again memory seats power passenger seat you’re

Gonna have heated seats heated steering wheel this one happens to have the panel roof it is all wheel drive so again it’s one of those cars that will will not last an entire day especially friday going into a saturday if it doesn’t sell today i can promise you it will tomorrow so the nice thing that i like about the atlas is they give you the second row hvac

System so like my wife’s always called even in july so my children can have the ac going well she’s got the heat going up front that’s that’s something that i think is important so again huge benefit to this car is you have the captain’s chairs to keep the children from poking at each other and fighting like like my two do so i’m not sure if you’ve driven an

Atlas yet how how familiar you are with them but to get into the third row of this car this is one of my favorite features to just pop the seat ahead and it’s that easy to get in there it’s it’s one of those things where you can have an adult sit back here and if you need to put that third row up it’s literally that simple so the seats are extremely lightweight

So even a child could pull those up so as you see there’s a lot of plastic in the car because it literally rolled off the truck at about 6 30 last night and we just haven’t got into the shop yet but it’s going in the shop first thing this morning so um typically you’d have the easy access liftgate that car does have this it just hasn’t been programmed yet because

It hasn’t been set up in in our service center so again power liftgate there you are going to have factory tow hitch you are going to have the usb season the third row now new for 22. so like i said it’s the only one everyone’s going down their list everyone’s trying to sell this car today so give me a shout shawn i’m going to give you my personal cell phone

Number i’m also going to text you some still photos of the car 704-780-5904 is my cell phone number we are located at 7800 east independence boulevard we are charlotte’s only family-owned volkswagen store and we want to make you part of the family sean

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2022 Volkswagen Atlas SEL R-Line 4motion walk around video By Carolina Volkswagen

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