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Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota Tundra Limited Review – Is a Double Cab Truly Big Enough for a Family?

2022 Toyota Tundra Limited Review – Is a Double Cab Truly Big Enough for a Family?

We test out the new 2022 Toyota Tundra Double Cab and try to find out if it’s big enough for a family these days. The 2022 Tundra can be had as either a double cab or a crew cab, and the cab you choose will depend on your needs.

Hey folks and welcome to the truck king youtube channel i would say easily 90 of the trucks you see here on the channel are crew cabs and that mirrors what we see on the roads everybody is buying crew cabs today and that’s what makes this truck so special that’s the 2022 toyota tundra limited double cab and in this video we’re going to review it and ask is a double

Cab enough truck all right folks so this is the double cab tundra and you know what we’re gonna do we’re gonna see if steve can fit back here yes we absolutely have to start with does steve fit because this is really the big deal going for the double cab you’re giving up all the space here in the back seat before i climb in the numbers this is 33.3 inches

Of rear seat legroom if you go for the crew cab the rear passengers are going to get just over 41 inches of legroom so it is a considerable difference and now let me climb in and while i climb in i’ll tell you this seat is set up for me to be comfortable now i’m a little tight up there too but i am comfy now let me climb in here so it’s not bad i do stand at 6

2 and i am right here on the roof if we didn’t have the sunroof up here it might be a little bit better but i would say i just fit yes i am snug but i could probably ride back here for an hour or two and be okay um you’re not gonna be that comfortable but it is just enough for a full-size adult while i’m back here too i also have two usb plugs and a three prong

Plug down here in the center plus a couple of cupholders and now let’s see how i climb out of here i do have to know this gets a little lower here on the pillar so i do got to duck my head under so there you go now you can see it i fit okay i think the bigger question is how do my monster baby seats fit let me go grab them and we’ll find out now let’s go over the

Other features here in the back seat so first let me tell you that the bottoms here come up and the backs go down if you flip those up you do get a nice amount of storage here under the sheets under the seats and you also get these little plastic dividers which you can move around that is always handy pull the strap here and that pops down now i mentioned the backs

Also fold forward and i love this because this truck has basically standard top tethers for your forward-facing car seats they’re right here in the back of the seat a lot of the trucks that i’ve used they have redirect loops that you’ve got to loop your tether through to another loop they’re very confusing and annoying none of that here in the toyota you get one

Two three top tethers super easy to use and then you get one two latch positions down below and i’m going to install one of my seats right now let me grab it so this is my graco extend to fit platinum and it’s still rear-facing so i don’t need to use those top tethers all i need to do is use my latch system and here’s what i want to show you the front seat right

Now is pushed all the way forward so it is totally out of the way once i get this in here we level it don’t go crazy on me internet warriors i’m not going to totally tighten the seat but i’m not going to drive like with it like this either but now you can see it’s in there that’s where it would sit now i want to show you how i fit in the front seat with this back

Here so i move up here i do have to move the seat back we go by the sheet of paper rule meaning that a sheet of paper should fit between the seat and the car seat they should not be touching which means right about there and then i go ahead and climb in and once again i have just enough knee room here if that seat wasn’t back there of course i’d be way further

Back so yes having big car seats means that the adult in the front is also going to need to compensate by moving further forward but i do think the point i want to get across here is although everything’s been a little squishy and tight i fit in here and the baby seats do fit so if you need this truck for your family you know it will work in a pinch so after seeing

All that you might be asking well why should i live with this double cab over a crew cab and there are two big reasons first of all price this is going to be more affordable here in canada it’s a 2 000 option jumping from a double up to a crew so you’ll save a couple of bucks but i think the truly the biggest reason is on the double cab tundra you can still get an

Eight foot bed now this is not an eight foot bed we have here today but you can get one so if you want that long bed and a decent cab that’s going to be your only option plus that long bed version double cab it’s going to be an excellent choice for towing because of that wheelbase so those are the reasons why you really might have to go for the double cab the double

Cab really has been the focus on this video but we can’t forget about the other big specs like the powertrain so in this new tundra we have a three and a half liter twin turbo v6 it makes 389 horsepower 479 pound-feet of torque and that is sent through a 10-speed automatic transmission now you know what we’ve talked enough let’s go for a drive in this tundra and

Let’s see how all three elmer’s fit in a double cab now here we are driving in this tundra so i’m gonna ask matt how comfortable he is but first let me tell you that it doesn’t matter whether you get a double cab or a crew cab the front seat passengers are getting 41 inches of leg room so it doesn’t change up here um you know based on which cab you get in the back

But of course matt you’re suffering because we got the double cab so how are you suffering i guess is the question how are you doing back there at the moment i’m not and i guess i would ask are you comfortable to start with my knees or you would ride my knees are just in the dash so no i am pushed further forward than i would like i have when i sit here perfectly

Straight up and down i have a hands width between my knee and the back of your seat so i could give you another two centimeters but overall i’m not too bad squished in here and i stand at just six foot so this is not a bad back seat for me okay any bigger any taller than this i think you’d be not having the greatest drive yeah well i think we’ve arrived at the

Point which is to say the double cab is enough for an adult not roomy but we’re also not gonna sit here and say don’t buy it if you have to put an adult back there um so now the next thing we have to talk about just how the truck is driving so i said this it’s a double cab limited and limited in the tundra lineup we are right in the smack dab middle of the trim

Walk which also means that we don’t get the fancy suspension upgrades that you get on a trd off-road or a trd pro you could pretty much call this the standard tundra suspension no airbags in the back either so now i’ll toss it over to you you’re driving uh what do you feel and and i should also preface it by saying we just towed with this truck if you haven’t seen

That video it’s here on the channel we compared it to a silverado so with the towing test in mind dad how does it feel empty this truck has a new frame fully boxed mike sweers the chief engineer spent a lot of time talking to us about the fact that he knew it was going to be very stiff and they worked very hard to take that stiffness out they succeeded somewhat

The rebound in this truck is what you feel and the right word to use here is the rebound is very sharp it’s pronounced more so than some other trucks that run over rough ground and it feels more muted so that is the key thing here is that uh it’s better than the last gen however they’ve they’ve uh they’ve struggled because of that fully boxed frame and i guess

The other thing we said this in the last video too these are not huge massive pronounced differences we are kind of splitting hairs we’re getting into the minute kind of details but you have to because so many halftimes these days are quite similar so you gotta find those differences and and yeah what they’re identifying is absolutely true from this seat too this

Tundra just seems to communicate everything that’s going on on the road through to its passengers the other big advancement with this new 2022 tundra is much better fuel economy that old v8 was quite thirsty and that’s one of the big reasons they went to this twin turbo v6 of course there’s also the hybrid that is just coming online basically right now but there’s

No hybrids out there yet we do not have the hybrid here today and uh we’re shooting at my house and dad’s got to drive back to his house after about 100 kilometers away so when he heads home he will do a long-range fuel economy test and we’ll drop the numbers in for you guys right here well folks we are coming to the end of this video so what’s the verdict here

On the double cab well we did prove that an adult in a child seat can fit back there of course the crew cab is gonna be much more comfortable though so why would you get the double cab it’s all about that eight foot bed if you wanna get the tundra that is gonna have you know maximum cargo space and ability and towing ability you’re gonna want that double cab eight

Foot bed and if you get it it’s good to know you can shove a full-size adult back there well that’s it for this one of course now we wanna hear your thoughts go below let us know what you think of the new tundra and the double cab here as always while you’re down there don’t forget to hit like hit subscribe hit join to become a member and then come right back here

To trucking to see what we’re testing next see ya so long okay dad the shoot’s done you said it’s time to get donuts are we going to get donuts yeah kind of okay well go get me some donuts i’m ready i can’t eat those donuts

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2022 Toyota Tundra Limited Review – Is a Double Cab Truly Big Enough for a Family? By Truck King

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