2022 toyota tundra sr5 review
Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota Tundra SR5 Review

2022 Toyota Tundra SR5 Review

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Hello folks welcome to sherwood park toyota located at 31 auto mall road in sherwood park alberta canada today i’m going to be showing you this new toyota tundra one of the most suitable features on this tundra is its heated front seats you also have your lane departure alert as well as your heated steering wheel now i’m going to go through a couple more features

On the inside and outside of the vehicle just to get you better familiar with this new toyota tundra let’s get started now a couple of the exterior features that you will see on this tundra is its daytime running lights and then if we take a closer look just over on the side you do have your 18 inch aluminum alloy wheels foldable mirrors as well as your heated

Mirrors we do have the smart key system with it as well so with the sparky system you can lock all the doors just by pushing on the little line that’s located on the handle there pushing it once it’ll lock all the doors automatically and then if you put your hand between the handle it’ll unlock the front door for you as well now this works with the key fob so you

Want to make sure you have that key on you at all times and the color we’re going to be taking a look at today this magnetic gray and taking a closer look just at the front dash as well as the front seats give your power driver seat with lumbar support cloth interior automatic high beams auto stop and start as well as your heated steering wheel on the inside of

The driver’s side door you have your mirror controls but it locks power locks in with the controls now a couple of the controls you’ll see here on the steering wheel include your bluetooth connectivity scroll function volume control you also have your voice recognition with your lane departure alert mode select and seek function now if you take a look just down

Below here you have your trailer brake and your push button start so all you have to do is put your phone on the brake hit the push button and it will start up you automatically now taking a look at the multi-informational display you’ll see a couple of different features on here so you have a digital speedometer distance to empty you can also go through and take

A look at your compass lane departure alert audio trip info and then inside here you’ll also find your tire pressure monitoring and finally you’ll find your settings menu with a couple of other additional features inside just so you can personalize everything for yourself and your messages menu now you have an exterior temperature gauge as well as a digital clock

On there as well and if we take a closer look now just at the center dash area as you can see if you go down below you can actually set up multiple driving profiles for yourself so if you have multiple drivers in here you can actually personalize your own sorry driving profile for yourself and then when somebody else drives it you can just switch the profile just

So it’s set up for you now the other nice thing is using the toyota app you can actually set it up so that you have your maps streaming from your phone onto the touch panel display you can also check on local fuel prices around the latest sports course depending which preferences are and as you can see it does come equipped with the sirius xm satellite radio you

Do have the dual zone climate control settings on here as well with your usb heated seat controls for your driver and passenger traction control on off hazard lights and it’s equipped with a automatic transmission as you can see you do have your 4×4 select and you have the drive mode down here as well with the tow haul and inside the center console area you will

Find your usb located in here as well and taking a look now just if we go to the very top here you have your sos connect with the open and close for the power rear window sunglass case holder and then if we take a closer look at the backup camera as you can see you have those nice guiding lines and they’re making things much easier for you when you’re backing into

A stall the other nice thing is you can also change up the backup camera view to a more dynamic view or the traditional backup camera view you’re used to just to make things a little bit easier for you if you’re trying to hook up your trailer as well finally we’ll be taking a look at your rear cargo bed as well as your tailgate now as you can see on the rear bumper

It’s a three-piece bumper so in the event that you damage the line section of the stuff to replace the one segment connectors for your towing will be located in the center spare tire will be located underneath and then on the back of the tailgate you have the backup camera and the easy release tailgate now taking a look at the bed rail system in the back of the bed

Here you can readjust the pleats that you see on either side there or take them out all together depending on what suits your personal needs and then over on the left as well as on the right front and back side you’re going to find a couple of areas where you can tie down some loose carpet just so it’s not shifting around to the back of your bed just while you’re

Driving thank you so much folks for watching this video today if you have any questions please visit us we’re located at 31 audible road in sherwood park alberta canada phone number is 780-410-2455 or please visit our website at sbtoyota.com to get us by email once again folks thank you so much for watching this video today if you have any comments or any additional

Questions please leave them in the comment section located down below other than that makes you have a great day and i hope to see you next time

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2022 Toyota Tundra SR5 Review By Sherwood Park Toyota

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