2022 toyota tundra gets kings to
Altair Club Cars 2022 Toyota Tundra Gets Kings & Total Chaos Suspension Part 1 of 2

2022 Toyota Tundra Gets Kings & Total Chaos Suspension Part 1 of 2

In this video, we install the front Kings with Total Chaos suspension parts. We will document the rear end as that is more complicated, so stay tuned!

What’s up guys welcome to the channel today we’re going to be mixing the 22 tundra again this time we’re actually going to do a full suspension kit instead of just the west cut design spacer lift it has been pretty good with the amount of weight that we have but since we put the front cbi bumper on it it did sag a little bit and instead of trying to get a bigger

Color for the westcott kit we’re going to upgrade it to a real kit so this is the kit here you guys know this blue you guys know what this is this is the king shocks two and a half inch remote reservoir i really like the blackfinned external reservoir right there and then we are also doing the total chaos rear links just so we can get more travel out of the rear

Because this thing lacks a lot of travel so we’re going to be doing that and then replacing the upper ball joints or upper control arms as well with the uniballs so we’ll be doing that as well so let’s go ahead and get started i’m excited for you are you ready i’m excited for you you ready yeah you ready i don’t know why they’re not you ready you ready you ready

We all ready we are ready everyone except for you because you because gabe likes fox i like fox wildlife’s also like kings so yeah so yeah we’re pretty excited for these to get in here pretty cool but for those who haven’t seen this yet this is a little nice detailed look over the entire thing here yeah we don’t know what to set the preload at yet to get a three

Inch lift that we’re trying to get but we’ll find out it’s a little bump on the inside there very nice rezzy and of course super beefy total chaos links upper links lower links all that stuff these are brackets for the rezzies all right so we got the tundra front gun i’ll show you guys that in a little bit um we are currently getting ready to align it and

Uh obviously we didn’t do the rear yet so currently as of right now that i don’t think there is anybody who is offering a rear coil to lift the rear end of the 22 tundra just yet at least there’s none that is marketed for the 22 tundra people have lifted the rear with uh coils from like a land cruiser or something like that and that’s pretty much what we’re gonna

Try so we have rear coils coming tomorrow from diamond sims that we’re going to try on this and hopefully get a little more lift out of the rear with that so that’ll be the other part of this video so make sure you guys check that part out today we’re just going to show you guys the front and make sure you guys come back for the rest so here’s currently how the

Truck sits currently we are back to a three inch lift in the front and the rear is a little bit lower i think we we’re not quite leveled but it is not horrible we’re not squatting too bad in the rear so hopefully when we get those dobbins and screw coils and we’ll be i really want like two inches of rake so that way when we put gear in the back it comes down to

An inch and we’ll still have a little bit of rig so and we are planning for a rear bumper as well so uh that coil should accommodate for it so we’ll see but we’re getting ready to align it here in our shop we have the kings in here let’s pump up brightness you see the nice blue and then the total chaos upper control arms and then the reservoir is hidden back

There a little unfortunate because you don’t see it but very nice through it there and then we haven’t done anything in the rear um including the links and track bar and all that stuff from total chaos so you guys will have to come back for that part of it so but it’s not as bad as i thought it was going to be so uh we’re gonna align it that way we can drive

It see how the kings ride with the fronts no rear kings in the back yet um but we’ll see we’ll let you guys know tomorrow all right guys that is going to be it for this video hopefully you guys enjoyed it hopefully you guys tag along tomorrow or whenever when i post the next video um on the 22 tundra with the rear end all installed so we’re pretty excited to see

How this thing drives and uh if you guys want we’re gonna have this kit on our website everyone for tacos.com if you guys want to pick up the set for your 22 tundra and we’ll probably do a little video with our first stop on how the kings ride once everything is installed of course so um be sure to watch that video and release it so if you guys are not subscribed

To the channel be sure to do so and we will see you guys in the next video peace

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2022 Toyota Tundra Gets Kings & Total Chaos Suspension Part 1 of 2 By R4T

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