2022 toyota venza review find ou
Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota Venza review // Find out the 2023 updates

2022 Toyota Venza review // Find out the 2023 updates


Can you believe it’s been a couple of years since the venns that came out we thought we’d get it back there’s been a refresh for 2023 let’s get in and go over it all easy andre you got 200 horsepower under there do we ever it’s the venza what is under the hood of this thing a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine matched to an ecvt and toyota’s hybrid synergy drive it’s

Got a net 219 horsepower and standard all-wheel drive so the good news is we have the changes in the usa for the 2023 model year of toyota venza and in canada we did reach out to toyota canada and unfortunately those specs are not available yet but we think that they will be fairly close all right let’s get into it what are the key standard features of the toyota

Venza the base trim comes with an 8-inch touchscreen a 7-inch multi-information display wireless apple carplay and android auto a wireless charger a six-speaker audio system heated front seats eight-way power driver seat and manual passenger seat power rear door 18-inch wheels and toyota safety sense 2.0 including blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert

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Of two-year door delivery and the confidence of a seven day love it or return it guarantee visit canadadrives.ca to learn more so when this venza was brand new we really only had the car for a couple of days to test drive it so we thought let’s get it back and just before they make some announcements for the 2023 model year so what are the big changes andrea

So one of the big ones is the audio system the infotainment system is getting an upgrade it’s going to be faster it’s going to have wireless apple carplay and android auto and dual bluetooth phone connectivity this is the system that we just saw in the bz4x and of course the new lexus nx some other changes include the le base model is going to get a seven inch

Multi-information display currently it gets a 4.2 inch it’s actually the top trim right now on the 2022 model that has the seven inch now for 2023 they’re going to introduce a 12.3 inch digital driver display the 10-inch head-up display which is available on the top trim in the us in a package will now be standard on that top trim in canada it is already standard

On the xle trim and limited trims but we have different packages here and the more expensive products so they threw that in and i think that’s welcome now we’re going to get into the new trim that’s been announced called the nightshade edition it’s an option on the xle trim with black exterior accents 19-inch black wheels and available in three colors black pearl

And red other changes include led fog lights now standard on the xle models and above and the stargaze fix panoramic sunroof will not only be available on the top trim but also on the xle nightshade model i think it’s kind of gimmicky i mean it you know you do that a couple of times for your friends and then they go that’s cool honestly i would like it to open i’m

Not really into the star gaze roof i just either want a moon roof that opens or i want a panoramic sunroof that opens and this doesn’t i’d get the one now or you can get it without it that’s the way i’d roll well really that’s where you’re at zach unless you get that top trim yeah you’re just not gonna get it unless you get the nightshade package okay right below

Does this impress you or is it a gimmick it’s a gimmick don’t you think it’s a gimmick there are no mechanical changes for 2023 i mean the car has only been out for two years and it’s very competent yeah it’s smooth the cabin is fairly quiet when you’re driving in the city i do find when you accelerate quickly on the highway you definitely feel and hear that it

Gets a little bit louder actually it’s coming up on our hot topic somebody has a question about this in comparison to other hybrids so stay tuned for that otherwise i think that the turning radius is really good on this and i find that the steering isn’t too light it’s classic toyota hybrid stuff right so if you’ve ever driven a toyota hybrid you kind of know what

You’re getting into it’s the not the most inspiring vehicle to drive but you feel good inside and warm like hot soup knowing that you’re not spending a fortune on gas somebody said to me is it really fun to drive well i don’t really think that there’s a hybrid out there that you would buy because it’s super fun to drive you’re buying it for fuel economy i take a

Porsche panamera hybrid that’s pretty fun to drive okay but we’re talking about non-luxury that’s a whole other level including the price tag and this is the thing is we actually did a comparison this versus the nx hybrid that they sell on the lexus side that is more performance oriented the nx has the larger electric motor from the rx hybrid and it gives you

More power so if that’s your jam you want more sort of feedback and driving they will sell it to you but it comes with the lexus price tag it’s not a bad price though starting at just under 50 000 in canada i think that that nx model is one of my favorites and it’s priced quite well speaking of lexus this exterior on the venza has a real lexus vibe to it you

Know what andrea there’s a connection between the original lexus rx and this so the lexus rx when it first came out was based on the japanese harrier okay this is based on the japanese harrier now the new lexus rx has moved on but there is kind of a connection and i always like to call this one lexus light it’s kind of like toyota grade materials but with a lexus

Kind of vibe and you know a nice looking product especially the back the curvy back side i’d like that i really like the light bar in the back i think that it looks great and then we’ve got the available led projector headlights on here this comes standard with 18-inch wheels but available 19-inch wheels and it offers 7.7 inches of ground clearance which is less

Than the rav4 now a lot of you probably know yes it’s based on the japanese harrier but also the same platform as our rav4 hybrid that we get here in north america but it’s got more length at the back on the body and you would think it has more interior volume for cargo we’re going to get to that in just a second but we touched on it already andrea toyota grade

Materials with kind of a lexus vibe on the inside what do you think of the interior well surprisingly there is a lot of soft touch materials there isn’t that much hard plastic except in the spots that you would expect underneath the center console and of course on the doors but overall i like how lexus used leatherette you got a little freudian sleeve because

It really looks like it unbelievable but i like how they use leather at at the center console what i’m not crazy about is how it’s organized it’s a funky weird kind of setup like we mentioned this a lot when we were talking about it when we drove it a couple of years ago so they have like the park there the eevee button and all that in front of the shifter which

Is kind of lost space they could have easily put those buttons on either side of the shifter and then they have the power button to start this as an afterthought just bolt it in there it’s weird and you know zack has actually and i’ve been there to witness this he spoke to the vp of toyota canada and he says did you guys just forget to put the power button in and

Then went oh my gosh let’s put it in somewhere what did he say he did laugh about it yeah stephen beatty i like to give him the gears yeah he likes the humor all right now the other thing is you can get this with a real volume knob if you’re cheap that appeals to me on two levels it’s cheaper and i get a volume knob when you get the big screen it’s all capacitive

Touch swipey nonsense why can’t they just give us a volume knob so in the us the eight inch touchscreen is on the base model and the xle model but in canada this screen is on the xle and above models so we have to get that base model in canada to get all those buttons but the americans are getting the xle with this screen too right in 2023 yeah so if you like the

Idea of the volume knob uh but putting up with a smaller screen yeah get it now i actually can’t get any car now no this is the problem well guess what we have some viewers who ordered a 2023 venza and they say they’re going to be getting it in six months or so there are some hard keys in here for the heated steering wheel it’s to the left of the steering wheel

And then heated and ventilated front seats are at the center console here kind of a weird spot yeah well here’s me getting into the back seat as we mentioned it is based on the same platform as the regular rav4 hybrid and you get the exact same legroom in the back i would call the seat cushions comfortable toyota does a good job with seats this doesn’t have best

In class second row space it’s the tucson and sportage that offer the most space now speaking of seats the back seats considering this is getting expensive this top trim we have here what is not available in the back heated rear seats the rav4 gets it but the venza doesn’t and i think that’s a real miss from toyota a source of frustration in the past is no height

Adjustment for the passenger seat but for 2023 toyota has added an eight-way power passenger seat but only available on the top limited trim now this is longer than the rav4 why doesn’t it have more cargo space than the rav4 because of the rake of the rear hatch it’s got more of a slope to it it looks good but less space right andrea the venza has the least amount

Of overall cargo space and space behind the second row of any crossover in this class it’s the sportage and the tucson once again with the most actually we have more questions about the interior and a java reference did you say java yeah time now for questions coffee and cars your questions from instagram did they make the back seat any larger i found it small

But i liked everything else about it nope still the same size for this year it is the same dimensions as the rav4 rear seat which i find okay what do you think it’s a compact utility even though the outside dimensions of this are longer than the rav4 so front and rear legroom is the same is that the only interior color it comes in i find the black to be a little

Bit plain in my opinion but obviously it will appeal to more people the first one we drove had the sort of brown interior it looked pretty uh posh yeah they call that java uh with a black did you say java second let me have a sip okay go ahead the bass drum comes with cloth interior and in canada only black is available but in the u.s you can get gray or black

And then depending on what trim you get the middle trim and the top trim is softex and you can get gray black or that java black zach was talking about now soft text is faux leather okay that’s their proprietary name for it at toyota and it is wonderful you would be hard-pressed to know that these aren’t real leather seats and a big bonus is as the years go by

And you’re piling in and out front and back seats the bolsters often will get worn on leather these will look the same years from now so it’s a wonderful product and um more car companies are doing it well like toyota yeah and lexus is also wonderful when it comes to their leatherette interior we had the nx hybrid and zach couldn’t even tell is this leather is

This leather one other brand that’s been doing it really well for years is volkswagen their faux leather is really good we put out a lot of content each week on the motormouth youtube channel and it’s so easy to find all you do is go to the youtube search bar and type in motormouth the name of the channel then the brand you’re looking for in this case toyota and

Then all of our videos pop up it’s that easy beautiful vehicle and i love the blueprint color do you have any news if they’ll be bringing a plug-in hybrid version for the venza in 2023 no no you know when the prime came out i honestly thought that this would apply to the highlander and then when the venza came out i thought eventually it would get a phev as well

I think it’s all coming andrea it’s just you gotta wait what’s the big problem over at toyota with the prime you can’t get one no right so why add more misery to the long list of people waiting for plug-ins if they don’t have the capacity because the prime vehicles are made in japan this vehicle is made in japan unlike the rav4 that’s made in canada so they have

Their their supply constrained by how many they can actually make so they have a plan for all of them guaranteed they’re all coming just not right now and now it’s time for our hot topic what’s this one andrea how does the road wind noise insulation on the venza compared to the cheaper and better equipped hyundai kia hybrids is it better than the rav4 hybrid all

Right here’s how loud it is full throttle of course that’s all the gas engine making all the noise yeah which we all know the rav4 gas engine gets a little loud but you know what when you’re on and off the throttle utilizing the electric motor more it’s a very quiet vehicle andrea thinks that this is quieter than the rav4 yes for sure i think this is quieter

Than the rav4 it has a more refined drive to it and i think that’s where we go back to lexus light i think that this is tuned a little bit differently than the rav4 hybrid and then andrea also believes that the tucson hybrid is super quiet i don’t remember it being as quiet as you thought okay when i got in it and drove it for a week i was surprised at how quiet

It was i kind of felt like it could be a pure eevee that is how quiet it was to me that’s what i remember so this is all subjective you have to drive and see if this is quiet enough for your taste here’s the news flash if you want a quieter vehicle than the regular rav4 get this if you want it even quieter get the rav4 prime on wait you can’t get one of those

But you know the idea the added electrification to vehicles is making them quieter overall you know what andrea people are looking to save money on fuel they’re looking for hybrid vehicles what else can you buy for your money for your consideration four vehicles for you to consider up first is the toyota rav4 hybrid with the same powertrain as the venza but a

Lower starting price of just under 33 and a half thousand dollars the hyundai santa fe hybrid with a 1.6 liter turbo 4-cylinder and a 6-speed automatic transmission 226 horsepower and a starting price of just under 39 000 the ford escape hybrid has a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine with an atkinson cycle powertrain 200 horsepower and a starting price of just over

Thirty four thousand dollars here’s our used car alternative from canadadrives.ca we chose a 2018 mitsubishi outlander gt plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with 68 and a half thousand kilometers on the clock for thirty eight thousand five hundred and ninety dollars click on the tab or the link in the description below to find more vehicles in this category from

Canadadrives.ca so there are four hybrids for you to consider all important fuel economy warranty towing capacity and more inner vital stats let’s start with pricing unfortunately the 2023 pricing is not available yet but here’s the 2022 pricing the base trim starts at just over 39 000 canadian and just over 33 000 in the us and the top limited trim is just over

48 and a half thousand dollars in canada and just over 40 and a half thousand dollars in the us jd power has not yet rated the 2022 venza but gives the 2021 model a predicted quality and reliability score of 78 out of a hundred car edge states the venza will retain 60 percent of its value after five years here’s the fuel economy 5.9 liters per hundred kilometers

In the city 6.4 on the highway that’s 40 miles per gallon city 37 miles per gallon highway the venza is not rated for towing the warranty is three years sixty thousand kilometers or thirty six thousand miles in the u.s you get complementary maintenance for two years and up to 25 000 miles if you’re looking for a fuel efficient suv look no further than the venza

Hybrid they could smooth out some of the packaging options but other than that great choice this video is brought to you by canada drives shop online for your next used vehicle and enjoy the convenience of to your door delivery and the confidence of a seven day love it or return it guarantee visit canadadrives.ca to learn more

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