2022 toyota tundras double cab s
Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota Tundras Double Cab sitting on the lot why doesnt anyone want the Double cab ?

2022 Toyota Tundras Double Cab sitting on the lot why doesnt anyone want the Double cab ?

What’s going on youtube welcome to the channel hopefully everybody’s having a good day so far we are at thursday getting ready to go into this weekend so happy early weekend to you guys a couple more days and we’ll be there so anyway let’s get right down to it i really like the color of this truck right here now we are looking at a tundra right here and these are

The double cabs so we got a couple of these double cabs sitting on the lot right now and i wonder why um it’s kind of been this is the nice trd pro grill you know we’re up here at glaston i’m getting my oil changed and getting uh that paint protection uh film on my mirror had like a rock chip went kind of through it so it’s looking kind of ugly so um it’s been

Like that for a little bit so i’m finally getting that taken care of um it was just on me taking too long to get it done but anyway let’s check out this truck so as i mentioned before i really love the new headlights and i like the grille um some people might not like this kind of like painting on silver right here because this ain’t like a chrome it’s like a

Silver but i do like the trd grill um some things could change um honey i think you could do something else but uh i like the color of this truck it’s definitely a lot more appealing than the black one at least in this configuration um i like the trd wheels that’s a plus for me with the falcon wild peaks all you guys out there rocking them wild peaks i know

You guys love them so let’s just dive into them and see what we were looking at so first of all first thing i’m gonna notice is 56 000 um you get a jbl not six speakers but you get 12 this includes so that’s the jbl 12 speaker premium audio limited premium package includes led um headlights and towing technology package 20 inch wheels it’s got a bunch of stuff

It’s got a skid plate it’s got bilstein shocks mud guards decals crawl control tailgate insert black now this is the double cap so i guess this is the problem i hear that you actually have more room in a tacoma double cab obviously so if you’re looking to get a tundra and you’re looking for a lot of room you want to get the crewmax i guess or the crew cab

So i had no idea but i still really like this truck i like the color and even the longer bed the six i think it’s like a 6.5 foot bed um let’s see yeah 6.5 see so this is the limited double cab here it looks like you do not get a sunroof interesting but yeah this is it um there’s those tail lights back there i do like that tundra in black that’s pretty nice

That’s pretty nice right there and you kind of got the chrome right there so i’m going to swing back around and i want to check the horsepower so i guess if i could get inside this i guess you just don’t have as much room so if you’re looking for like a full-size truck and you don’t got a bunch of people or you don’t plan on putting a bunch of people in the back

This would be perfect for you or if you have small kids but let’s just swing around and see what this uh how many horsepower you get okay where’s the horsepower everybody wants to know okay so you get 389 horsepower and 479 feet of torque so 389 horse that’s not bad you know some of those old-school chevys you know what it’s just the 350 and them a little 350

Pickup this is you know i’m gonna say it one more time because that’s 389 and i think you get like 430 something with the with the uh hybrid system when you get that trd pro and i’m not sure if any of the other um tundras besides the pro or hybrid i don’t believe they are but we’ll keep this a short video i do like that color what do you guys think what do you

Guys think about the double cab i said it’s a nice rig if i was doing like i mean i really just like this color i like to see this color maybe on a pro yeah it’s a nice color that’s what i would say about this truck and the horsepower is decent i like the fog lights down there i said i got some type of skid plate oh my back but it just must be like a factory

Skid plate you know you can always throw on that trd skid plate but yeah i’ll just kind of let you guys see and they are adding on the green car or the green you have the green car package on this one so there is a little bit of a markup as we would call is what we in the biz call a markup or an add-on but uh i’ll kind of let you guys see all that stuff that

You get with that package there it could be worse as andy mineo says so yeah they got a couple of these bad boys in them a lot i won’t bore you guys with uh the black one but let’s just see i’m just kind of curious since we’re in here how much this one is so this is 48. it doesn’t look like it’s got too much more to offer let’s just check the price on that

Other one because i’m pretty sure this other one it’s got a few more options we got an army green one back there in the back i might go check out yeah that was 48 and this is 56. so let’s just walk back here oh that’s the army green limited over there the army green limited is popping we got him on low key all right so this will be short and sweet and quick

As i’m getting a little exercise exercise knowing i just want an extra fry extra large fry so this is army green and we got 50 full thousand over here just kind of let you guys see some of the options i’m not gonna do it all over again 389 horse i mean you’re almost getting 400 horsepower here and 479 feet of torque so pretty good not too shabby oh yeah that’s

What the army green looks like we’ve done this before so we’re just up here a lot like i said i’m getting more oil change just needed to get it out the way so i could run for another 5 000 miles on that synthetic and getting a little paint protection uh fixed on the mirror so that’s why i’m up here but uh yeah i’ll let you guys go you guys have a good day and

God bless peace make sure you hit that like and make sure you hit that subscribe button hit the bell button and hit the notify button because you never know you might see something you like because of mwah i don’t get paid for this not yet at least right you guys have a great day thanks for checking out the channel peace

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2022 Toyota Tundras Double Cab sitting on the lot why doesn’t anyone want the Double cab ? By Little Kenny TV

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