2022 toyota tundra hybrid i forc
Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota Tundra Hybrid I Force MAX limited off road long bed

2022 Toyota Tundra Hybrid I Force MAX limited off road long bed

What’s up guys al the car guy here welcome that’s what i’m talking about friday feature this friday i’m coming to you from coos bay toyota in kusay oregon and i’m talking about this 2022 hybrid toyota tundra let’s check it out guys i’m talking about hybrid i’m talking about this long bed hey guys i’m talking about my buddy hunter and i’m talking about this easy

Drop tailgate so watch this hunter boom nice and easy and he can even jump out of here whammy i’m talking about tundra tundra i’m talking about tundra i’m talking about tundra tundra tundra guys i’m talking about iforce max 3.5 liter twin turbo v6 hybrid pushing forward guys i’m talking about this 3.5 liter twin turbo hybrid pushing 437 horsepower 583 foot pounds

Of torque let’s go i’m talking about these 20 inch black alloy wheels with the falcon wild peak at3 tires you know i love the falcon tires guys so i’m really excited that this comes stock with the off-road package guys i’m talking about just being a certified unicorn there is not another one like it on the lot hey i’m talking about with this being a hybrid truck

This is where the batteries are kept right behind this casing underneath the back seat guys i’m talking about these seats look at this leather this perforation quality material and we got heated and ventilated front seats let’s go talking about this jbl sound system i’m talking about jamming with the boys to some yacht rock i’m talking about 360 perimeter scan

Baby look at that seeing all around the truck a real-time projection of what’s what’s around us i’m talking about a locking rear differential hey i’m talking about this heated steering wheel guys look at this thing look at all the buttons on it and you know in the winter time that thing’s going to warm right up in a quick and in a hurry hey and you know i’m

Talking about america guys this week i’m talking about hollering at my peeps these sweet peep socks and i’m talking about my good friend rhonda rhonda works at the office at columbia gorge toyota rhonda thank you so much for this week’s pair of socks and remember if you want to get involved and get a shout out one of my friday features couldn’t be easier all you

Got to do is get a pair of socks get an envelope address that envelope to al the car guy 1900 west 6th street the dalles oregon 97058 go ahead and do that and i’ll give you a shout out right hunter hey guys i think you know what time it is it’s time for another round of guess what color this is so what i’ll have you do is go ahead and leave your best guess in

The comments or i’ll leave you an opportunity to reply to my story let’s figure this out hey guys i want to thank you for watching this week’s friday feature in case you forgot i’m now the car guy this week i’m coming here from coos bay toyota with my good buddy hunter here in coos bay oregon why don’t you stop on by and see what we’re talking about guys i also

Got to give a shout out to my buddy bill that’s bill’s truck out there that’s mine yep so hey bill thanks for letting us use your truck you know you know i appreciate it yeah yeah and thank you thank you by the way this is hunter the boot guy

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2022 Toyota Tundra Hybrid I Force MAX limited off road long bed By AL The Car Guy

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