2022 volkswagen atlas cross spor
Altair Club Cars 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport review

2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport review

In this walkaround review, I look at the 2022 Atlas Cross Sport, the smaller, sportier version of the big Atlas SUV from Volkswagen. This one has a roomy interior, big cargo space, and a lot of nice things going for it. There are some downers, though, like the MPG rating (and real-world) and austere interior layout.

Hey it’s aaron today i’m with the 2022 volkswagen atlas cross sport the difference between the regular atlas and the crossboard here is really all on the rear end it has uh this eliminates the third row and shortens up the back you’ll see that a little more as we go around it otherwise same v6 power plant same general build and everything else same transmission

More or less the same interior except for that third row so still a big and really nicely done just crossover suv in a big family size so let’s have a look at it so with the side profile here you can see uh it is a large sized crossover suv i love these wheels they’re really cool looking and this paint color is a really good color for this you can see just the

Overall flow you can see the rear end is kind of clipped off it’s shorter and sucked in a little bit so it’s smaller in overall footprint than the three row atlas as i walk in you’ll see some perspective on size as i said it is fairly large the same lines as the atlas which are also found on some other volkswagen models really cool looking i love the flow and

Movement here where you have the outline of a car kind of done in this body line here you have a very well defined shelf up here there’s the circle that i’ve talked about before it comes along here makes a very well defined belt line it’s a couple of fingers width wide and then it keeps going back there unlike the regular sized atlas it does not curve back up on

The rear pillar to complete that circle all the way around instead it keeps going back then you can see down here i mentioned the wheels you can see the large gap that’s accentuated by these wheel well covers here and then you can see the rear lighting and more of those lines so what we’re looking at is a little more of a sport look for the atlas so instead of

Being a standard atlas crossover it’s a sportier looking one so let’s go look at the working and we’ll talk about the interior on the back of the atlas here you can see the line that came across here keeps going around the back and then this uh lets you know the packaging over here this tells you that it is the all-wheel drive model unlike other volkswagens you

Do not press this to open it which is kind of a bummer i love that about volkswagen but when you pull a little trigger underneath you can see the back cargo area i have a few things in here but you can i can’t reach the seats from here it’s a very large cargo space underneath this is a spare tire it is not full sized it is a running spare donut style but it

Is size matched to the tires that come with the vehicle so really cool here and then you this does not have the optional cargo cover that would come here it does have a couple of grocery hooks you can see one right there and it has tie-downs there are one in each of the four corners uh to click into their d-hook style and then you can see those back seats when

They fold they fold flat but you can’t do it from here you have to go into the front into that second row door in order to do that so nicely done here underneath there is a tow package this does have a the capability of towing i don’t remember the number off the top of my head so i’ll just put it somewhere magically on the screen and you’ll see that back here

In the back seat of the atlas it has a lot of room you can see tons of room here and this seat is set for me at six foot three so lots of leg room here the seats are a little bit short but not bad they’re better than most as far as how my legs fit and because i have so much leg room i can scoot my feet forward and have my thighs completely on the seat width wise

It feels good there’s lots of room between me and the other outboard seat and you can get three across realistically in this headroom is a little bit tight i have about an inch left between my head and the roof if you uh opt to drop this panoramic sunroof you’ll gain probably half or three quarter of an inch in headroom because of that so i would recommend that

If you plan on hauling around taller passengers more often otherwise the volkswagen interior is what you expect from volkswagen it’s fairly austere not a whole lot of of bullying factor going on uh but not terrible so pretty okay let’s go look at the front seat and then we’ll wrap it up so up front here lots of headroom a lot more than in the back i’m pretty

Close to a little over two inches there the seats are really good i really like the feel they’re they’re nice and comfortable and well done the controls layout is where you expect to see it everything is in its place everything is easy to understand volkswagen did a good job labeling things so it’s really easy to figure out what you’re doing infotainment is

Pretty good it’s not great but it’s not terrible it’s just pretty good the climate and climate controls in this are very good the cl the ac does a good job of cooling it down this does have heated seats in this package and that’s about it you got this panoramic sunroof controls for that are up here you also have control for interior lighting up here otherwise

It is as you would expect it just feels good to drive this it’s uh better than i expected honestly all right there you have it that is the 2022 volkswagen atlas cross sport i looked a few things out in this review i’ll put them up on the screen now uh expected mpgs plus what i actually got wonderful wonderful rig i really like the feel of it it’s a good daily

Driver so that’s what i got it’s been aaron in the supposed to be wyoming summer but we’re getting like rain and wind anyway this is the 2022 volkswagen atlas cross sport it’s been aaron talk to you again soon

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2022 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport review By Aaron On Autos

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