2022 toyota tundra trd crew max
Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota Tundra Trd crew max sport in lunar rock (just arrived in person demo only)

2022 Toyota Tundra Trd crew max sport in lunar rock (just arrived in person demo only)

This is a brand new 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD sport SR5 CREWMAX W/trailer assist. Thanks to Chris and Kurt at kings Toyota in Cincinnati, Ohio for letting me take a video of this beautiful truck as this is a demo truck only to show the dealership employees the all new ground up design of the 22 tundra… please

Foreign sport premium package so it’s got uh it’s got the trailer assist it’s a 14 inch screen now this sits a little bit lower than the off road of the radar sits about an inch lower you just support and i’ll tell you what i could have had or 1794 but they didn’t have the trailer assist so going around the stores they’re going to give me some trailers all

Right this trailer is awesome back the boat up right all you do is just you straight let go of the wheel and stay straight this way if you’re on an angle right let’s see your ramp’s over there oh i’m sorry man sorry about that that’ll be so cool so this has the trailer assistant yeah it’s got the trailer six this is uh this is 59 grand that’s offered that’s our

Faucet uh have them on the lot until april may gotcha i’m sorry those will be the first hybrids all right i will take it i’ll take it is that all this oh okay much improved bed cap from last year all right i just took it through the wash right a little bit dripping but it’s sealing much better than it did last year new composite bed yeah new composite

Bed just like the tacoma yeah all right and this has got the um it’s got the uh spray and liner as well awesome that’s yeah okay guys notice all the cameras there’s two cameras up here all right there’s a camera back here this has got the panoramic view camera okay okay then there’s the multi terrain let me make no mistake you got that 14 inch screen it’s much

Cleaner than it was last year if you’re doing offloading you’re trying to figure out where your tires are going yeah tell us exactly where they’re going to go this vehicle’s got the trailer assist backing your boat up into the ramp right all you do is just get it straight hit the button and all you do is control the speed it backs it straight up right and then if

You’re on an angle right so let’s say you’ve got a 90 degree so you’re going to make the so on the uh on the limit in the platinum you need to get a regular the heads-up display is available limited enough uh you know what here’s what i’m doing for you guys quite frankly i’m still there’s 42 different configurations so here’s what we’re gonna do because it’s

Really slick without putting the spray in it’s super slick when it gets wet yeah you can yeah you can that’s just what i’ve been seeing yeah all the configurations all the options you got to make sure you get your colors awesome thanks man you’re welcome absolutely you care if this goes on youtube for kings toyota i actually came off the press route okay awesome

Appreciate it if you guys are all cool the manager here is cool with that oh yeah yeah okay i bought a few trucks from you guys so absolutely is it a composite bed with the spray on yeah it’s a composite bed just like a coma and this is going to spray on uh red line yeah the tacoma came with the bed mat as an accessory instead you’re gonna get a spray on as an

Accessory if you don’t get the spray on if you get the standard one is that the tacoma basically absolutely is there anything else you can tell us man about the truck so it’s got an all-new twin turbo 3.5 liter v6 uh 389 horsepower okay 479 pound-feet of torque awesome and then the hybrid is going to be 437 horsepower 583 pound of torque awesome it’s a new

Single motor hybrid it’s a little bit different than our normal hybrids on the other vehicles okay coupled to a brand new 10-speed automatic transmission okay you’ve got a new coil link suspension in the rear it’s going to give you a better ride better handling okay the frame is all new it’s all boxed it’s a box frame and it’s got laser welds for reinforcements

In all the critical mounting points uh everything on this truck is new okay except for the lug nuts how do you like driving it i love it absolutely compared to the 21s and below uh it handles it’s smooth it’s about compared to the old school i love the five seconds i love the five seven but make no mistake this delivers a lot more torque at lower rpm because the

Giddy up to get up and go is there awesome i don’t know the fuel economy okay real world i just got it okay where were you coming from i came from the regional office okay where’s that at uh here in blue ash okay so i just picked it up 15 minutes ago and you’re not leaving it here then right i know i’m actually heading north yeah we’re gonna we’re not done talking

To them about that yet okay we’re gonna yeah that’s right we got a super over there right thanks to this guy pulled in and i was asking if they had any and he said wait about 15-20 minutes there’s one one on the way it’s gonna be a demo that they’re gonna show so i do appreciate you guys i’m really happy with it this is an awesome truck i met dinner with the chief

Engineer and mike swears mike swears we had some good conversations about how they uh ensured that the turbos are going to last a long time okay as far as five heat exchangers okay five heat exchangers to keep the turbos cool okay and keep them lubricated okay it’s got an all-new blow-off it’s an electronic blow-off valve system okay so when a turbo spools up the

Pressure yeah but it’s done electronically instead of through air pressure now oh okay so it’s uh it’s a lot more efficient and it’s a lot more responsive okay cool i appreciate all the info this is uh this gets uh uh 22 miles a gallon on uh a little bit of a step up from the 5’7 not much but a little bit well we’re about five minutes of the galaxy that’s pretty

Good all right all the performance that you got on top i’m just an old school v8 guy i guess i’m with you brother i love it i love that five seven it’s an awesome vehicle i love the lunar rock man it looks good it looks really good i appreciate you guys bringing it up absolutely and let me uh you know let me film this yeah thanks for coming out absolutely what

About the interior kurt any uh kind of upgrades all new on the interior there’s new colors smart entry new 14 inch screen available in standard depending on the grade okay uh you’ve got heated and cooled seats in the front and rear well oh in the rear too awesome depending on the grade okay uh but this is an sr5 right it doesn’t okay this is gonna this has the

Optional softex seats in it okay this vehicle here is equipped with the advanced uh technology package and the sr5 okay sport premium package this with a sport premium package it actually sits a little bit lower okay and let’s say an off-road package or a standard truck i like the blacked out wheels on the sr that looks really good compared to some of the other

Ones awesome well kurt thanks again man i do appreciate it absolutely thank you sir thank you

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2022 Toyota Tundra Trd crew max sport in lunar rock (just arrived in person demo only) By Pointbreak 82

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